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Nicha Andar Neech Jaat, Nichi Ho att Neech
Nanak Tin Kae Sang Saath Vadean Seon kyaa rees - Nanak

This article is about some Sikhs who are ignoring the teachings of our Gurus, Sikhs (?) who are talking and doing things that leaves one to ask if they only look like Sikhs but do not follow any of the Guru's teachings.

Jaatpaat or Jaatwaad is an anti-Sikh philosophy of some who have been born into communities that even today consider themselves to be 'upper status'. It is discrimination based on ones Jaat or caste. Sikhism as taught by those who the Sri Guru Granth Sahib refers to as Gurus (Guru Nanak through Guru Gobind Singh) could not have made it any clearer - their is no caste - no human is created with any less of Waheguru's 'light' than any other.

Only humans have continued this belief. When one can only feel better about himself, his accomplishments, whether he is important at all, he makes himself feel better, closer to God or of a 'higher rank' by seeing or creating, someone else as inferior. This is the essence of Jaat or varna.

For example, Many Sikhs, do not use their Singh or Kaur, which is a gift from the Tenth Master, But choose to use their Clan names, Such as Sandhu, Banga, Dhamrait, Tamber, Gill, Virk, Banwait, Dhillon, Sidhu, Salaria, Pabla etc, this is wrong, Clan names, should not be used, as said in a Katha, by a Sikh from Ludhiana. Having pride or Ahankar, in ones Clan name, Caste, or Tribe, or Ancestry leads one to be broken away from Vaheguru (God), and to fall prey to the 8.4 million reincarnation, and to suffer only pain.

The Kartar has created our fingers in different lengths. Yet some people who call themselves Sikhs, who look like Sikhs are wanting to be the 'middle' finger on basis of their caste or race. As people had done long before our Gurus - they are still doing today. Sikhs ought to know better; have they forgotten what they have been taught or did they ever learn. Jattwaad is also a part of Brahminwaad which was totally rejected.

Jattism is a new term introduced by these egoistic and arrogant persons, who take excessive pride in being born as Jatts or other 'higher' communities. This topic is not about Hindu Jatts or Muslim Jatts, but about those Jatts who born in Sikh religion who take more pride in the community (caste) than they do in their religion and its tenants. Having pride isn't wrong, but treating people of the so called lower classes (socially) badly, based on their birth is against all the teachings of our Gurus.

The feeling is prominent among young people whose parents are not giving them proper guidance. They are straying from their faith by having "Ahankaar" (egoist pride) in their mind, thinking that they belong to some higher society and thinking of others are lower. As Guru Gobind Rai ji became Guru Gobind Singh these people are still sticking to their old name using their clan as Surname and today some are even Ignoring Singh as their middle name or surname.

Sikhism is totally against Casteism and racism. If Jattwaad will continue in Sikhs then it would led to problems which Sikhs faced during times of Gurus who survived so much to remove caste system or racism. Many bhakti period saints such as Nanak, Kabir, Caitanya, Dnyaneshwar, Eknath, Ramanuja and Tukaram rejected all caste-based discrimination and accepted disciples from all the castes. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib gave Singh as a surname to Sikh man to remove all caste feelings so one should follow his gurus teachings too.

Sikhpoint Feud on "Jattism"

A Response, by a user named Rabbmeharkare(D. Singh), to article Sikh cuts Hair

Walan ton tang, waal sambehey nahin jande(Tind sambhi jandi), Turban ton tang, Turban bojh lagdee, Kudiyaan wastey, Kudiyaan daa wee demmag ajj kal mona hunda jaa reha. Pagg tae daari naal jo sikh dee shann hundee oh inna bhaiyaan ch kithey.

Aj kal JATT apnae aap nu uchey gindey hann main taan sarey singers money wekhe lokan dee chaddo saarey hee bhaiyae lagdae. Waal kat kae sardaar bhaiyaa ban janda, Onu kada wee utar dena chahidaa, Tae naam dae pichey yadav laga laina chahidaa. Daari katkae tae pagg bandey loki radhaswami jaan dere waley lagdey adhae bhaiyae(Half bhaiyaa), Sikhs haircut sikhi dee pehchaan nu extinct kar dayegaa fir kadaa he reh jaegaa...............Haye o rabba mainu ronaa aaundaa

Conversation by a jatt who got angry on reading all this

Conversation between Mr. A. Singh Johal and D. Singh. When that jatt guy read the above message he directly got angry by reading a just small view point given by user rabb mear kare

A. Singh Johal (5/26/2007 11:54:36 PM): oye tun jatt aan bare ki likheya sikhpoint site te
D. Singh (5/26/2007 11:54:49 PM): kii likhyaa
A. Singh Johal (5/26/2007 11:54:53 PM): fer mainu vi aunda rajputan te dekh la
A. Singh Johal (5/26/2007 11:56:13 PM): dil karda cheer dawan
A. Singh Johal (5/26/2007 11:57:00 PM): rajput vi tan katande ne
D. Singh (5/26/2007 11:57:12 PM): fir labane top tae nae kae jatt
D. Singh (5/26/2007 11:58:46 PM): aaya wadda jatt toon wee daari katdaa
D. Singh (5/26/2007 11:59:47 PM): eh article tuadey wargean layi nahin hai, soo dil tae naa laoo
D. Singh (5/26/2007 11:59:59 PM): dil tae oh laoogaa jinnu es da matlab poora samjh aaogaa
D. Singh (5/27/2007 12:00:11 AM): tae okha ohee hougaa jedaa jattwaad vich wishwaas karda


The above all shows the Jattwaad in a 19 year old youth. As we know that on one side Dhanna was a jatt and Sain ( Koshish Changi aaa pr bhagat di koi jaat nai ... pr fer v hindu wangu khaan te sian ji nai caste ch san )) too but on other side Kabir was a weaver and both attain the same value in Guru Granth Sahib both praises lord and know they are the bhagats whoose bani is in Guru granth sahib. Gurus never considered high caste low caste even guru granth sahib, our present true guru also dunno allow to beleve in this then then Why jattwaad is increasing the hell is in punjab???

Guru nanak praises jatt community a lot as he called this community is community of hard work. BUt Nanak also says - moondd muddaae jattaa sikh baadhhee mon rehai abhimaanaa || - Nanak.

Jattaa bhasam laepan keeaa kehaa gufaa mehi baas || - Kabir

fareedhaa lorrai dhaakh bijoureeaaan kikar beejai jatt || Kabir

This all is not only for Jatts the other communities also have same nature who thik that they are superior to other. Like in community Saini, Ramgarhia, Tarkhan, Labana, Khatri, Arora considered themselves of high status then others they have ego of their link also with warrior destination. Sly, arora considered as top level khatris. in jatts also their are inter - community -castial matters. like Randhawa have more status then Sandhu.

Shayad eh v ik jatt ne likhea hai.. mera sambodhan aa sirf khalsa nu .. jo sanjhe ne kise ik dhare de nai sirf akal purkh de ne

pehle te eh topic i nai hona chahida dooja

Jattaa bhasam laepan keeaa kehaa gufaa mehi baas || - Kabir

Jattaa --- means hairs di hath/group

sang ni ayi gurbani galat ucharan krde

when did dhan dhan guru nanak dev ji praised jatts???

proof likho please

maaf krna

pr dukh laggea .. kehn wala v sacha nai post da