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Baba Dharm Chand (1523-1618) was the son of Baba Lakhmi Das and the grandson of Guru Nanak Dev. Baba Lakhmi Chand also called Lakhmi Chand (12 February 1497 - 9 April 1555), the younger son of Guru Nanak, was born to Mata Sulakhni at Sultanpur Lodhi, in presentday Kapurthala district of the Punjab, on 19 Phagun 1553 Bk/12 February 1497.

Baba Dharm Chand eventually married the daughter of Diwan Utam Chand and Bibi Lajwanti. This union blessed by Baba Sri Chand, was celebrated in tremendous fashion and many prominent Sikhs of the time attended this joyous occasion. In time, Baba Dharm Chand’s wife gave birth to Baba Manak Chand and Baba Mehr Chand. It is from them that all the ‘Bedis’ of today are descended.


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Relatives of Shri Guru Nanak Dev guru nanak

Grandparents: ✝ Mata BanarasiBaba Shiv Ram ✝ Grandparents (Maternal):✝ Mata BhiraiBaba Rama
Parents: ✝ Kalyan DasMata Tripta ✝ Uncle: ✝ Baba Lalu ✝ In-Laws: ✝ Baba Mool ChandMata Chando Rani
Wife: ✝ Bibi Sulakhni ✝ Siblings: ✝ Bibi Nanaki ✝ Brother-in-law: ✝ Bhai Jai Ram
Children: ✝ Baba Sri ChandBaba Lakhmi Das