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i have attempted to have the artical "read" the thoughts the writer/s intended, trying to make consistant spellings, capitalization, and grammar. i have 2 concerns:

  • 1.Baba Mahinder Singh, also called 'Sant Baba Mahinder Singh', is Angitha Sahib's current Baba Ji.

Is this a correct assumpsion?

  • 2. including a date (specific days) for next year's event will require a yearly up date as the barsee may fall on differant days when people have to work. As in the argument over Easter between the Roman Catholics and 'western' Christians vs. the Greek ortodox churhes of the middle east and Russia.

Here on Sant Baba Ishar Singh's barsee a huge samagam of kirtan and Jalebis Langar is always held. (The next one is sceduled - 8,9,10 Jan 2008)Allenwalla 09:47, 5 November 2007 (MST)

'Sky - Socketting'

this is a new term for me, i am not quite sure of its 'poetic' meaning. the italians call a tall building - a (gratta cielo) or a scrape the sky. in english one uses the term sky scraper. as a socket usually implies a tight fit - hip socket, socket wrench, etc. the phrase fails (at least for me) to recreate the writer's obviously poetic attemp to describe the (Gumbads/Mazars/ or Samads?) which are located on the roof. is it a coloquial poetic referance that i am ignorant of? danyavaadAllenwalla 13:00, 5 November 2007 (MST)