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Sikh leaders meet UN Secretary General at Climate Change meeting
ecosikh-THUMB.jpg Sikh environmental activists Baba Sewa Singh and Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal will be part of what has been called “the biggest civil society movement on climate change in history”…..... → read more
UK seminar boosts links between Sikhs & the Army
UKAF-THUMB.jpg The relationship between the Sikh faith and service in the Armed Forces was boosted at a seminar at the Nishkam Centre in Birmingham, UK. Hosting the seminar, the Sikh Chaplain to the Armed Forces, Mandeep Kaur,..... → read more
A Sharing Experience: Gurpurb with Free Meals
Restaurant-THUMB.jpg It was standing room only on Nov. 13 last year at the Top of India Restaurant in Spokane Valley. This year, diners will be treated to a free meal on Nov. 2. In order to honor the founder of his religion..... → read more
Gurdwara Sahib Leamington & Warwick, UK
Leamnington-THUMB.jpg Sunday, 25th October 2009 - This is a date that will stay in the memory of the Sikhs living in Leamington or Warwick, UK for the rest of your life. On the day it is estimated that approximately 6,000 people attended the celebrations...... → read more
Preparations for the 30th Yuba City Nagar Kirtan
YubaCity-THUMB_0.jpg The 2009 Yuba City Sikh Parade celebrates another milestone this year. This marks the 30th anniversary of a parade that started with humble beginnings – one float and an estimated 5,000 Sikhs marching through Yuba City in 1970. In three decades the parade ..... → read more
The 7th Lord of Miracles, Guru Ram Das Tour – PERU
Peru-THUMB.jpg We had the privilege to visit three prisons for women and teach them Kundalini Yoga which included meditating on the shabad “Puta Mata Ki Asis”. For all of the women, hearing this shabad moved them so emotionally that there was not a dry eye in any of the prisons we visited...... → read more
A new look for Punjab Heritage News
phn-thumb.jpg Punjab Heritage News has a new look and a fantastic new feature that will ensure that this site continues its role as the principle source of information and news about the heritage of the Punjab. An invaluable new feature added to the refreshed site is a Punjab Heritage..... → read more
Promoting Interfaith Dialogue by cycling through Europe!
ongkars-THUMB.jpg My name is Onkardeep Singh Khalsa. The end of September 2009 marked the completion of a 29 day cycling trip from Berlin to Istanbul. It was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and experience the world..... → read more
Qatar Airways Launches Flights To Amritsar
qatar-thumb.jpg Carrier introduces 9th destination in India ahead of festive season. Four flights a week Non-Stop from Doha. Only full service scheduled global airline serving Amritsar. Connections From USA, Europe, Africa And Middle East...... → read more
2009 SikhNet Youth Film Festival Winners Announced!
ff-thumb.jpg Although there was often a clear first place winner in a category, the race between the second and third place films was often very close and the judges enthusiastically discussed the merits of the films in contention for those awards...... → read more
1.4 Million New Jersey Students to Learn About Sikhs
sikhcoalition-THUMB.jpg The New Jersey State Board of Education (NJBOE) voted to adopt a statewide curriculum standard that includes Sikhism last week. The adoption also marks the first time the Coalition has worked with the community....... → read more
Punjabi to be Canada's 4th biggest language by 2011
JasonKenney.jpg Punjabi is set to become the fourth largest spoken language in Canada by 2011 after English, French and Chinese, according to Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. The minister made the announcement Friday night....... → read more
Kanwar Singh's Newest Painting Unveiled
maibhago-THUMB.jpg Kanwar Singh's long awaited painting of Mata Bhag Kaur was finally unveiled at the New York City Sikh Art and Film Gala. Over the next few months it will be exhibited across North America and the UK. Mai Bhago, survivor of the battle of Khidrana..... → read more
Dr. Bhai Singh & the legendary Babaji
Baba puran singh-gt-sq.jpg
The late Sant Puran Singh ji was a Saint who lived outside the Indian subcontinent and was well aware of the difficulties, constraints and intrepidations that arise whilst living in alien culture and societies. Babaji demonstrated that....... → read more
Parmukh Singh Hoogan only Sikh MP in Tanzania
parmukhsingh-THUMB.jpg During Summer 2009, I visited Tanzania to attend a Sikh wedding. Where we enjoyed the beautiful weather and the hospitality of Tanzanian people, we also had the opportunity to meet our cousin Mr. Parmukh Singh Hoogan, the only Sikh MP in Tanzania...... → read more
Maharani Sahiba: Mover & Shaker
Preneet Kaur, India's Minister of State for External Affairs has taken decisive action and created a precedent by sending almost a dozen officials to Italy and setting up special camps there to help Italy's migrants mostly Sikhs from Punjab..... → read more
Redemption ... Amidst The Drug Wars
gurmeet-THUMB.jpg During my trip to Punjab this past summer, Dr. Balwant Singh Sekhon arranged for my teenage son, Angad Singh and I to visit the Akal De-addiction Center at Cheema in district Sangrur, Punjab. "Biba Ji," he said to me, "you should visit and write about the drug issue in Punjab"...... → read more
Children's Run Across Canada - Mission Acomplished!
run-THUMB_0.jpg Starting from Langley at 6am the runners successfully completed the last and final section of the Children’s Run Across Canada in Stanley Park, Vancouver. The run passed through Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Vancouver, through crowded....... → read more
Bangkok's Surprising Touch of India
Bangkok-THUMB.jpg In more recent times, Tamils and Gujaratis migrated to Thailand in the late 1800s, trading in gems and textiles. Large-scale modern migration from northwest India began in the 1890s, followed by a wave of Sikhs and Hindus from the Punjab...... → read more
Another year of success for Sikh school students
chigwell-THUMB.jpg Students from the Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College are celebrating today (Thursday August 27) after another good round of GCSE results. Nervous students, many with parents in tow, rushed to the college in Roding Lane this morning to..... → read more
Kenya Gurmat Camp Photos
Kenyan local sikh mod.jpg
During early August a Gurmat camp was held by a group of young Sikhs under the name of "iSikh". 15-year veer Amritpal Singh - a native Kenyan Amritdhari Singh, not from a Panjabi background puts some Panjabis to shame by his perfect Punjabi..... → read more
I Will Never Cut My Hair
camp-thumb-2.jpg GGSSC Canada Reports the comments of one of many students who attended their crash course - Introduction to Sikhism. "I will never cut my hair and will try to become a good daughter of Guru Gobind Singhji" (Mehar Kaur, Age-16)..... → read more
Sikh writer, Patwant Singh is no more
Patwnat2.jpg Well known Sikh Writer and philanthropist Patwant Singh has passed away in the national capital following a cardiac arrest. He was 84. Singh, who died at his residence here yesterday, is survived by wife Meher and adopted son Satjiv Singh Chahil. .....read more
Meet the first Sikh soldiers to guard the Queen
soldiers-THUMB_0.jpg Signaler Singh made history as the very first Sikh soldier to wear his turban on public duties guarding the monarch and protecting the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London across town. He was soon joined by Lance Corporal Singh...... → read more
Faith of Choice
villiage-THUMB.jpg It’s a nondescript temple at Halhalia village in Bihar’s Araria district. It doesn’t have an idol; a mound of earth in one corner of the roofless one-room shrine represents Din Bhadri Devi, the local deity. Its walls are bare, but for priest Amlanand Rishidev..... → read more
Tej Singh Weds Kivneet Kaur "It Was Meant To Be"
The dancing began before 9 on a Friday morning in the asphalt lot of a Fairfax office park. It carried on past 2 a.m. the following Sunday in the lushly lit ballroom of a downtown D.C. hotel, capping off a week-long celebration of Tej Singh Sujlana's marriage..... → read more
Proud record:Kirpan never used by Canadian Sikhs in 100 years
Kirpan small.jpg
A thirteen year old Sikh boy was found not guilty of using his Holy Kirpan, but the case did not end there as two of his classmates had alleged he used the ‘hair pin’ to threaten them. Judge Gilles Ouellet of the youth division of the Court of Quebec,..... → read more
Bir survives suspicious fire at Khalsa school
fire-thumb.jpg "He does his miracles. That's the Guru's power. It's totally hard to believe the Bir survived. That building was on fire; there were huge flames coming from it....but the Bir is totally intact. It's a miracle nothing happened to it..." said Chawla...... → read more
Update on the Children's Run Across Canada
run-THUMB.jpg The Sikh youth group started their journey Canada Day in St. John’s, Nfld. and have continued as far as central Ontario, raising money for children’s hospitals in each of the 10 provinces they jog through, as well as a hospital in Liberia, Africa...... → read more
"Shoegate" Hero Singh Finally Speaks Out
jarnail-thumb.jpg When I hurled a shoe on India's Home Minister P. Chidambram at a press conference in New Delhi on April 7, 2009 in protest against the Sikh massacre of 1984, I had no doubt that some kind of action would be taken against me...... → read more
2009 Sidak Leadership Camp Hosts Young Sikhs
Sidak-THUMB.jpg Evening Divan was my favorite – sitting in the midst of the sangat, reciting Rehraas Sahib with my eyes closed. For a moment, I took a deep breath and listened. The sound of synchronized voices has an immense power – something I still cannot explain in words...... → read more
Sikhs from India at the North Pole
NP-THUMB.jpg On 15th July at 11:57 pm three Sikhs reached the North Pole aboard the Russian nuclear ice breaker "T50 Lyet Pobyedi" (50 years of Victory). This is the latest icebreaker of the Russian Navy and every summer it takes two voyages with private passengers to the North Pole..... → read more
Jimmy Carter breaks over women's status
Carter.jpg "Women and girls have been discriminated against for too long in a twisted interpretation of the word of God", Jimmy Carter. "The justification of discrimination against women and girls on grounds of religion or tradition, is unacceptable."..... → read more
Trying Something New
NihangSingh-hp.jpg Another funny episode with Nihang Singh trying to convince a kid to do something new since his voice isn’t exactly crystal clear and he is sure that he has an amazing voice for singing. Why not try something new and make a video for the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival?..... → read more
Saif Ali Khan’s Beard Angers Some
Kumar-THUMB.jpg Looks like Saif Ali Khan is part of another controversy, except this one isn’t about his personal life, rather it has to do with his look in the up coming film, ‘Love Aaj Kal.’ It seems Saif’s first home production has run into some controversy..... → read more
British Sikhs revive deadly art banned by the Raj
Nidar.jpg A short drive away from Windsor Castle, a group of ferocious-looking, blue-turbanned men are trying to preserve a martial art that frightened the life out of the British when they ruled India. Grunting at each other like wild boars, they brandish swords..... → read more
It’s cool to be Sikh, but cooler if you wear a turban
Akshay.jpg There maybe an answer to the continuing dilemma for the Sikh community – a lack of men wanting to wear a turban. Well the answer is simple, make it cool to have a turban, create some positive vibes around this important issue of identity...... → read more
Sikh runners to raise funds for hospitals
runners-THUMB.jpg THE true spirit of Sikh sewa [service] on display as young gusty Sikh runners entered Halifax for their onward run to Vancouver to collect one lakh dollars for ten hospitals in Canada...... → read more
Chardi Kala Kirtan Jatha of Amritsar on Tour
CKJ-THUMB.jpg This week the Los Angeles Sikh community hosted the Chardi Kala Kirtan Jatha of Amritsar, India. This group of young graduates from Miri Piri Academy in Cherta, near Amritsar, was inspired to study classical kirtan..... → read more
“White Sikhs” – foreigners who found Sikhism
gorasikh-THUMB_0.jpg Sword-carrying Sikhs roaming the Indian city of Amritsar are a normal sight; but white people wearing turbans definitely are not. The strangeness lies in the fact that they are non-Indians who converted to Sikhism...... → read more
Controversial New Idea: Nerves Transmit Sound
sound-thumb.jpg Nerves transmit sound waves through your body, not electrical pulses, according to a controversial new study that tries to explain the long-standing mystery of how anaesthetics work...... → read more
Sikhs Celebrate July 4th with Seva
SEVA-thumb.jpg A Sikh organization named S.E.V.A. has been participating in the 4th of July celebrations for the last seven years. This year again, its members prepared a Sikh-American themed float and distributed 8400 bottles of free chilled water...... → read more
First Time Sikh Participation at European Prayer
simran-THUMB.jpg We met in a region that just a few years ago was overwhelmed by an unthinkable religious war. While there is no strong Sikh presence in the area, given the Sikhs' history, it seemed like an important place to contribute in prayer...... → read more
Report from Camp Miri Piri 2009
MP-THUMB.jpg My experience at Camp Miri Piri is hard to put into words, but I will try my best. I have been to many Sikhi related kid camps, but Camp Miri Piri was easily the best. I may not have become a saint-soldier as yet but I can start walking on the path to becoming one...... → read more