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See Charitropakhyan for more information regarding this composition.

1 to 50

No. Name Description
1. Chandi Chritar This is Fourth Chandi Charitar in Dasam Granth. In This part Guru Sahib is doing Ustat of Chandi. This is Shubh or Shudh Charitar as it is Charitar of Gurmat. This Charitar clearly Signifies that no other Kalki Avtar will come in future but Chandi is the Avtar which will finish all Manmatt, if it comes. Click For Gurmat Vyakhya

2. Raja Chitar Singh and Rani Chi tar Vati This tale is the base of Charitropakhyan. King Chitar Singh was an old man married with young queen Chitarvati, who wanted to have sex with his son Hanuvant. Hanuwant was religious man and he hadn't gone physically with the Queen. In anger, the Queen tore her clothes and shouted and cried that Hanuvant tried to rape her. King without thinking deeply about the matter gave the death punishment to his son Hanuvant. The Minister of King knew the whole truth and it is the Minister who narrated all the following charitars to King Chitar Singh telling how a man can get betrayed if he do not apply his brain before reaching a quick conclusion. Minister narrated stories of all types of betrayals and the consequences of those betrayals. The Minister also said that if a person follows a woman blindly, entangling in Kaam (lust) or foolishness, he will pay for it when he discovers the truth. Guru Gobind Singh included these stories to educate and inform people that they should not take crucial decisions blindly and that a deeper investigation should always be conducted to understand any situation. Guru Ram Dass said about such persons (ਜੋਰਾ ਦਾ ਆਖਿਆ ਪ੝ਰਖ ਕਮਾਵਦੇ ਸੇ ਅਪਵਿਤ ਅਮੇਧ ਖਲਾ ॥(Those men who act according to the orders of women are impure, filthy and foolish.) ਕਾਮਿ ਵਿਆਪੇ ਕ੝ਸ੝ਧ ਨਰ ਸੇ ਜੋਰਾ ਪ੝ਛਿ ਚਲਾ ॥(Those impure men are engrossed in sexual desire; they consult their women and walk accordingly.) (Page 304, Line 13)

3. Girl of Kalpi Town
4. Ghurki
5. Sehaj Kala
6. Maal Mati
7. Zainabadi Charitar 7 is about a Muslin lady called Zainabadi who was a daughter of a Mughal citizen. The tale is about a clever lady who had stooped so low in her behaviour that "Even the dogs were ashamed of her actions" - She was enslaved to her Kam - lust.
8. Anuraag Mati
9. Jag Jot Mati
10. Chitarkala
11 Wife of a Shopkeeper
12. Radhika
13. Wife of Ramdas
14. Puhap Mati
15. Bhaanmati
16 Chhajia Charitar 16
17. Bitan Mati
18. Chhalchhider Kumari
19. Naadira Bano
20. Lal Mati
21. Noop Kuaar Charitar 21: It is about a lady Noop Kuaar who ask King of Anandpur for sex, but King who was already married said that he is already married and cannot have sex with any other lady. Noop Kuaar started shouting to trap the King, to get safe hand king put his blanket on his brother and started beating him and flee from the place. The Name of King Of Anandpur is mentioned as RAI. Moreover Chariter contain location of the Charitar i.e Kahloor.
22. Anoop Kaur
23. Anoop Kaur
24. Sumer Kaur
25. Prem Kumari
26 Nirat Mati
27. Biyom Kala
28. Soorchhat
29. Madan Mati
30. Chaachar Mati
31. Maan Manjri
32. Ras Manjri
33. Chhattar Manjri
34. Chhab Maan Mati
35. King of South
36. Fateh Mati
37. Gainde Khan
38. Raj Mati
39. Raj Mati
40. Diljan Mati
41. Preet Manjri
42. Rustam Kala
43. A Slave
44. Tilik Manjri
45. Raj Mati
46. Noor Bibi
47. Baadal Kumari
48. Noor Jehan
49. Nand Mati
50. Pohap Manjri

51 to 100

No. Name Description
51. Sheel Manjari
52. Daughter of Raja Vijay Singh
53. Vijay Kunwar
54. Baal Mati
55. Roop Mati
56. Chandra Kala
57. Inder Mati
58. Chiter Devi
59. Laadam Kunwar and Suhaag Devi
60. Rang Raae
61 Shah
62 Mahaan Singh
63 Rani of Raja Parbal Singh
64. Dam Prabha
65. Wife of Mittar Singh
66. Roshan Raae
67 Roop Kala
68 Son of a Shah
69. Raj Kala
70. Chattar Prabha
71. King of Sirmaur
72. Shah of Gujarat
73. Pohap Wati
74. Bairam Thief
75. Indebted Thief
76. Son-in-Law Thief
77. Bhagwati
78. Gigo
79. Bisva Mati
80. Radha
81. Drig Daniya
82. Begum of Shah Jehan
83. Rajo
84. Indra Mati
85. Raja Uchsrav
86. Inder Singh
87. Chandra Prabha
88. Kanj Prabha
89. Ram Singh Jat
90. Deepkala
91. Kaamkandla
92. Saroop Kala
93. A Weaver
94. Din Diaal
95. Bindo
96. Gohraan Raae
97. Raja Rasaloo and Rani Kokila
98. Heer Ranjha
99. Ruder Kala
100. A Clever Woman

101 to 150

No. Name Description
101. Sohani Mahinwal
102. Raja Dasrath and Kaikaee
103. Shah Jallaal
104. The Wife of a Jat
105. Taas Beg
106. Four Thieves
107. Maan Kunwar
108. Sassi Punnu
109. Urvassi
110. Raja Roopeshwar
111 Raj Prabha
112. Chatar Kala
113. Rani Krishna Kunwar
114. Sringi Rishi and Prostitute
115. Rishi Gautam and Ahliya
116. Two Devils: Sandh and Apsandh
117. Sachee
118. Rani Mantar Kala
119. Rani Ruder Kala
120. Vishnu
121. A Thief Woman
122. Rani Kookum Devi and Ghansaar Devi
123. Lord Vishnu
124. Rani Phool Mati
125. Indra Mati
126. A Brave Woman
127. Rattan Singh
128. Rani Maan Mati
129. Mirza Sahiban
130. Sumat Kumari
131. Bhaag Mati
132. Sughar Kumari
133. Sujjan Kumari
134. Baaj Mati
135. Kala Kunwar
136. Rani Bharmar Mati
137. Daropdee Arjan
138. Rani Abhawatti
139. Maaneshawari
140. Megh Mati
141. Paarbati
142. Rajkumari Ukha
143. Rani Raj Mati
144. Shingarwati
145. Bhaagwati
146. Parmod Kumari
147. Rani Khairy and Samin
148. Rani of Raja Durga Dutt
149. Five Wives of a Drug-Addict
149. Rani Garbhwati
150. Gumaan Mati

151 to 201

No. Name Description
151. Lachhmi
153. Naaz Mati
154. Darapkala
155. Praan Mati
156. Kandarapkala
157. Nal Damwanti
158. Rani Taanbar Kala
159. Rani Bir Kala
160. Maid Krishna Kala
161. Sanmas Dhola
162. Tund Kala
163 Vijay Kumari
164 Udhaypuri Begum
165 Bhistkala
166. Rani Joban Kala
167. Rani Shaahparee
168. Rani Jot Mati
169. Milkmaid Shaahparee
170. Rani Bir Kala
171. Sahib Devi
172. Geet Kala
173. Sangeeta Kala
174. Surta Devi
175. Chapal Kala
176. Bir Mati
177. Menlata
178. Sumer Devi
179. Kaamwati
180. Nainotma
181. Rani Nisis Prabha
182. Bhaan Kala
183. Rit Raj Prabha
184. Daropdhi
185. Runrang Kumari
186 Achalkala
187. Kaamkala
188. Kanchan Prabha
189. Bhoop Kala
190. Chanchala
191. Parbeen Rai
192. Gaan Kala
193. Tirdas Kala
194. Wife of a Basket Weaver
195. Maanmati and Bipan Prabha
196. Apritam Kala
197 Ran Rang Mati
198. Sankh Kunwar
199. Rani Padmani
200. Rani Udginder Prabha
201. Yousaf Zulaikhan