Gurdwara Sant Mandal Angitha Sahib

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Gurudwara Angitha Sahib
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Name : Gurudwara Sant Mandal Angitha Sahib(Lambian)
Place : Phase 8, Mohali, Punjab, India
History: Related to Bhai Kuram Ji,Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Lambian Wale
Head : Baba Mahinder Singh Ji Lambian Wale 91-98726 71678
Contact :
[email protected]

Gurudwara Sant Mandal Angitha Sahib, is a famous Gurdwara in sector 62 of Mohali in the district of sas nagar (Punjab). The three story Gurdwara is clearly visible from the front of Gurudwara Amb Sahib.

Historical Significance

This gurdwara is revered as a meditation place of two great religious personalities—Bhai Kuram Ji, the follower of Shri Guru Har Rai and Sant Baba Ishar Singh, the follower of Sant Baba Atar Singh ji. These two great men meditated here for a long time. During there visit they worked, consistently, to woo the minds of the Sikh Community towards linking their Hearts and Souls with the Gurbani. There is a sacred memorial place for sants here as well as a memorial to Bhai Kuram Ji.

Baba Ishar Singh Ji raised three Gurdwaras, listed in the order of their construction, they are:

  • Gurudwara Amb Sahib Constructed with bricks the Gurdwara is currently maintained by its own committee.
  • Gurdwara Bowli Sahib Dhakoli at Ambala.
  • Angitha Sahib. Here Baba ji built his own room. His accessories are kept here today. Baba Mahinder Singh, also called 'Sant Baba Mahinder Singh', is Angitha Sahib's current Baba Ji .

Every year on Sant Baba Ishar Singh's barsee a huge samagam of kirtan and Jalebis Langar is held.

  • Next year the event is scheduled on 4,5,6,7 January 2011

Gurdwara Building


Contrasted against the lush green lawn and beautiful plantings of the entry way, the Gurdwara Sahib, clad on all four sides with carved marble panels and tiles of pristine white, is truely unique. Balconies surround the Gurdwara at each floor and the five milky white 'Sky - Socketting' Samads (tombs) which crown the Gurdwara's roof add to the architectural beauty of the monument. At night, when draped with glitering strings of lights on festive occasions, the Gurdwara glows like a shimmering jewel box of some historic Maharaj.

The Shrine serves as a fitting and noble landmark to the memory of the Sewa (service) of these historic men of the Sikh Community.

The Gurudwara complex includes:

  1. Darshani Deodi
  2. Darbar Sahib
  3. Tapasthaan - Sant Baba Ishar Singh Ji Lambia Sahib Wale
  4. Bhaura Sahib
  5. A large Guru Ka Langar
  6. Yaadgaar Bhagat Kuram Ji
  7. Sarovar Sahib
  8. Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji Gurmat Sangeet Academy
  9. Residence Rooms
  10. Dispensary (22 ft by 40 ft)
  11. 3 Doctor Rooms are available
  12. Laboratory is available
  13. Patient Checking rooms are available
  14. Free Eye Checking Camp is organised every year
  15. Free Teeth checking Camp is organised on regular basis
Angitha Sahib - Mohali(Punjab)...Aerial view

Sarai information

Sarai Contact Information

Jagdeep Singh (Office)
0172-2231678 , 98148-31678

Sarai facilities

There are thirty rooms with attached bath available, however, preference is first accorded to the relatives of patients who are undergoing treatment at nearby Fortis Hospital.