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The case for Kartarpur and peace
kartarpur-thumb.jpg ‘Kartarpur religious corridor’, an issue related to the Sikh faith, is acting as a sort of bridge between both the nuclear states. Supporting a cause related to Baba Nanak will only pave the way for peace in the sub-continent...... → read more
Manika Kaur's Bandhana
manika-THUMB_1.jpg Blessed with a divine voice and writing poetry since she was little girl, Manika spent a lot of her growing years mimicking her favourite singers, musicians and raagis. Although she had no formal training in music, an Australian producer had........ → read more
Sikh Historian to be on Kiwi TV
mcloed-THUMB.jpg Hew Mcleod, a Dunedin-based historian, who grew up on a farm at Colyton, is the subject of a documentary screening on TV1 this weekend. He was born in 1935; his father was prominent in local politics in Feilding...... → read more
Giani Gurbachan Singh performs Ardas' for rains
ardass-THUMB.jpg The Sikh community of Andhra Pradesh today performed a special ``Ardas (a Sikh prayer that is performed for a significant task) for rains across the country more particularly for the state...... → read more
Gurdev Kaur honoured with an OBE
Bibi gurdev kaur.jpg Bibi Gurdev Kaur who has been working tirelessly to raise the self esteem of women for the past many years has been awarded an OBE for her voluntary service to Sikh and Asian women in the West Midlands...... → read more
We, the Racists!
Racism-2.png "Go to any village and you will see that even a ten year old child from a Jat household will call a 70-year-old Dalit worker in the fields by his name, something he dare not do in case of a fellow Jat kin even slightly older than him," said Gian Singh Bal....... → read more
Jallianwala massacre’s last Sikh survivor dies
Shingara-singh.jpg The last known survivor of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar, Baba Shingara Singh, passed away in Amritsar on Monday. He was 113. Baba ji was the last surviving witness to the merciless killing..... → read more
British Generals comments regarding Sikh Soldiers
Sikhguardswords1.jpg "The Sikhs have fought for us in so many campaigns and laid down their lives for us - I consider that we owe them a great deal....," wrote Col. H.A.Hughes, D.S.O., M.B.E., D.L., and J.P..... → read more
Vegetarians avoid more Cancers
veges-THUMB.jpg Vegetarians are generally less likely than meat eaters to develop cancer, a major study has found. Although this does not apply to all forms of the disease, the study involving 60,000 people........ → read more
Urgent Help Needed for Pakistan IDPs
displaced-THUMB.jpg URGENT HELP NEEDED NOW - “The humanitarian aid pledged by the USA and the European Union has not reached the camps yet. The Pakistan government and UN agencies are struggling to maintain humane conditions at the IDP camps,”..... → read more
EcoSikh in Action
eco-thumb.jpg On July 4, 2009, UN and Sikh personalities are gathering in a conference in Delhi, India to launch EcoSikh, the Sikh community’s response to global warming and climate change...... → read more
Jakara Movement Sikh Youth Conference
Jaikara-THUMB.jpg From June 18-21, 2009, the Jakara Movement completed its tenth conference. Over 160 Sikh youth from USA congregated in Fresno, CA for an educational and inspirational weekend that sought to “Remember 1984.”..... → read more
Aussie Army Welcomes Sikhs
Bushmaster-THUMB.jpg SPECIAL helmets that accommodate turbans and uniforms incorporating burkas are part of a push to build a more diverse Australian Army. Army chiefs are hoping to attract bigger numbers........ → read more
40 Sikh women raise money for Cancer Research
cancer-THUMB.jpg 40 Kauragious Sikh women raised over ₤4,000 for Cancer Research as part of the Race for Life project at Cannon Hill Park. Each Sikh woman ran five kilometers to encourage her sponsors to part with monies that will be used to........ → read more
National Sikh Conference draws record crowds
KAUR_THUMB.jpg The Sikh National Conference: “Taking Heritage into the 21st Century,” a two-day series of lectures, panel discussions, film screenings and photo exhibits, all celebrating the addition of more than 80 Sikh volumes to the library's collection....... → read more
Amrit Kaur, Sikh leader dies, leaving a powerful legacy
Amrit-THUMB.jpg Amrit Kaur, the pillar of Guru Gobind Singh Foundation and who has contributed tremendously for the entire community in America, died Sunday, June 14, 2009, at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She was the current president of the Interfaith........ → read more
From Punjab to Alice … via RMIT
Deepinder-THUMB.jpg RMIT University graduate Deepinder Singh is living his dream in the Australian outback after a temporary placement at Alice Springs Hospital turned into a life-changing adventure. Mr Singh, who had never travelled outside of India before....... → read more
Swine flu claims life of young Sikh girl
Rubjit Thindal sqr.jpg Within minutes, 6-year-old Rubjit Thindal went from happily chatting in the backseat of the car to collapsing and dying in her father's arms. "If we had known it was so serious, we would have called 911," Kuldip Thindal, Rubjit's distraught mother, said in Punjabi yesterday. .....read more
Sikh MP shames Parliament on Bluestar awards
Tarlochan Singh.jpg Sikh MP Tarlochan Singh, the former chairman of National Commission for Minorities in India, asked why were gallantry awards given to Indian Army officers after Operation Bluestar. "They were given because they had killed Sikhs," .....read more
More Sikhs arrive for Ranjit Singh’s anniversary
Sikhs arrive for MRS's barsi.png A group of 105 Sikh yatris (pilgrims) arrived by a special train on Sunday to observe the 170th death anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. ETPB Additional Secretary, Siddique Khurram and GPCP member Sardar Sham Singh received the yatris at the Wagha Railway Station .....read more
U.S. Police Chiefs Reaffirm Acceptance of 5Ks
YubaCity-THUMB.jpg Police Chief Richard Doscher confirmed: "We have no policy which precludes an employee of the Sikh faith from wearing a turban or beard (or possession of a kirpan) during their employment with us."..... → read more
Sikhs Challenge U.S. Army's Ban on Turbans
kalsi-THUMB.jpg Kalsi and Second Lt. Tejdeep Singh Rattan, are the centerpieces of an advocacy campaign launched by the Sikh Coalition as it tries to persuade the US Army to let them serve without sacrificing their articles of faith..... → read more
In Punjab - drug addicts’ kids get a chance
gurmukhkaur-khalsa948.jpg Maqboolpura, a slum on the outskirts of the Indian city Amritsar is known as a “place of widows,” because the multitude of drug addicts there that die from their fatal habit leave behind traumatised spouses and children...... → read more
Third US Sikh-Catholic Dialogue Retreat
Sikh-catholic001.jpg Representatives of the World Sikh Council and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops met May 29-31, 2009 at St. Therese’s Retreat Center in Columbus, Ohio for a three-day bilateral inter-religious conference...... → read more
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
Australian_protests_2009.jpg Activists from an Indian political group shout slogans during a protest against attacks on Indian students, in New Delhi on June 4. Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Wednesday warned Indian students..... → read more
eco-thumb.jpg The Sikh Five Year Plan is the next historic step in the Sikh communities' commitment to walk faithfully alongside the rest of Creation into a future which they believe they can make both better and greener..... → read more
Operation Blue Star: 25 years on
Sunny_hundal_sml.jpg A quarter of a century ago today, Sikhs all over the world watched in horror as news came in that the Indian government had invaded the Golden Temple, or Harmandir Sahib as it's traditionally known, in Amritsar, Punjab...... → read more
Letter sent by SGPC dated June 2 1984
Sgpc logo.jpg Here is produced a copy of the historical letter sent by Sardar Gurcharan Singh Tohra, the then President of the SGPC to Indira Gandhi on 2 June 1984, the day after the assault on the Golden Temple complex .....read more
Singh: the Peanut Prince of Argentina
Simmar-1m.jpg The envy of the Argentines is Sardar Simmar Pal Singh. He cultivates 12,000 hectares of peanut and another 5,000 hectares of soya and corn in Rio Cuarto area in Cordoba province, about 1,000 km from Buenos Aires. .....read more
Radio station highlights difficulties for Sikhs
airport-turban-THUMB.jpg KQED, Radio Station – – carried a “Perspectives” piece by a debate coach talking about the challenges her Sikh student faces every time he clears security at a U.S. airport. Listen to the audio broadcast..... → read more
Prayer May Reshape Your Brain...
fingerprints-THUMB.jpg Scientists have found that the brains of people who spend untold hours in prayer and meditation are different. Scientists are making the first attempts to understand spiritual experience; this new field called "neurotheology,"..... → read more
CA Kirpan Education Bill Passes 59-0 Full Assembly Vote
furitani-THUMB.jpg "The Sikh community... should not live in fear of arrest by law enforcement for carrying the kirpan." -Assemblymember Warren Furutani. The entire California State Assembly yesterday passed a proposed law....... → read more
Nawa Wear brings clothing on Sikh warriors history
BattleTee2-THUMB.jpg Nava Wear, a new clothing line, commemorates and celebrates the proud history of the Sikh Regiment by issuing 4 T-shirts for its 2009 Summer collection. A goal of Nava Wear is to promote the proud Sikh and Punjabi world through t-shirt art...... → read more
The Sikh Collection Initiative
conference-THUMB.gif Mark your calendars for June 18 -19 - the Kaur Foundation and the Asian Division of the Library of Congress have teamed up to undertake a unique initiative, to institutionalize knowledge by and about the Sikh community for future generations...... → read more
American Lawmakers Vow to Support the Sikh Drive
thumb.jpg Sat Sri Akal, the traditional Sikh greeting, is how Congressmen from various states, one after the other, came to welcome the Sikhs and also commit to taking action to remove restrictions which preclude Sikhs from serving in the US Armed Forces...... → read more