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Banga(ਬੰਗਾ)/Bangwai is a sub-caste of the Saini Rajput community which has a long and rich history in India. The Saini(Shoorsaini) community as a whole is believed to be descendent from the ancient Kshatriya warrior class and is traditionally associated with military service and landownership.

Geographical Distribution

The Banga subcaste is primarily found in Northern India. There is stronghold of Banga Saini's is region in Jalandhar and Nawan Shahr districts of Punjab where they are among the leading land owning group. The caste hierarchy in Punjab varies by the region. In Hoshiarpur, Nawanshahr and Jalandhar, Sainis are ranked on top and are a very influential and affluent group. The MP of Hoshiarpur was generally always a Saini before the seat became reserved.

Origin and Identity

Its original spelling in Punjabi was 'Bunga', and its literal meaning is 'flower'.Though the origin of the name is not clear, historians suggest that the name Banga is likely derived from the Bhaagi tribe. Bhaagi was an ancient tribe of Rajputs, who were of a high class social hierarchy in the northern part of India. This tribe fought several battles with other tribes, and eventually settled in the area of present day Jalandhar, acquiring the name for their new home.

On The Hills Banga clan name is also found among Dogra Rajputs as "Bangwai". Almost 100% of Saini clans are same as that of Hill Rajputs and both groups are of identical Chandarvanshi descent. The only difference is that Saini villages fell in Muslim ruled areas where Rajputs were being actively converted to Islam or forced to marry their girls with them. This led to Rajputs on the plains starting to hide their Rajput identity to avoid persecution. Due to this reason Saini's and Mahton's (aka Sikh Rajputs) gradually cut adrift from Rajputs on hills and adopted farming identity even though both tribes are of proven Rajput descent (SS Gahlot, 1989;Hugh Kennedy Trevaskis, 1928).

Some Believe that The surname Banga is derived from the name of a mountain range in India and Pakistan, located in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. It is believed to have originated from a place called Bagan which was a part of ancient India.

Prominent Figures

Ajay Banga, Manvinder Banga and their Father Lt.General HS Banga

Few prominent Banga Saini's in public space are Dr. Indu Banga (renowned historian of Punjab).Ajay Banga (President of the World Bank/Ex Master Card CEO) and Manvinder Banga (the Chairperson of UK Government Investments/Ex CEO of Unilever). Lt.General Harbhajan Singh Banga (retd), the father of Banga brothers, is also a decorated army general, Harindarpal Banga(Founder of Caravel Group in HongKong), Navpreet Banga(Punjabi Actress), Gurdyal Kaur Banga Wife of Subedar Joginder Singh Sahnan, Jaz Banga Founder & CEO of Airspace in San Francisco, Sanjeev Banga President of International Business Radico Khaitan.


Additional DIG of CRPF, Hari Ram Banga, is another prominent Banga Saini police officer decorated for gallantry.

Canadian Sikh Legacy Personalities

Harbimble Singh Banga

Thakur Singh Banga[1]

Nand Singh Banga

Nee Banga

Dhan Kaur Banga

Connection to Banga Town

The town Banga is also named after Banga Saini Rajputs. Currently, it is a Jat dominated town. The town was given to Mann Jats during Akbar's era where they later became "Darbari Jats". There a number of Banga Saini dominated villages still around this town.

Overall, the Banga subcaste of the Saini community is a proud and vibrant community with a rich history and culture. While specific individuals from the subcaste in medieval.All this would tell you that Banga's are people of formidable standing, education and influence.

People with Banga Surname also exist in the Dogra Rajputs, Khatri/Arora Clans,the Jatt Community, and the Ravidassia Caste. More in:-

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Banga Name Meaning According to: Dictionary of American Family Names 2nd edition, 2022

Indian (northern states): Saini (gardener) and Kayastha(Kayastha in certain parts were considered either as Brahmins or equal to Brahmins.)name of a subgroup of the Kayastha community from Banga region in Jalandhar district. West Frisian: possibly from Bawnga from Bau(w)inga a habitational name from a farmhouse originally belonging to a certain Bave or Bouwe and his kin formed with the patronymic suffix -ing and genitive plural ending -a. Galician: habitational name from a place called Banga in Ourense province Galicia (Spain). Latvian: apparently from the vocabulary word banga ‘surf wave’.

Note:- Saini Doesn't mean Gardner. This is an Error done by Dictionary of American Family Names. The name is actually derived from the Ancestors of Saini's whose name was ShoorSaini which Meant 'Valiant Warrior'. So Saini actually means "Warrior".

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