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Meditation increases brain efficiency
gyrification.jpg Earlier evidence out of UCLA suggested that meditating for years thickens the brain (in a good way) and strengthens the connections between brain cells. Now a further report by UCLA researchers suggests yet another benefit...... → read more
Turbans are cool. Picture yourself in one!
turbanday-thumb.jpg On Friday March 16th, the University of Waterloo and the cities of Kitchener-Waterloo were transformed into a sea of colourful turbans in support of Sikh Awareness Day. A collaborative effort between the University of Waterloo Sikh Students Association..... → read more
Blind Justice ... Or One-Eyed? The Case of Balwant Singh
Justice-oneEye-thmnl.jpg While the world awaits Balwant Singh’s fate at the end of this month, one can only marvel at India’s confidence that its excesses will have no consequences. It’s a dilemma faced by ordinary citizens throughout history:..... → read more
All red meat is bad for you, new study says
redmeat.jpg A long-term study finds that eating any amount and any type increases the risk of premature death. Eating red meat is associated with a sharply increased risk of death from cancer and heart disease, according to a new study ..... → read more
‘Healing touch' of the Sikh community
Guru Nanak Medical Centre 5.png
Calling out to the poor and down-trodden over the past five years, the centre, which is a unit of the Guru Nanak Charitable Trust, has been providing quality medical services at highly subsidised prices at a time when health care costs are sky-high...... → read more
Man in 70s fights off armed robber
Armed robber 1.jpg A man in his 70s fought off a masked gunman attempting to rob a Sacramento convenience store, Better Trade Market on 12th Avenue, Saturday night, officers said. Police dubbed the man chased off by Baldev Singh Dhillon as the "Evil Clown Robber" because of the mask he was wearing. .....read more
Sikh family goes to war with hugely rich Radisson boss accused in court
MayFair Hotel.jpg
He is one of the richest men in Britain, with a fortune estimated at £415million. He has been awarded the OBE, is a former non-executive director at HSBC and is head of the Radisson Edwardian hotels empire...... → read more
All 3 convicted in Gagandip Singh car fire death case
Ms Mahil was convicted of causing grievous bodily harm while the two men linked to this incident have been found guilty of killing the television executive, Gagandip Singh, 21 who was beaten and left to die in a burning car in south-east London..... → read more
The Butcher of Trilokpuri: His Premature Release Being 'Reconsidered'
Butcher-thmnl.jpg Are double standards being adopted? - “On one side, Lal who committed multiple murders is being ordered to go free. On the other side, the mercy plea of Davinder Pal Singh was rejected. It is a clear case of double standards,” said a spokesman...... → read more
Smethwick could be set for Sikh ethos free school
school1-c.jpg The West Midlands could be set for another Sikh ethos free school after parents and teachers revealed proposals for a new school for four to 19-year-olds. A consortium of parents, teachers and other education professionals are preparing to submit an application to the..... → read more
Sikh-Briton World War II Hero Laid To Rest
HarnamSingh-thmnl.jpg Harnam Singh distinguished himself through his bravery as a tank gunner with the 8th King George V Own Light Cavalry during the Burmese campaign during World War II. Described as a pillar of the community, both in Leicester and his native Punjab, Harnam died last month, aged 84..... → read more
Special train to Sikh holy places to be launched
India Railways.jpg
Eyeing to tap the large number of domestic and foreign tourists interested in Sikh shrines, the Indian railways will shortly launch a special train for the pilgrims. Officials of IRCTC, the catering and tourism corporation of the railways, Friday said the train will cover the famous Takhts..... → read more
Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin: Miracle Worker
Soin-sml.jpg Liver Plant Surgeon Dr. Arvinder Singh has performed nearly 1000 liver transplants, more than any one else in the subcontinent. The liver transplantation team working under him at Medanta currently performs 25 live donor liver transplants every month with 95% success results;..... → read more
A Legacy of Valour: The Sikh Regiment (1846-2010)
SikhReg-thmnl.jpg "In war", writes a British Officer, "under stress, there is no one like the Sikh; work him almost to death and he is magnificent." Sikhs cannot sit idle and always want something to do. Officers are therefore recommended to keep them busy and occupied in some useful and constructive work;..... → read more
UAE's Sikh community gets its first dedicated gurudwara
UAE Gurdwara.jpg
Guru Nanak Darbar opened recently in Jebel Ali which is 35 km from Dubai, ending years of demand from the Sikh community for a dedicated place of worship. The UAE has inaugurated the country’s first official gurdwara; a first of its kind in the entire region...... → read more
Sikhs struggles under Afghan intolerance
Among the throngs of inmates in Kabul’s prison trying to prove their innocence is a soft-spoken Sikh man with piercing black eyes. He is being held on a highly unusual charge: falsely claiming Afghan citizenship. Baljit Singh, 23, says he was born in Afghanistan..... → read more
UN human rights body backs French Sikhs on turbans
S UN Sikh.jpg
A Sikh man in France has won the backing of the United Nations Human Rights Committee in his fight over religious headgear. It said France was violating Sikhs' religious freedom by forcing them to remove their turbans when having photos taken for passports and ID cards..... → read more at SikhiWiki
Charlottesville Elects Sikh Mayor
Mayor Satyendra Singh Huja.png
Satyendra Singh Huja is the new mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia. “I am honored to serve our community,” Satyendra Singh told SikhNN. It’s a very supportive community. “How else can a Sikh get elected?” He is the only Sikh resident of Charlottesville, he said..... → read more at SikhiWiki
India anger as Jay Leno Golden Temple jibe riles Sikhs
Jay Leno.jpg
India has condemned a comment by US comedian Jay Leno on the holiest Sikh shrine, the Golden Temple of Amritsar. A Leno skit showed the temple as the summer home of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Mr Romney has faced taxation questions over his huge wealth..... → read more at SikhiWiki
How Suneet Singh won the race to the World's cheapest tablet
Tuli1-thmnl.jpg He proudly proclaims that his employees, many new to the country, had arrived with obscure skill-sets that proved immensely valuable to the company. Datawind has manufactured about 10,000 ultra-cheap devices so far; the aim is for 80 to 100 million devices, one for each high school students..... → read more
Sikh-Brit Army Officer in Queen's New Year's Honours
mbe-thmnl1.jpg The 2012 New Year's Honours List announced by Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth for their extraordinary service to the community at large, includes: Capt. Makand Singh, Bakhshish Singh Sodhi, Harbans Kaur Singh, Inderpal Singh Sumal, Kulvinder Bassi & Surjit Singh Ghuman..... → read more
Singapore's Central Gurdwara Re-opened After Renovations
Singapore-Gurd-thmnl.jpg Donning a white scarf, President Tony Tan Keng Yam of Singapore joined 800 Singaporean Sikh men and women in a special diwan at the newly renovated Central Gurdwara on December 23, 2011. As hymns filled the air, Dr Tan unveiled a plaque to mark the official re-opening of Singapore's biggest gurdwara..... → read more
The Sikh Review: 60 Years of Yeoman Service
SikhReview-thmnl.jpg The Sikh Review was conceived by an extraordinary group of Gursikhs in a post World War II study circle. This study circle came up with the idea of an English language journal and heralded its first issue in September-October 1953 Capt. Bhag Singh as its first editor...... → read more
Sikkim Gurudwara Nanaklama ~ Earthquake Relief Measures
sarvdharmsthal.jpg As earthquake also hit the area this September , the efforts are also to restore the surroundings and lives. Earlier local Govt. objected the construction of the Gurdwara , now seeing the help offered by Gurdwara Sahib during earthquake, the Govt has asked to resume the construction...... → read more
Unpalatable Truths
Draw-m.jpg This investigation into religious food charities in Delhi became a fascinating journey, not just into the survival strategies of Delhi's poorest, but the shrinking spaces in the hearts of India's middle class...... → read more
An Excerpt from A Pale Blue Dot
palebluedot-thumb.jpg It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another........ → read more
War on Women: Now, It's The Jews in Israel
Jew-women-thmnl.jpg What is it about women that makes the ultra-religious right turn into blithering idiots everywhere, its members behaving like dinosaurs who have just re-emerged from the pre-historic era?..... → read more
A BumperCar Symphony: Traffic in India
BumperCar-thmnl.jpg Cars share the road with trucks decorated to resemble rolling birthday cakes, with rickshaws that include a dazzling array of decorated and undecorated bicycles jerry-rigged into passenger vehicles...... → read more
The man who laid the foundation stone and built New Delhi
SobhaSingh-builder-thmnl.jpg The man who laid the foundation stone of New Delhi - “Rarely was a man so identified with the birth of a city as Sir Sobha Singh was with New Delhi”. He became the original great builder of New Delhi, constructing at least 28 of its iconic structures..... → read more
The Protester: The Ordinary Man Who Changed The World
Bouazzi-thmnl.jpg The fire didn't kill Mohamed Bouazizi right away. Passers-by doused the flames and took him to the hospital. He was still alive, barely. That afternoon, other produce sellers and townspeople joined the Bouazizis in protest outside the governorate. A cousin posted a video of the demonstration...... → read more
UNITED SIKHS Wins CHASE Community Giving Contest
UnitedSikhs-thmnl.jpg UNITED SIKHS wins $250K Grant in the Chase Community Giving Contest on Facebook. UNITED SIKHS extends sincere gratitude and appreciation to our supporters who voted for us and our volunteers who worked tirelessly..... → read more
An Interfaith Eye-Opener: Sikhs & Muslims
MianMir-thmnl.jpg As I sat on the red carpet among the 300-400 guests in the audience with my hair covered in an orange cloth and my feet crossed I could not help but realize the significance of this moment as the Sikh prayers seemed to float towards me and consumed me. I had to constantly remind myself that I was in a Gurdwara..... → read more
This Thanksgiving Day, Celebrate The Life of Guru Tegh Bahadar
Tegh2-thmnl.jpg We have much to be thankful for in our life. Not the least of which is the fact that we are born free. However, we can truly live free only when everyone enjoys the fundamental right to live free ........ → read more
Ruined It For Me
DyaSingh1-thmnl.jpg The first thing I ever heard by him was the multi-faith invocation that has now become his trade-mark - wherein he beautifully, accurately and respectfully renders the credal chants from the world’s major religions..... → read more
The Sikhs of Hyderabad
Hyderabad-thmnl.jpg "We have been born and brought up in this area. In fact, I cannot even speak Punjabi but am fluent in Telugu and even Deccani Hindi," Nanak Singh said, reiterating his strong connection with asal Hyderabad. "Also, at this age you want to be among your own people," he added. ..... → read more
Remembering Guru Nanak’s essential teachings
1 Onkar sign.jpg
10 November 2011 marks the birthday anniversary of the Shri Guru Nanak Devji (1469 – 1539 CE) and is known as GURPURAB. This day is one of the most auspicious days to those who follow his teachings. On this day the words (baani) and the life of the first Guru of Sikhs is contemplated upon. Here’s a look at the essential teachings of Guru Nanak..... → read more
Students remembered victims of Sikh genocide by donating eyes
Sikhs donate eyes sml.JPG
More than two hundred students of Layllpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar donated their eyes in the memory of thousands of Sikhs massacred during November 1984 genocidal violence against Sikhs. In a brief samagam held at Gurudwara Sahib of Layllpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar students ..... → read more
The legendary 8th Army ~ Italy
members_of_punjab_regiment_on_a_bren_gun_carrierin_florence_italy.jpg The Sikh Soldier since times immemorial has been in the forefront of all wars to fight against the forces of evil. During the Second World War, the Sikhs in Italy played a predominant role in the battles fought, what is collectively known as the Italian Campaign...... → read more
Amritsar to Join Worldwide Movement to Green Religious Cities
eco.jpg The city of Amritsar will formally join the Green Pilgrim Cities Network, the first global network aimed at greening pilgrimage to be launched in Assisi, Italy, from October 31 to November 2, 2011. The event is organised by..... → read more
Sikhism by Doris R Jakobsh - a book review
dirisjabobsh-thumb.jpg Dr. Doris Jakobsh was chosen to write the text on Sikhism. She is an associate professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Waterloo, and teaching of Sikhism is one of her responsibilities. She has already given us..... → read more
Sikh Doctor Delivers Baby in Emergency In-Flight
AirFlight-thmnl.jpg Balvinder Singh Ahuja worked as a pediatrician, treating thousands of children, saving many lives. But his experience as a veteran physician kicked into high gear Saturday (October 22, 2011) when he performed an emergency delivery on an Air India flight..... → read more
Bhai Ghulam Chaand: Rababi From Lahore on visit to UK
BhaiChand-thmnl.jpg One of the last great rababis (minstrels who sing in the musical and spiritual tradition of Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana) is on tour in the UK. Bhai Ghulam Muhammad Chaand is from a family and spiritual lineage that dates back to the early days of Sikhi. ..... → read more
Fauja Singh becomes oldest marathon runner
A 100-year-old Briton has become the world's oldest marathon runner after finishing a race in Canada. Fauja Singh, from Ilford, east London, ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in eight hours, 25 minutes and 16 seconds...... → read more
Move Over: World's Population Hits 7 Billion
population-thmnl.jpg She’s a 40-year-old mother of eight, with a ninth child due soon. The family homestead in a Burundi village is too small to provide enough food, and three of the children have quit school for lack of money to pay required fees. “I regret to have made all those children"..... → read more
Jagjit Singh - A Tribute in Homage
jagit-thumb33.jpg Jagjit Singh, who died on Monday aged 70, was a singer and composer who popularised a poetic form of singing that originated in the Middle East and spread to India in the 12th century — winning a huge following both in modern India and..... → read more
Global teacher shortage threatens progress on education
teachers-shortage.jpg The world urgently needs to recruit more than 8 million extra teachers, according to UN estimates, warning that a looming shortage of primary school teachers threatens to undermine global efforts to ensure universal access to primary education by 2015...... → read more
First Sikh High Court judge is sworn in
Rabinder Singh QC sqr.jpg
The first Sikh judge of the High Court was sworn in at the Royal Courts of Justice, London yesterday. Rabinder Singh QC, a human rights barrister from Matrix chamber, is only the second lawyer in the UK from an ethnic minority background to be promoted to the senior level of the judiciary...... → read more
Canada's First Sikh commander
Harjit Singh Sajjan.jpg Watch this news video (2 mins long) about Lt.Col. Harjit Singh Sajjan, has become the first Sikh in Canada to take command of a British Columbia regiment. In a historic ceremony, a change of command in the British Columbia Regiment took place on September 11 in Vancouver .....Watch, listen, read & ponder...
Gurbaksh Singh Chahal: On The Fast Track
Gurbaksh-sq.jpg Growing up in gritty East San Jose (California, U.S.A.), Gurbaksh Singh Chahal struggled to fit in. Emigrating from Punjab with his family at age 4, he wore the patka, the headcovering generally worn by young Sikh boys, to school. It was just one cultural difference..... → read more
September 12, 1897 ~ The Battle of Saragarhi
Sikhsign-sq.jpg In December 2009, writer-director Rohit Jugraj officially announced his next film, titled 21, based on that one day in the 1897 battle of Saragarhi, when 21 young Sikh soldiers guarded their post against an army of over 10,000 Afridi Pathans. While Jugraj got busy writing the screenplay..... → read more
Japanese return cash recovered after tsunami
residents.jpg In a testament to Japan's culture of honesty, finders have turned in $78 million to authorities and some have waived their right to the money even when the rightful owners cannot be found.The unmarked envelope floated into the living room of the home in northeastern Japan..... → read more
Diversity Video Competition 2011 ~ Meet your Winners
dvc_clicktoplay.jpg The purpose of the Diversity Video Competition is to promote understanding and encourage dialogue on civil rights issues, stereotypes, and myths surrounding minority groups (with a particular anchor in the Sikh experience). The Sikh Coalition strives to combat ignorance..... → read more
‘Team Saij – Simply The Best’
saijsingh.jpg "The decision was made from the heart, coupled with the will of a mother to do whatever it takes for her child," wrote Vicky Singh in her letter to friends asking for support and pledges. Vicky Singh’s decision was to run the New York City Marathon...... → read more
Mr. Singh Goes To Washington
arjundhillon-a.jpg "He's one of the most brilliant young men I've encountered in 36 years in education, just a really interesting and intriguing young man," said Fort Atkinson School District superintendent Dr. James Fitzpatrick. "He's probably the most celebrated academic student I've ever seen."..... → read more
Calling all UK readers - Please sign this petition
Amritsar massacre 1919-m.jpg
This is an appeal to the UK Government to Issue an Apology to all the people of Amritsar for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre which took place on April 13th 1919. Hundreds of innocent men, women and children were mercilessly gunned down by the British Indian Army led by General Dyer..... → read more
Sikh-Canadian Takes Command of Canadian Regiment
Sajjan1-aa-m.png In a history making ceremony, a change of command in the British Columbia Regiment took place on September 11, 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Lt.-Col. Bruce Kadanoff relinquished command of the regiment to Lt.-Col. Harjit Singh Sajjan, who has taken over..... → read more
The Truth About Hair
blackelk-thumb.jpg In searching for solutions for the distress in our world, it may be time for us to consider that many of our most basic assumptions about reality are in error. It may be that a major part of the solution is looking at us in the face each morning when we see ourselves in the mirror...... → read more
Comics and graphic novel on on Sikh history
gtb.jpg When Daljeet Singh Sidhu wanted to introduce his three-year-old son to Sikh heroes and history, he was not at a loss of words. But what he did not have, was a story that his boy could see, feel and later read. That’s when it struck Sidhu; that Sikh history has many heroes, but no graphics...... → read more
Brother of slain 9/11 Sikh saw love conquer tragedy
ranasinghsodhi_0.jpg I miss my brother almost every day. It's a big thing. But I never wanted to go back to India, never lost my belief in America. A documentary film was made about me. They called it, "A Dream in Doubt." I don't know why they used that title. My dream is not in doubt...... → read more
Kalonzo flags off Sikh community food aid
The Vice President of Kenya praises Khalsa Aid and the Kenyan Sikh community for the 100 tons of food for the famine effected people of East Africa. Please continue to support Khalsa Aid so that we can carry out such vital humanitarian work..... → read more
World’s largest 'Book' ~ The Granth Sahib
13scriptures.jpg THE world’s largest Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji ­— the Sikh’s holy book — is currently being put together to enter the Malaysia Book of Records. Undertaking this effort is the Gurdwara Sahib Puchong temple, also known as the Persatuan Penganut Agama Sikh Puchong Selangor...... → read more
Nishkam Primary School: Teaching Sikh Ethos
Nishkam school1 m.jpg When the building for the Nishkam Primary School was first bought eight years ago, pigeon droppings covered the floor and most of the window frames were missing. The Regency style grade II listed house on busy Soho Road in Handsworth, Birmingham, England, had been a hotel..... → read more
Marriages may soon need 'no-dowry' undertaking
Stop dowry m.jpg
The report recommends to the ministries to find ways and means to regulate high expenses for wedding ceremony. "The evil of dowry is one of the vital causes leading to low status of girl child in the society. Unfortunately, the practice of dowry is still prevalent. The committee is unhappy that this law"..... → read more
Celebrating a century of London Sikh culture
First sikh in the uk.jpg
Watch this video (only 2:36 mins long) celebrating a century of London Sikh culture. The first Sikhs came to London a century ago and a new exhibition in the capital celebrates the Golden Temple, their holiest site. The collection is at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in Bloomsbury...... → read more