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People with Banga Surname exist in various Castes

Such as:-

1. Banga Saini's — Majority Banga's belong to the Saini Rajput caste of Chandarvanshi Descent. To which many Popular Saini Banga Personalities belong. The stronghold of Banga Saini's is in the region of Jalandhar and Nawanshahr districts of Punjab where they are among the leading land owning group.

2. Banga Clan of Dogra Rajputs — On hills Banga clan name is also found among Dogra Rajputs as "Bangwai". Almost 100% of Saini clans are same as that of Hill Rajputs and both groups are of identical Chandarvanshi descent. The only difference is that Saini villages fell in Muslim ruled areas where Rajputs were being actively converted to Islam or asked to marry their girls with them. This led to Rajputs on the plains starting to hide their Rajput identity to avoid persecution. Source:- Saini SS Gahlot,1989; Hugh Kennedy Trevaskis, 1928)

3. Banga Aroras-Khatri's — Banga's of the Khatri are believed to be of Similar Roots to the Saini Banga's. Many of them believe that Saini being of Kshatriya Varna were Included in the Khatri Clan as Khatri Community is made up of People belonging to Various Kshatriya Varna Castes. But Some argue that Banga Khatris are Suryavanshis and the Descendants of The Hindu Deity Rama. Whereas Saini Bangas are Chandarvanshis and the Descendants of Shoorsaini who was the Grandfather of The Hindu Deity Krishna. The Thing to note is that the Khatri caste contains Gotras Related to both Chandravansh and Suryavansh.

4. Banga Ramdasia's — The Ramdasia Banga Community has been Debated time to time. Some claim them to be the Result of Ramdasia+Saini or Khatri Caste Clans Exogamy as they were now out Castes (because If a higher caste married a Lower Caste Person that person were out casted), and Some also claim them to be a Totally Different Caste.

5. Banga Jatts — A Small Minority of Banga Jatts also Exist. They are believed to be the Saini Rajput's who were Labelled as Jatts by the Prominent Figures of the Singh Sabha Lehar like many Others. There is always been a ambiguity between Rajput and Jatt gotras. For Eg:-Gill, Brar, Sandhu, Sansi, Rathore, Banwait, Virk, Varaich, Sahansi, Hans, Golia, Bola, etc. Either that Or they were Also Result of practice clan exogamy.

Similar Sounding Surnames

These Surnames Sound Similar to the Banga Surname but have no Connection to it Whatsoever. Vanga, Bagga, Bangar, Bunga, Banger, Bangay, Bange, Bango, Bang.