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Sikh family of Sarwarpur re-build their village mosque

In this era of Kaljug, it may surprise many people and communities when Sikhs help build mosques for Muslims or temples for Hindus but this is a trait that has been endowed to Sikhs since the times of the Sikh Gurus many centuries ago.

The reaction of non-Sikhs to such deeds is surprising to many faithfully Sikhs.

A proud Sikh family of Sarwarpur, near Ludhiana, cannot understand what the fuss is about. Ever since Sajjan Singh Ghuman, an NRI Sikh living in England, rebuilt a mosque in his native village that was damaged during Partition, the shrine, as well as his family back home, have attracted the curiosity of outsiders.

"We never imagined we would be on a Punjabi TV channel just because my elder brother rebuilt this small mosque for the poor Muslim families of our village".

"For him, it was just a gesture towards restoring the collective heritage of our village,” says Sajjan’s brother, Joga Singh, who manages the family’s lands in Sarwarpur. Sure.

But what Joga and his family, or even the TV channel, do not know is that the sentiment that inspired his brother’s act is being manifested in scores of villages across Punjab .....More