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I noticed that you have deleted the contents of the article Radha Soami vs. Khalsa. I can understand your anger and your reaction but you must realise that with these articles, SikhiWiki is just providing unbiased information about a sect or cults which purports to have links with Sikhism. The reason is to provide information only and not to promote these cults. We are ensuring that SikhiWiki at least acknowledges that these cults exist and gives some brief information about the sect so that other Sikhs are at least aware of the basic beliefs of these sects. We are not promoting or supporting these cults! Because, it is a sect or cult, it will not adhere to all the principles of Sikhism!

Please do not delete article which you do not find acceptable - discuss the issues on the article discussion page. Please conduct these discussions in a calm and respectable manner. Only after you have reached a consensus may these articles be amended. I hope you will understand the point I wish to make and accept that this is the only way forward if we are to share such common information on a Wiki. Many thanks, --Hari Singh 18:02, 24 February 2007 (MST)

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User: Mutia 25 Feb 07

yes i can understand ur perspective also but the information which is written in that area is mainly false about the basis of the group and if it is to make people aware of the group why is it writen in such a degrading manner? when i have some more time i will edit this page to a decent state as all i can see is that this page is promoting hatred amongst sikhs towards such groups and this in my view is totally wrong as we as sikhs should respect other groups religions and paths etcc.

Thanks for the reply

Trusikh Ji, Hi

I appreciate your reply and would encourage you to engage in dialogue on the discussion page of the article page so that we all may be enlightened. I have read the whole article Radha Soami vs. Khalsa again and I am unable to see the point that you wish to make. For information sake, I would welcome your input as I would like to know which bits are false. Hopefully you will find some spare time soon. Many thanks for your help. I have marked the article as disputed. --Hari Singh 16:12, 25 February 2007 (MST)

Many thanks for your input.

Trusikh ji,

Many thanks for your input at the Talk:Vegetarianism Other Views. Could you please tell me what K.S.S stand for and if a direct link can be found on the net to these references as they appear very relevant. regards, Hari Singh 19:19, 8 April 2007 (EDT)

the name of the kabir teachings

k.s.s stands for kabir sakhi sangrah, K.G stands for kabir granthavali