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Dear Amita Singh Ji, WKWF

It's nice to see your name on the recent changes list. I hope you have succeeded in getting a job! I hope things are keeping well. My Fateh to all your family and friends.

I have made some small changes to the above article regarding the srigranth template so that it finds the actual line of the Shabad and minor additions to the tuk displayed – I hope this is Ok with you. If not, I will put it back to the original.

My spell-check changed the spelling to the one shown above - Should it be spelt as above or as it appears at the article? Please let me know and we can rename the article.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

khalsa ji where u r in the progress of changing the world with the help of gurmani and how r u

vishawjit singh

I have archived the older postings from this page to a separate page – I hope this will be OK?

Is it possible to get translation of Bhai Gurdas Ji into English of all of the Vaaras?

Kind regards and keep up the good work. --Hari Singh 11:27, 3 August 2006 (CDT)

How are Things?

Hi Amita Singh

How are things? Haven't seen you here as much - I hope all is well and you have found a good job after all those studies!! --Hari Singh 09:02, 22 August 2006 (CDT)

Hi Amita, WKWF, Many thanks for your lovely message - it was indeed a pleasure talking and I hope you did not consider it a burden. Please pass me hearty greetings to both you parents, my dear brother and bhabiji, who I may have spoken to before we exchanged our words. No, coming to London is no dream but something that will happen very soon. I will pass your hello onto both the our kids. Please don't worry too much about your absence from Sikhiwiki, but it nice to see your entries there now and then – So if get free time, please just keep an eye on things. As I said before, we have a reasonable base and we only need to improve on what we already have – but please don't forget it completely!! Please look after yourself and I await your details on postage either by email or a post here on Sikhiwiki. --Hari Singh 13:07, 25 August 2006 (CDT)

Translation of Punjabi Hukamnanas

Respected Amita Singh Ji, Guru di fateh,

I hope everyone is keeping well.

I was wondering if it was possible to get a English translation of the Hukamnans of the Akal Takhat. I have found this PDF file at:

This is in Punjabi and as my speed of Punjabi is about 9wpm, it will take me forever. I wonder if it is possible to translate the contents page and create a list of all Hukamnamas issued by Akal Takhat.

Your help would be most appreciated, many thanks, --Hari Singh 09:43, 28 September 2006 (CDT)


Dear Amita ji,

The Darpan link has been added to the Hukamnama - I hope this now meets with your approval. Many thanks for the recommendation. --Hari Singh 19:53, 11 October 2006 (CDT)

Development of Sikhiwiki

Further to your suggestion, I have listed points for the development of Sikhiwiki here. Please have a look and add your comments on my user page or under the SikhiWiki article talk page. It's good to have positive pending items - It is a constant motivation to do something when time is available! - you can never get bored, when things are pending. Many thanks for your continued help. --Hari Singh 22:07, 21 October 2006 (CDT)

Setup Learning system for Anand Sahib

You asked: <<< should it be Japuji to begin with? What is the outline of the plan ? and related Hows?!>>> We have a simple Listen, Look and Learn systen for Japji Sahib here. Have a look and see if this would be helpful to have one for Anand Sahib as well? --Hari Singh 21:06, 23 October 2006 (CDT)


Sorry, but I had to change back this template as your changes made the 2 columns on the main page uneven; also some other changes in colours were to be made today to highlight the contents.

I have created a link to a new page Sayth Nanak which contains your text. I suggest that more short quotes from Gurbani are added to this page showing the important messages of Guru Nanak for the world. --Hari Singh 19:55, 4 November 2006 (MST)

Sir pappi de wee sun lavo

What is Mutia?? Is it your Sir name? Paap Punn doy ek saman... Gur Gopy jo Aapna.............How can a sin and punn are ek samaan well can you tell me lines after these and before these actually i am not able to understand these. user:paapi Very Paapi

ok i can understand

Paap Punn doe ek samaan..........

Manukh paap wee kardaa hai, punn kardaa hai - Fir galat karam kanda ch pea rehnda like chori, rishwat, 5 evils, etc. etc. (i will not display the list) FOr that person - Paap punn dohe ek saamaan

koor kriya urjheo jag mein
sri bhagwaan ka bhed naa paeoo

Well tell me are you rigid toward sikhism i mean are you a rigid sikh.....sikhism support rigidity??????

paapi - The great Sinner

User Mutia

Its great to read about ==Health, Happiness & Holiness:Origin of==. You are right after reading i got that you deal with Khalsa and you are the true khalsa. I want to write on the cults like Sant Nirankari, Namdhari, Radhasoami.................In punjab radhasoamis are enjoying top leval.

Today lok sharaab, nashey nahin chadade t nave sects and cults janam lai lainde Sects & Cults.

What do you think of radhasoamis and how they are related with sikhism........

Tusee naam lita hoya aa koi???

Well you answers very late i dont know why

That's really fantastic answers

Its amazing, unbelievable, fantastic, lovely, great (etc...) answers you have given. I can call you a brahmgiani Khalsa Mutia(Sorry dont know your name).

Inhi ke kirpa kae saje hum hain , nahin moh sae gareeb karor pare

Thanks for giving more zajbaa

From where you are who are you ?? i am not getting you i have read your user page......that i know you are khalsa but i want to know your DUNIYAAVI IDENTITY(send me the link)

q. Do let me know more about yourself, your skills & future plans ??

A. Well sorry to say i cant tell me about myself, (Khalsa Nu pehchanana Difficult hee nahin namunkin hai, Khalsa mere mann ch hai tan te nahin)

Khalsa kisey ton darda nahin 
apnaa Zikar kisey aggae kardaa nahin
Kyon kae maan hai khalsa hon te mainu
Kisi hor noo kujh samjhda hee nahin 

My skills = Khalsa Skills (that you all know)

Shareer nahin khalsae wargaa te kee hoya, man taan hai

Future Plans -

I want to show world what is khalsa, My co curricular activities(studiea) are going on. main activity is to walk on khalsa way and to make other walk.

Now tell me who are you

Lucky Wallon Sat Shri Akaal

as you specify the format above i am doing the same.

You are Giani, Dhiani, Weechari, Gurmukh, Khalsa man. i want to share a prob which i am facing rite know. Mera mann jayaada der tak sthir nahin rehndaa i mean zayaada der tak tikdaa nahin. Like in studies, or any other work. man duniyaa ch bohot bhatkdaa hai.

Jae man te kaabu pavaangaa taanhi khalsaa kehlaawaan gaa kyon kae man jeetae jag jeet

So tell me acc. to gurbani how to control yourself, Man chanchal hai is nu sthir kiven banawaan. user hpt_lucky

My yahoo id is [email protected] just add me by clicking on add and write "hpt_lucky" in it. Or gmail [email protected]

Enjoy Khalsa Life


Thats is really great. Well khalsa oh hai jo pardaa nahin, apnanoonda e.

jay ko aakhai boluvigaarh - this time u r guru 4 me

Guru Mere Sang Sanda ahi nale is lai man jeete jag jeet. And this timee you are guru for me.

hoon main jayaada na likh kae kitaab fardaa and thanks for great great - (unlimited) and amolak suggestion. ok bye

We need to conform to the Wiki standard!

Amita ji, WKWF

I am sorry I had to revert the changes on the Summary of Sikhism page as the changes you made completely distracted the reader from the full picture that the article is trying to convey.

As more users are contributing to the site, we need to set down stricter ground rules on the type, size, colour and combination of fonts that we use. I will be much obliged if we can all adopt a more traditional style of presentation on the main subject matter. On articles for children or unusual articles some extra feature may be useful but I humbly ask that we set a standard for others to follow. We need to stick to the basis system of presentation - Please see guidelines at Wikipedia:Manual of Style relating to the type of styles relevant to an encyclopaedia such as SikhiWiki.

I appreciate that at times we need to add colour and boldness but due to the use of many different browsers, some of the large fonts are so big as to be unreadable. On some of your articles, I am not even able to read the text because it is all jambled over each other and completely over-crowded. Please keep the maximum fonts size restricted to the size of heading as in:

This is a heading

And use this size very sparingly. Also please use only a maximum of 3 different sizes of fonts on the whole page. Another thing that we need to be careful about is the fact that it is very difficult to read "Roman Punjabi" which refers to – Punjabi - English akara-ch lee-kani. This is fine for messages but can be very difficult for non-Punjabis to read and can become a hindrance when used in articles. Only use it when it is part of a Gurbani Tuk like:

  • ਜਿਸ ਦਾ ਦਿਤਾ ਸਭ੝ ਕਿਛ੝ ਲੈਣਾ ॥
    jis daa ditaa sabh kichh lainaa.
    Everything we receive is a gift from Him.

My only motivation in posting this message is to make SikhiWiki more acceptable to more users and I hope you will agree that what I have said will make the presentation more uniform and give SikhiWiki a more polished and "acceptable" image in the community – which hopefully, will invite more users to read the content. My comments are meant as a help and should be taken as frank and "fatherly" advise from one users to another. There is no bitterness in my thinking and I beg you to accept these words in that context. Please excuse my interference but I wish us all to continue to make maximum progress with this project. I hope my words make some sense but if they don't, I apologise and I will endeavour to be more meaningful in future. Please forgive my trespass. With Guru's kirpa may we all make even better and more useful contributions to the Guru's mission, which hopefully will reach many thousands of others who will gain from the experience. Raab Raakha, Hari Singh 16:29, 19 February 2007 (MST)

A line for you

Dithey Sabey Thaanv Nahin Tudh Jehaa

Salute to gurbani master wjkk wjkf keep in touch user:paapi

Answer from Sinner The paapi

Coming into contact with the sinful human body, the food becomes so impure that is is spat upon. Today everybuddy like that type of food, But who takes god name is prevented from my prakoop, But what about that guys

jinna dae ghar ch granth peendae shraaban nae,

gatre paye chakee khande dee dhaar baithey,

Ona nae kee paapi ton bachnaa doston

narkaan layee taan oh pehlan hee tayaar baithey

It is greedy, deceitful, sinful and hypocritical, and totally attached to Maya.

Well Maya da wee moh hai sareean nu maithon kiven koi bachoo

The Lord Himself is the Protector of His devotees; what can the sinner do to them?

Odey waastey rabb dae naam tae chalnaa zarooree hai, tae paapi ona noo chalan nahin davoo, tae jinna nu mera bhed samjh ch aa gaya, paapi kyaa paap is jag ton maroo.

One who does not obtain the Association of the True Guru, is a most unfortunate sinner; he is consumed by the Messenger of Death.

Well Granth sahib ch bohot kujh likhyaa mutiaa jee, But saarey mere wal aunday nae..........Koi granth sahib noo parna nahin chahundaa, Jera pardaa oh wichaarna nahin chahundaa, jera weechardaa oh weechaar kae bhul jaoonda.............paapi ethey wee jit prapat kar jaoondaa.....

user:paapiTime ( In control of me)

THIS is TRUTH (god's) doing...............User:Mutia 25 Feb 07


Paapi dae sab darshan karna chandae nae,

Giani Maskeen nu bhul gaye, osama(bin laden) nu sab milna chahundae nae

O rabba Paap taan aagae hee mahabali hai Eh lok paapi noo hor mahabali banoona chahundae nae



Paap Punn dou ek smaan ......--SatGurBani

  • implies SatGurBani..... Pappi & Punni are ek Smaan.
    • Can't say as to who is not yerning to become a TRUTHfull Human being As Per The Commandments of SatGurBani (User: Mutia is)
    • In the domain of SatGurBani & as per the rigid Commandment of SatGurBani one has to be Alert & aware of FALSEHOOD.
    • In the domain of SatGurBani & as per the rigid Commandment of SatGurBani one has to become a Khalsa to be able to filter out TRUTH from falsehood. Lowly Barking Mutia, as on now had not been able to graduate to even GurSikh. I sleep like a dog (at Least I am TRUE to my Profile )through the fourth quarter ( against the firm Commandment of SatGurBani....Uth fareeda kuttia.....
    • Sir, grant this lowest of the lowly dog, I even Bark at the TRUTHful Human beings. All TRUTH god's doings, he made me a barking Dog & not TRUE to 'TRUE Khady Batty da Amrit' (Amrit Vela). It is far off, 35 Steps to go.I need company How about holding each other's hand in the Tough climb of 38 steps Ordained by 'TRUTH god'.
    • All I have to offer you is nothing but SatGurBani. I own nothing.

Jy main hunda varia mitta aiada jeera jaly haith ty uppar angara....

    • Thanks for giving strength to the suppressed voice of TRUTHfullness against FALSEHOOD & TERRORISM (The only eternal mission of the order of alias TRUTH god.

WaKaFa! Down with FALSEHOOD & Gur Fateh !!!!!

PS: ik bhori darshan deejy.......!! User:Mutia 25 Feb 07

Paapi Here again

Insaan nu khatam nahin karnaa, Is paapi Deemag nu khatam karnaa hai

Eh hee zafarnama hai, jo mere wargey aurangjebaan nu heela sakdaa hai.

Paapi Insaan Nahin Us da mind hai, tae jis da mind paapi hai oh hee paapi hai

Mera Mind Paapi hai main paapi haan, Gurbaani nu samjh laina haan but paap mere te jeaada bhaaree nae

5en weekar mere te bhaari hai, te mere warga horan nu kee dao.......Weekaar

So bandea maithon bach, Main paapi haan Paapi, Granth Sahib parh jaa kae maithon bach, Main Kaljug haan, Main hee haan Rakshish, Main bakhshak haan, Main kaam krod lobh haan, moh hankaaran daa haan sagar, wae paapn naal bhareaa mera gagr.

Aao mere kol tunu is gagar dee sair karaawan, tuanu wee paapi banawaan.

Nahin taan Khatam Karo Mainu Mere wal Nigah Na maaro Satgurbani Paro Veerae Satgurbaani

Gian, sat, Nia, santok, dheeraj, himmat, namrata, sabar, Sheel Sanjam dee jai Khalsa Dee jai

Kam Krofh Lobh Moh Ahnkaar dee Jai, Paapi Dee Jai


Maan yog Papiji,

WaKaFa !

words fail me in positively appreciating your sentiments. Only language in which User: Mutia can express himself on it is SatGurBani. Every Thing else has failed.

  • Dilon Muhabbat jin sei Sachian.....
  • jin Man hor Mukh hor se kandy Kachian.....
  • Ratty ishk Khuda rang deedar dy.....
  • Visseria jin NAAM, se Bhuyn Bhar thiy....
  • Teri Panah Khuda too bakshandgi....
  • Shiekh Faridy Khair Deejy Bandgi....
  • ......Jina pashata Sach chuman payr mu.
  • jo toy mary mukkian, tina na mary ghumm.
  • aapnry ghar aeeyy payr tina de chumm.
  • SatGurBani I am sacrifice to you !...I am Sacrifice....!! I am....!!!!!!
  • I am no where here, it is nothing but.....
  • ......Naked TRUTH that WAS, HAD BEEN till now, IS here & now at this instant and WILL ever be beyond eternity.

WaKaFa!! User:Mutia 25 Feb 07

PS: Consider E mailing me at.... ....[email protected]....

...if TRUTH god alias Paapiji considers me a TRUTHful dog of HUMANITY alias TRUTH god

fir mandae ho na

paapi nae ik waar controversial article likhney kee shuru kjittey hoon recent changes wich ohee nazar aa rahey han bluestar, woodrose.

paapi nu jinna marzee kaho kuj taanvee paap mahabali hai

Where is gurbani sir..........user:paapi

.......ik waar controversial articlelikhney........

  • 1378    PrIdw jy qU Akil lqIPu kwly ilKu n lyK ]
  • 1378    AwpnVy igrIvwn mih isru n^OIvW kir dyKu ]6]


  • 473    sBu ko AwKY Awpxw ijsu nwhI so cuix kFIAY ]
  • 473    kIqw Awpo Awpxw Awpy hI lyKw sMFIAY ]
  • 473    jw rhxw nwhI AYqu jig qw kwiequ gwrib hMFIAY ]
  • 473    mMdw iksY n AwKIAY piV AKru eyho buJIAY ]
  • 473    mUrKY nwil n luJIAY ]19]
User:Mutia 27 Feb 07

Hey User Mutia

What do you do in sansarik life.???? Gurmat dae elawa kee kardey ho. i think wehle hee rehndae ho mere waang well main taan tothon jeaada wehlaa.

But eh gal wadiyaa bai tuade articles ch gurbaani nazar aaundee chalo eho jehe jantaa honee chahedee taanhee udhar hou dharam tae is desh da.user:paapi

ssa user mutia

I want to know how to control kaam.........frankly telll me

thinking is very wrong abt gal and i dont like it i want to control but i dont know wat happen like paap no jinna marzee daboo taanvee paap mahabalee e. as i am a regular masturbator, it affects me physicalyy to as you looks like a gurmukh man u will understand ma poblem first as gurbani says WEECHAR so pls suggest me.plsplsplspls. Ik singh doojae singh dae kam aaoo aj eh singh paapi e eda paap ik singh hee mitaoo user:paapi

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh khalsa ji chardikala c ho

vishawjit singh Brar

SatGurMat Solutions

Nothing really wrong with masturbation per se & stop worrying about your habit which in a way appears to be prevailing all over among young boys who need to get married , However your obsession will keep you away from becoming a Karta Purukh, ( First Thing SatGurBani expects a human being to be, before one is accepted as a candidate for becoming a Khalsa after climbing 38 Steps )

Thank SatGurBani that you being from a GurSikh Family can help yourself (sab kush apy aap --Sayth Nanak ) rather than helping one of the joints & their keepers with what you do not seem to be having (money) & getting in real trouble. Do not even think of helping them.

1. Get Married earliest ( if you are a Karta Purukkh( If you are gainfully employed & creative enough to plan as to how you will feed your children ) & can earn enough for yourself & your 'would be'.

2. Look for employment so that you can get married earliest Once you become a Karta Purukh follow step 1 above

3. Have faith in nothing but SatGurBani. Do 'No Seva' But 'SatGurBani Seva' referred to as 'SatGur Ki Seva' in SatGurBani all over as under:-

    • Learn SatGurBani as a Language
    • Listen to it (Shabads) through the day.
    • Read it.
    • Write it.
    • Understand it (Gur Shabad Veechar)
    • Speak it with your near & dear ones & any one who may care.
    • Learn its grammar from some one who know . I am sure your father will know it well
  • What I told you above is Written in SatGurBani itself. All I have done is translated SatGurBani in English. Unfortunately SikhiWiki Managers seem to be having their own part of the problems They seem to be struggling to help us with better expressions in SatGurBani , Punjabi, Hindi & other Indian Languages. Let us all wish them SatGurBani Fateh !!
  • What is your level of achievement on the Path of 38 Steps to TRUTH god ??. You for sure have climbed Three steps & seem to be struggling to relish Amrit Vela(4th step, Khady Baty da Amrit) . You are my Type, I am struggling real Hard to become TRUTHfull to 4th Step of Japuji.

4. On the strength of SatGurBani I dare say that you will be crossing 4th step in 30 days. Stay in touch. Let us have a competition. Sun rises in India now a days at 6:30 AM . Amrit vela starts at 3:30.

5. Being True to Khalsa Culture, you & me must stay awake through Pahar Savaya & ponder over wisdom( only and only gift a Sikh can extend to SatGurbani. All other offerings like money etc are false

( ....fir kee??? aggy rakheey jit desy darbar. Muh kee??? bolan boliy jit sun dhary piyaar .....).

6. That makes the get up time for a Sikh in INDIA as 3:15 through winters & 3:45 in summers. Sun Rise time is universally known. so if one want to be explicitly truthful to SatGurBani The get up time can be precisely arrived at by subtracting 3.25 Hrs from Sun rise Time.

7. Sounds too early but not any one who knows what stuff Khalsa is Made of .( I am sure Sikhs the world over, who dare call themselves Sikhs, are listening.

8. Let them or Let them not, it is OK! as long as you & me are listening to TRUTH god's commandments explicitly documented in SatGurBani.

With you always !! WaKaFa !

User:Mutia 15 mar 07 PS: How about being on Email line my email is in my profile. Consider thinking over it.

thanks for soluions

but tusee weaah tak ponch gaye main 16 years old paapi hale pata nahin kiinnae paap karey tusee wiah de suggestion de mareee well neglecting that i am trying to understand other things.

you waana say that i have wrong grammer ok u r rite but man u told me to speak in punjabi. u are also a english editor

guru gurmukhi khojdae reh gaye aapan angreji pichey pai gaye

wichon adhe angreji akhar mainu samjh nahin aaye ongae is ton saral taan gurbani aa, but wechaar doongae nae. mere paper nae main tuanoo fir kadi masage karda naale ina time nahin e mere kol cyber cafe wale nae paise wee kat laine user:paapi


Khalsa ji (MUTIA)

which level of sikhism are u now?

I think that u gain a lot and motivate many peoples with the help of gurbani.

User:chardikala (vishawjit singh)

Mr/Mrs. Mutia

ritual of Khada Bata is not a problem at all

❂ What does It mean you dont waana amritdhari Sikh?? actually some of ur lines confuse me a lot sometime........if we are guys of guru gobind then we have to be an amritdhari... I think u dont bileave in amritdhari, you just waana sikh i rite???

❂ Are you a Animal Eater(Means Non Veg)??

❂ Wats your name Amitha Singh, Amitar Singh?? Are you a Female?? I Think so...... Amitha wat does it mean?? (Dont get AngryJust 4 knowledge)

❂ struggling Hard to cross 4th Step?? Wat does it mean

user:paapi after reading Your answers to chardi kala

mr/mrs mutia

kere pita jee kaun wishawajeet. Lucky naa taan meri ladai chaldee. Lucky tae gurmukh oh taan maitho waadda paapi. main paapi tae oh taan paapi da P ae. Slaa ganda munda oda naam na lea karo kat do onu sikhiwiki ton bahar. Nashe/ patte, rab de beijti ehee kam nae ode kol, gallan kardey main jaanda ohnu sale nu. pea rehda muddha pe pe kae. wich de net lag gaya ode ghar tae site te bai gaya hoon net nahin kadi wekhyaa us nu online gallan karde.

Mutia kee cheez aa tuadi surname aa user:paapi

Sat Shree Akaaall

Bohot Bohot Dhanwaad tuadaa.

Wish you HAPPY Sikhing Too!

✝ Khalsa dae janam din dee lakh lakh wadhaii..............THE GREAT EDITOR


Amita Ji, Sat Sri Akal

With Guru's kirpa, I hope all is well with you. Thanks for bringing the beautiful Shabad to my attention - How sweet is Guru's bani!

ਸਿਰੀਰਾਗ੝ ਮਹਲਾ 5 ਘਰ੝ 7 ॥ ਤੇਰੈ ਭਰੋਸੈ ਪਿਆਰੇ ਮੈ ਲਾਡ ਲਡਾਇਆ ॥ ਭੂਲਹਿ ਚੂਕਹਿ ਬਾਰਿਕ ਤੂੰ ਹਰਿ ਪਿਤਾ ਮਾਇਆ ॥1॥ ਸ੝ਹੇਲਾ ਕਹਨ੝ ਕਹਾਵਨ੝ ॥ ਤੇਰਾ ਬਿਖਮ੝ ਭਾਵਨ੝ ॥1॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥ ਹਉ ਮਾਣ੝ ਤਾਣ੝ ਕਰਉ ਤੇਰਾ ਹਉ ਜਾਨਉ ਆਪਾ ॥ ਸਭ ਹੀ ਮਧਿ ਸਭਹਿ ਤੇ ਬਾਹਰਿ ਬੇਮ੝ਹਤਾਜ ਬਾਪਾ ॥2॥ ਪਿਤਾ ਹਉ ਜਾਨਉ ਨਾਹੀ ਤੇਰੀ ਕਵਨ ਜ੝ਗਤਾ ॥ ਬੰਧਨ ਮ੝ਕਤ੝ ਸੰਤਹ੝ ਮੇਰੀ ਰਾਖੈ ਮਮਤਾ ॥3॥ ਭਝ ਕਿਰਪਾਲ ਠਾਕ੝ਰ ਰਹਿਓ ਆਵਣ ਜਾਣਾ ॥ ਗ੝ਰ ਮਿਲਿ ਨਾਨਕ ਪਾਰਬ੝ਰਹਮ੝ ਪਛਾਣਾ ॥4॥27॥97॥

Siree Raag, Fifth Mehla, Seventh House: Relying on Your Mercy, Dear Lord, I have indulged in sensual pleasures. Like a foolish child, I have made mistakes. O Lord, You are my Father and Mother. ||1|| It is easy to speak and talk, but it is difficult to accept Your Will. ||1||Pause|| I stand tall; You are my Strength. I know that You are mine. Inside of all, and outside of all, You are our Self-sufficient Father. ||2|| O Father, I do not know-how can I know Your Way? He frees us from bondage, O Saints, and saves us from possessiveness. ||3|| Becoming Merciful, my Lord and Master has ended my comings and goings in reincarnation. Meeting with the Guru, Nanak has recognized the Supreme Lord God. ||4||27||97||

Amita ji, TOC??99 is a template in the old featured article page ALL AOW old and we have exceeded 99 featured articles so I am just adding a few more entries to this template. Hopefully, I will have an article on Laava ready for the Mainpage a little later on.

How are Mum and Dad? I hope they are keeping well. Please pass my good wishes to them. Did anything come of the work that you were trying or did it not materialise?

Keep in Chardikala, das, Hari Singh 21:49, 20 April 2007 (EDT)


i read your articles and i found that you have keen knowledge of guru granth sahib jee. I think of started a new article Superstitions. You can write more better on it i want you to write on this article. Bulaoo fateh.....waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

I want you to edit that article do your own changes with regarding to superstitions . Nawa weham bharam likho tae us da niwaran naal he kar dewo duniyaa nu dasnaa hai aapan kee hai weham bharm tae kee hai sachai kee guru granth sahib maha da updes. well jis dae sir upar rabb e onu weham bharm kee kehan so dukh kaisa pawey. Sir i want to tell you ma
jo hum ko parmesvar uchrehey tae sab narak kund mein parhey guru gobind sing says these lines i think tae aapan kehndae haan kee guru gobind singh guru nanak dev jee da 10vaan zama hai. it means saarey guruan da eko updes hai bai saanu naa poojo sanu naa manno us rabb nu manno us da naam lawo i.e sat us dae roop han nirbhaoo nirvair hai. gurus kehnaa chahndae see aapan insaan de joon ch aa gaye haan is layi we are not god because god is ajooni. well i want your weechaar on these lines in different articles i want to share both of our weechar in that article line is JO HUM KO PARMESAR UCHREY TEH SAB NARAK KUND MEIN PARHEY

Oh mutiaa jee

Super woman kee likhyaa jae -> Biology wich khusrey, Chakkaey nu kehndae. Use any other word......user:paapi

muqabla maaro maar chalda sir ji maaro maar. Main taan jitnaa muqabla eh tusan taan already champion ho aapan wee tuahdey barabar pujnaa fir hari singh ji dae hu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Main taan haley wee confuse rajinder - amitha amitrha - rajinder wats it and mutia your sir name????user:paapi

Sadky Pappiji dy ! Sadky!

Tuhadee communication skill aty piaar wasty myry kol lafaz mukk gay han pappi ji. saary SikhiWiki usran vichhon tusin punjaabi vich ikk namber ho. competetion dee spirit aao appa sary ral ky saryy Sikhan nun vand dayiyy kai aho jyhy vee han jydy sahmny aun to dardy han.

Bani dy hukum dee palna kardy hoy aao ohna dy dar da prda chuk dyieey.Aty uhna nu sahmany aun dee jaach sikhaiyy. Sirf tusin he ikk ho jyhdy sachhi gall gajj ky kyyhandy ho. Guru dy gajj ky bolan waly hukum dee tusin gajj ky palnaa krdy ho ji. isy lai mera sab to jiaada association tuhady naal hee bannia hoia hai ji.

is lai myry vaasty ta tusi champion ho jee. Bani vich sacchi gal nuun piaar naal gajj ky aakhan valy nuun rabb ta darja ditta gaia hai. Tusin SatGurBani dy ladly ho jee. Rabb Tuhanu chaddian kala bakshy ji

---ik SatGurBani bhasha wich bhanukan wala Satgur da paltoo 'Mutia'

PS: main 'KuttaPanthi nahin han.

Dont make

Dont write on talk page Mutia jee that all topics are for you because you can explain better those topics i can suggest only u write wonderfully in daani pursh andf will write more i know that. Great.....THEGREAT EDITOR

What happen

Ke chakkar mutia jee tusee wee daan dae chakkar ch pai gaye???? Kyaa Chakkar tuanu wee kisey nae kharid lea???? user:paapi

Got your message

Amita Singh ji,

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh

Many thanks for your interesting message. I will absorb it and respond in more details in the next day or so. I like the "WaKaFa" but the "Sir & Beg Pardon..." is not necessary. In front of our Guru, there is no oouch or neech - its a level playing ground.

At SikhiWiki, Amita ji, we are all editors. We just take information from x,y and z, collate it, perhaps use a "frequency equaliser" to even out any bumps and then we present it in a sleeker and easier format. We are not inventors or creators of anything. So our work is thus made easier. We don't have to think hard and come up with "new" inventions – No. We just present "old" ideas in a different way -a neater and tidier format.

One of the strengths of a Wiki is the "internal & external links" So words that are important can be cross-linked. So, linking articles with these "internal links" is very important. But again the basic material that we are linking must be "traditional" and "historic" – ie: not new information.

I believe that one of our main function at SikhiWiki is to present the history of our Gurus & Bhagats in a simple and clear manner. This together with Gurbani is about all that needs to be covered in depth. All other topics take a lower priority to this mission.

Let me gather my thoughts and I will respond further soon. Please pass my greetings to your family. Keep in chardikala Das, Hari Singh 23:53, 3 May 2007 (EDT)

What is this

Mutia bai what is this you are making mutia one, mutia two make khalsas yaar main kehaa fir radhasoami, nirankarian tae aapan ch farak kee reh gaya aapan apnae pichey laah raehey haan gurmat pichey nahin. Loki hoon singh kaur chad mutia 1 2 banaoon lag pae. Sarey tuadey chele ban gae Tuanu guru samjhan lag paye. tusee aap he wekho 1, 2, 3 .........What i feel u are a rigid sikh m i rite??? User:thegreateditor

Lae main kehaa tusee boora e man gaye

MAin taan tuhada temprament check karan dehaa see. Tusee taan edie chitthi likh maree. bus sir i was just kidding main kehna see mutia 1 tae 2 tae 3 tusee he hon kae koi hor aa. Nale pyaar bhare labaz hee likhey see main main naa koi gussa show kitta just oh bachpane bhare labaz see thats great tusee samajh gaye. Stay calm ok enjoy sikhism sanchaar............User:thegreateditor editor is my freind he is saying sorry if u feel hurtuser:paapi

I want to say you tuhanu eh sab bol kae lokan nu dasna chahidaa because aj kal lok tae youngsters sun yaa wekh sakde han padh nahin sakdey./ You should go to satsang as BAba mutia or khalsa Mutia and tell the people wat is truth ithey likhan da inna faedaa nahin tuadey wargean de desh nu lod hai tae tusee sikhiwiki tae time pass kardey main kehaa tusee ithey koi gurmat classes shuru karo as lucky told me u are outsider i mean not from punjab i want you to come here in villages mundae nasheyaan ch tuadey modena tak dub gae han. Jeri jatt kom tae naaz see og daari kat kae aishan mardee. Waal taan sir tae rakhnaa pasand nahin kardaa koi.

Kaian mundeyaa nu lagda waal kata kae hjandsomme laggangae sohniyaan jananiyaan pichey mardey maihovey wall kata lainde. Mainu apna chandigarh mohali area wekh kae lagdaa bai eh BHAIYAAN DE BASTI HAI jis CH Kai BHAIYAAN NAE PAGG BANNI HOYI HAI TAE BAAKI PROPER BHAIYAE HANN. Huh bas main hor nahin likhdaa. ok bye sorry bhul chuk sarbat karaz raas.............PAAPI

Har article dae

Har article dae nichey apnaa naam likh kae tusee kee sabit karnaa chahandae ho??........user:thegreateditor

What Is this

Why are u making ma profile like that. Naam daani kaun aa main nahin naam japdaa i am not the truth crafter eh jinney akhar han tuadey profile tae jachdae han gurmukhaan dae theek hai mere wargey dae nahin so dont rite anything abt me as a khalsa .......Main tan da sikh haan ok. So dont make a profile like that bec it will considered as kood so please..............sorry jae boora lagga ...............................user:thegreateditor

Oho Sorry Mutiaa Jee

Actually i dunno know who type here on line. Mainu lagga tuadey father saab eh sab likhdey jae but hari singh jee nae dasyaa kae ah kudee han. so onha nu she keh kae banao. Actually he dedicated to father is he - she dae chakkar ch main IT ban gea sorry Mam actually i dunno know who write of both father daughter.


You can critisize the article but us ch sikhi da jo 1% hai us nu main ignore nahin kar sakdaa.

Naa hoon tusee mere waddae sister ho tae meri gal manno nahin taan meri ladai ho jaani, tae main apnae waddae sisters naal kisi na kisi gal tae behas karda rehnda, and i call u waddae sister lao jee lets start behas laoo pangae chotaa bro wee tayaar aa. Main article paoon maaro maar tusee critisize karo maaro maar. discussion tae jaa kae gurmat lines likho tae ik gal eh wee clear karo that Father tae sister chon article kaun likhdaa

LUCKY hu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Moving up to the Sky!!

Amita Ji, Sat Sri Akal

Sorry, I have been unable to continue the chat we were having a week or two ago - However, I just want to say that the standard of article on SikhiWiki continues to improve both in the content, presentation and clarity and I must complement you on your constant effort in this regard.

I appreciate that one aspect that is difficult is the terminology, grammar, spelling and style due to the fact that our first language is Punjabi. This applies to most of the main contributors including me. However, we have to constantly keep reviewing these aspects of our writings and contributions.

I can see that you have also amended your input to reflect the "higher" standards that we require as time progresses. I want to make the following points regarding a few observations so that we all maintain the same format and style on the site and I hope you take this in the context of our joint effort to improve the site:

  • In your articles like SatGurBani most of the content is complete original and has no content which can be collaborate with other sites - Although this may be OK for a research article, it does not suit an encyclopaedia like SikhiWiki. I must be able to put "SatGur Bani" at Google and find similar but not same ideas elsewhere. So you cannot put too much original content in an encyclopaedia. You must have the "standard" ideas which can be found elsewhere and you may then extend these only a little with your "original" input. - I am sorry this is not a very good explanation and I will add more later if you require. But see what you make of this - Look at Wikipedia's guidelines Five pillars - this may help. Please let me know what you think.
  • Don't use any more new and unusual terms like SatGurBani. Its better to say "Sat Gur de Bani" but translate that to "True Guru's Word" or "True Guru's Bani". We confuse the issue by using too many new terms. Only use Punjabi terms that are very common is use on the web like - Satguru, Sewa, Gurbani, etc. Again search on Google and see if the word produces a good result otherwise don't use it. The term "Truth God" is incorrect English - it like saying "Sachaee Rabbh" - it should be "Sacha Rabbh" ie "True God" not "Truth God"
  • When you create sections in your articles, make each section meaningful and with some real content. In the SatGurBaniarticle the section headed "Let our Creations be Flawless" has no explanation just a quote - you must put some explanation of what you are saying otherwise it makes little sense. The article BECOME FLAWLESS is better as it has more content - But begin with an introduction - You have to write a paragraph of text! - If you find that difficult - start with someone else text and then amend it sentence by sentence so it fits with what you want to say. Make a start and I will correct any text which is incorrect.
  • Put even less formatting - your article COMMIT_YOURSELF is unreadable on my computer as the lettering is much "too big"
  • Check spelling and grammar - For long articles, I use Word and for short article I use the free new inbuilt Firefox spell checker - so depending on your system use your word processor to write the long text so its grammatically correct & spelt right - for short articles use the browsers inbuilt spell-checker - or the free online checkers like -

We are all making progress but we need to get to an even higher level. I hope you take this as constructive advice and positive ideas so we can all do our duty to the Guru more effectively. If I can be of any help, please just ask.

Keep in Chardikala and may Waheguru be with you always. Hari Singh 21:50, 16 May 2007 (EDT)


Main sikhism da prachaar karnaa chahundaa haan apnae sehar ch main eh kam apnee society ton shuru karnaa chahundaa haan please dasso is wastey main kiven start karan net is not the proper method i want to talk with Mr. Singh not with Amitha or balbir jee, Gurbaani bolan likhan da faedaa nahin jad tak apnae aap ya kisey hor tae utilize naa kitti jaave. I am serious Mr. Singh so pls guide me tusee ithey likh likh sikhiwiki de space bharee jaaoo jis da koi faeda nahin ya bohot ghat faedaa hougaa but ehee duniyaa samney aa kae duniyaa nu samjhaoo ok dont get angry m not saying anythig wrong.......LUCKY

Koi tayaar hou

Bai society ch aggae tenu pata keho jehe bandey bharey han Naam guru tae rakhea tae singh 5jen weekaran de bharey han including u n me. Ithey bathere maunae sardar ghum rahey han toon hath dharam taan use karan ton rehaa.

Parson main arora saab da munda wekheaa waal kattae hoyae pagg bandey nahin patke banni rakhdey fir waal kata lainde bahana maardey yaar pagg taan banni nahin jaundi see. Bai aapan is kamm wastey bade shotey haan koi wadda saath daoo taanhi kamm hou hai o rabba.....user:paapi

Not Easy to make listeners here

Koi sunana hee nahin chauhnda khalsey dee gal main kisey youth dae saamney eho jehe gal kardaa haan khalse related oh sun sun kae kanni kadh dendey han kai taan ultaa mazaak udan lagdae han 10ween 10ween dae waal kata kae firdey han, daaroo pindey han, gaalan maithon gandiyaan kadadey han, kudiaan nu mere waang buri nigaah naal wekhdae han, But hum nahin changey bura nahin koi and dusron kee jai se pehlae khud kee jai karen so well i waana improve maself but i want to improve others with me. and can u send me your phone number and come on chat mr. mrs. ms mutia on gtalk i will online night 8 - 10 enjoy life...............HUH LUCKY

apnee photo laavo

Mutiaa jee apne picture laavo ithey apnee physical details davo mainu main wekhnaa kae tusee proper khalsey ho. Bhala wekhan photo wali gal sun kae kis taran da response aaundaa(u will critisize i know that). Gal tuadet tae ponch gee

Paapi nu jinna marzee maaro taanvee paap mahabali hai user:paapi


KOi ajehaa tarika dasan dee kirpalta karo jis naal Font file upload ho jaavey. Main Punjabi Fonts ik article banaya hai jis ch users punjabi font apnae computer tae install kar kae upyukt wartoo kar sakdey han. Main Upload File tae click kitta hai, tae font file noo upload karan dee bharpoor koshis kitti par asafal rehaa. so main kisey site ch font labh ohdey naal sidhi linking kar ditti hai. par mere kol punjabi fonts bohotere matra ch paye han tae main ithey upload karna chahundaa haan kee tosi koi tareeka dass sakdey ho please...Rabb Rakha user:hahaha


Would you like to work on sikhism articles at my wiki wikireligion? There are a lot of articles relating to sikhism that have not been created yet. We do not have any people who are interested in sikhism there. God bless:)--Sir James Paul 01:03, 3 June 2007 (EDT)


Controversial label is not warranted and has been removed: I do not believe that yoga is anti-Sikhi or controversial as such - Just like keep-fit, exercising, jogging, etc are not anti-Sikhi. The organisation is Sikh run and hence covered here. Hari Singh 21:45, 12 June 2007 (EDT)

Happy Gurpurab

Guru Arjan dev Maharaaj Jee nae Lahore Shahidi paii

Shaeed prathaa dee mudh, neev ona paai

oh pratha gobind , tegh chalaai

Guru Granth sahib deve ona di gawahi

Guru Arjan dev nu dilon salaam mere bhai

Guru arjan dev nu naman, pranaam mera bhaii

Jo bolety So nihaaal.........Tateaan tae aimey taan ni tardaa koi jae naa hon haunsley........

Sarbat da bhala kare rabb mera rakha mera saiyaan

Guru arjan dev waang fadh ik doojae sadiyan baiyaan

Shahidi dae kae pratha nami chalai

Kisey lai jaan kimey wariyae eh cheez kar dikhlai

Ek waar gajj kae fir bulaoo Waheguru je ka khalsa, waheguru jee kee fateh.......

Adi granth mudh guru jugo jugatal de nihn chalai

Sathon na wichran ditta app nu rabb de apan sojhi hai pai

Dhannn GURU ARJANA teri Waddi kamaai teri waddi kamaiii teri waddi kamai

Jo Boley So nihaaaaallllllllll

Answer Please

"I have a question which will baffle all Sikhs, if only Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the Guru, then why did the 5th Guru not give Guruship to it, he's the one who complied it. Why were there 5 more Gurus after him.".............Comeon please tell me my brain is aching........user:paapi

Pal Talk

There is a software called pal talk. i want you to join the group Sikhism & Gurbani under religon & Spirituality. Instal Paltalk from & join the chat room. Lets discuss various aspects of sikhism there. Lets show our knowledge and grasp yours knowledge the knowledge of sikhism.........user:paapi

Good wishes

Sat Shri Akaal ji,

My best wishes for continuing sewa of spreading the original Nanakian Philosophy.

Chardi Kala,

A. S. Aulakh Talk 17:42, 6 July 2007 (EDT)

Sat Shri Akaal

  • What you think of Dasam Granth Sahib? i know we should not read that granth. But During Nitnem Chopai Sahib, Jaap Shiab, Tav Parsad Swaiyaye & in rehras chopai sahib. You always talk about gurmukh then u tell me gurmukh is mukh towards Our Guru Granth Sahib but we accepted the manmukh aspects also. Know tell me wat to say on this aspect?? Know tell me if we can read Jaap or Tav Parsaad then wats wrong in reading Quran or Bible as those also have knowledge of true god. Well i believe in Guru Granth Sahib.

Sach Khand
...Sachkhand Wasey Nitrankaar... Every thing moves toward Sach Sach and only Sach.......

Satguru Bina HOr Kacchi Hai Bani

  • Well how are you sir howz life going howz your Wife 'N daughter?(Ithey Sab theek hai)?. Howz gurmat life going?(Guru Mere Sang Sada Hai Naley)? How many people u have inspired?(Gaviyey Suniyaye)? How much sucessful you are rite know?(Sunan waley ghat hann)? How many people listens of you(Meri tan koi nahin sunda)??
  • Well ik cheez main wekhi Bolan wale bohot han, Srotey ghat hann Koi sunan nu tayaar nahin.
  • Ik munda Mona singh ya daadi kata singh, wee ajj aingh de beijti karda. Baba keh kae chida dinda, Saley bahman wee hasdey, eh punjab da haal. Eho jehe Harami bandey wee haige saddi kom ch jo apnae dharam pita dae nahin hoye, oh saddaae kee houngae.

Well why to say wrong or abuse any one.....HOr sunao kimey chaldaa sabh??

  • Enjoy Gurbani, Enjoy Gurditeee(Eh pata ni kee cheez aa huney padi si samjh nahin aayee). Thodey saral shabdan ch likho please.
  • Bhul Chuk maaf, Sarbat Dae kaaraj Raas, Deg Tegh fateh atey panth kee Jeet hai Raaj Karegaa Khaklsa,

Waheguru jee ka khalsa Waheguru Jee ke fateh.............LUCKY

Lucky jee WaKaFa! quhanu yaad he kr rahi see Bani dee myhr naal tuhady drshn ho gay.

chlo sb qy uttm gur shbd veecar dy hukm...rzaee clldy hoy, Gur syva 'Gur dee ditti m~q naal krn da uprala kriey

..What you think of Dasam Granth...

Lucy ji myra DG bary socna ohee hyy jo bani da hyy....SatGurBani bajo hor kaccee hyy bani...''gll mukk gaee.

  • is q.o baad hor koee discussion is subject qy krn dee pavn SatGurbani dy..... vaad vivaad kahoo sy nahee..... hukm anusar, skhq mnahee hyy. TRUE Sikh. is issue uqqy is to aggy nhee jaangy.
  • bani dy ..hukm rzaaee cllna aqy .....vich bani amriq saary.... mahavak.a da jaan dy ky vee prvaangee chdanee S~Cy Sikh.a dee pyyhlee duty hyy.


sakq s.g na keejeeyy duroo jaeey bhaj...(run way from a distance if you even see the shadow of a mnmukh.

  • Gurmqq muqabik mnmukh naal skhq mna hyy..Those who do not recognize this TRUE PATH to TRUTH (GOD) are manmukhs.--Ang 1054
  • As per japuji there are 38 steps which one has to climb to meet 'TRUTH god' as under( for the ease of comprehension I am pating below the levels of Sikhi


Sikhi is a course like BA, MA, BSc etc

Course duration-- life Time

Semesters/Steps -- 38

Syllabus--achieve flawlessness in readig, writing, singing, understanding, teaching GOD's own satGurBani language to those who want to learn .

Periods per day- Two (out of the Three Hrs of Amrit vyla..granting one Hr for organising oneself for the Two claases one Hr each ) for learning.

Periods for Practicing & honing the Gurbani Language Skill Through The Day---entire day.

Special Classes--Gurdwara Functions.

Teachers--GurBani de Shbd... aqy sb kush appy aapp...syybh.g

Levels--(Like primary, secondary etc)

  • 1. SyyjDhari Sikh>>>..Fi.....cmpleted 3 semesters or climbed 3 Steps
  • 2. GurSikh>>>>.............." 4 Steps
  • 3. GurMukh>>>................23 Steps
  • 4. Saint>>>..................27 Steps
  • 5. Khalsa (Sipahi)>>> IDOL of TRUTH god........31 Steps
  • 6. Saint-Sipahi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>38 Steps>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ONE TRUTH god in Sach Khand

Course Over

Date of addmission -- Birthday Date of Passing out--TRUTH god decides depending upon ones performance Name of the Final Degreee certificate-- TRUTH god

TRUTH is HIGH higher still is TRUTHful living




  • GAVY KOI TAAN ....
Saint-Sipahi.. CRAFT & SHARE TRUE IDEAS with allAge >21
Khalsa Max Age 20 -
Sant.Max Age 19
GurMukhMax Age-13
Sikh short forGurSikhMax Age 8 yrs
  • Gurmqq muqabik mnmukh naal skhq mna hyy..Those who do not recognize this TRUE PATH to TRUTH (GOD) are manmukhs.--Ang 1054

Italic text

Sach Khand

Mutia ji,

I have moved your discussion on the above article to the discussion/talk page. I humbly request that in future, all discussion and personal ideas about an article are done on the talk/discussion page. Please only put "known text and ideas" like those found in books, magazines, etc on to the article page. Your personal views and ideas should go on the discussion/talk page. I will be most obliged if you will conform to this policy. Many thanks. das, Hari Singh 12:08, 11 July 2007 (EDT)

I agree that Guru work brings one into Sach Khand. We need to work together to bring this beautiful message of the Guru to the world in a simple and easy format that everyone will find easy to understand. We need to follow conventional rules so the there is uniformity and continuity in our presentation. May Waheguru bless us so that we can continue to propagate this pure light throughout the universe. Kind regards, das Hari Singh 19:17, 13 July 2007 (EDT)

What is Amitha Singh?

Amita singh is urs name. mainu Amita word da matlab kripaa kar kae explain karogae. (Normal way and Gurbani Way both). Are u Sikh or Raajput or rajput turned sikh??? because main suneyaa raajput de kudiyan naam pichey singh lagaundiyan. Well waise he question puchea kidrey gussae naal Chandi Di Var na likh deo. Enjoy Gursikh life..............LUCKY

SGGS on meat

The above article is only to list Gurbani in connection with meat as implied by the title- the rest of the entry has to be kept to the bear minimum so that we do not get involved in discussion here. As it is a highly controversial topic, we need to keep the other explanatory text to an absolute minimum. That is why I moved your entry. After you made your entry, another user had also added a pure discussion to this article. Each article needs to be focused and to the point and in a traditional book-writing style as is the custom with encyclopaedias. das, Hari Singh 20:02, 16 July 2007 (EDT)

Congratulations - SikhiWiki passes the 3000 articles mark!

Dear dedicated contributor, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

You will happy to know and to celebrate this important milestone in SikhiWiki history. With thanks to all contributors like you, today we have passed the 3000 article mark.

I would like to thank you and all the other dedicated contributors who have made a Nishkam commitment to the Guru's cause and helped Sikhism by contributing to build this wonderful and useful database of the Guru's message to the world.

Please feel proud that in this period of Kaljug, you have had the blessing of the Guru to carry out this difficult but important task despite all the hurdles and pain.

Thank you for all your efforts and for staying focused on this highly honourable and righteous assignment against the normal worldly trend. You have chosen to spend time in the service of the Guru and may the Guru continue to bless you and may all your dreams and aspirations come true; May Waheguru continue to shelter you and cast His forgiving hand upon your head. Thank you again. das, Hari Singh 07:28, 30 July 2007 (EDT)

Sat Shri Akaal

Articals not meeting Quality standards

  • Nice weechar in Naam Jaan.
  • Where is Proper Format?? The article created so irregularly. If u think that it attracts the users then i must say not true. The Lipi again u used is gurditte something like that which i have never heard in Guru Granth Sahib, As this is english site so we should write articles in english as due to Website's Mother tunge and as u know do what the romans do in rome.
  • YOu seems me a theologist(Goor Giani), but please improve the format of your articles. I dunno want to touch them it feels sarlish to me. pLease dont use gurditte language its created by manmukhs. Huh Romanized Punjabi it makes me laugh too.
  • U have cool english so write the whole articles in english except gurbaani tukk.
  • Howz gurmat life going, are u also from 3Ho group of america as u launched gurditte language too and this all must be given by 3ho'es.
  • IS hari Singh related to you. It seems me u both are real brothers.

Bhul chukk Maaf, Sarbat Dae Kaaraj Raas, Enjoy Life Ustaad Singh 1st Aug 2007, 12:22 Am, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, India

Fateh Ji

WJKK WJKF Khalsa Jio my e-mail address is [email protected]

"TRUTH God" is incorrect grammar!!!!

Respected Mutia ji: Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

The term "TRUTH God" is completely incorrect - "True God" sound right but not the former. It's like saying "Sacha Raab" - which sounds right but how about "Sachiee Raab" - surely this is grammatically wrong. Have a good think about this, please. Thanks, das Hari Singh 19:56, 14 August 2007 (EDT)


Amita Singh ji, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

This article is about 3HO - the organisation and its beliefs, philosophy, views, etc - and I appreciate that you may not agree with their philosophy about things. However, the whole point of the article is to explain the background, history and concepts of this organisation - the reader can then understand why this organisation exists and its concepts, etc.

If you have views about the organisation, you need to put them in the discussion tab and not hyperlink to your article which gives a different angle altogether. Otherwise the article becomes confusing and a jungle of different views. Your article deals with completely different concepts which are unrelated to 3HO and so I don't see why you need the link. Hari Singh 12:12, 18 August 2007 (EDT)

The point that you start off with is totally incorrect - You say: "......I appreciate that you may not agree with their philosophy....."
  • Sir, Since You agree....I have nothing to offer.
Your initial remark is totally wrong - Nowhere do I say I agree but 'your mind is set' as you have wrongly assumed so - With that incorrect thought you have then continued with your analysis - Because your first step was wrong, you have then moved in a completely wrong direction.

Read what I say again without this prejudice in your mind. May be Waheguru will show you a different story this time. SikhiWiki provides information about Sikhi, Sikhs and their ways, etc. 3HO is a Sikh related organisation. The article is simply meant to provide information about the organisation; what is does; its history; etc. If you agree or disagree with the organisation, we need to deal with that seperately. We should not make the article messy with our views about the organisation right at the beginning - Before the reader has a chance to understand what the organisation does, etc! That is all I am trying to say. das, Hari Singh 16:05, 18 August 2007 (EDT)

Ardaas Wallon Lucky

Lucky wallon tuhadey murhey ardaas hai kae Mere Grandmom is suffering from cancer of Liver n Colon(intestine). No treatment is there for the dreadful disease as her age is 80+1 or 2. I want the users please benyty hai

Ik ardas rabb aggae kar dena, Kae mere Dadi ji nu ghato ghat 5 saal di hor sakoon bhari life den. Please shayad oh ik pal tusee guru nu jud ardaas karo kisi de life sudhar sakdee hai tae Kisey dee zindagee ch khushi aa sakdee hai. Ik Ardaas Insaniyat(Humanity) wajon kar dena. Oh pain naal bohot buri taran kalpdey hann, wekhya nahin jaunda. Weak ho gaye hann. But apan ohna nu nahin dasya kae ohna nu cancer hai taanki oh positive minded rehan. PLease help her by pray before god. Kisi da ik pal kisi nu jind dae sakda tae kisey nu khushi de sakda please.

Rabb tuhada bhala karey, sarbat da bhala karey. Waheguru jee ka khalsa Whaguru je ke fateh.

Thanks From lucky

THanks Kaur Amita jee for ardas and sympathy nice lines har naam padarth nanak mangey tera bhana meetha lagae.

Kaur Amita Jee i can help u in improving articles i want to tell you something that:-

  • I have top get up at 4:40 & ready for college which is at hoshiarpur the 3 hrs journey by bus.
  • from there i return at 5 or 5:30. Then i have not much time to work on sikhiwiki as i have to sleep 11:00 PM. i have six hours and study pressure is there but i tries to work on sikhiwiki always.
  • when i will get time i will work on your WHOLE articles as data is very great but format is Dangerous the Khalsai format(kiddin!).

Your dad is very dangerous its like Guru Granth Sahib is speaking before me. I told to my cousin he says to save myself from your dad as he could be Khalistani well i told him no he is not he is the Warrior, Pure, Dangerous Khalsa as while talking he use word Bhraa Mereyaaa. and also suggests me to study Chadd Sikhiwiki, study wall dhayaan dae. Khalsa cares of others. I know you will reply with gurbani lines.

Mutias : You love in Gurbani, You kills with gurbani, YOu hates in gurbani, You meditate in gurbani,
you have contemptment due to gurbani
You have humality & wisdom due to gurbani.
You are Great Due to only Gurbani

I dont want to become mutia, Mutia 1, mutia 2, mutia 3. Khalsa is best let be Khalsa 1, Khalsa 2 Khalsa 3.

Enjoy the gurmat life and makes other enjoy. Once again thanks from me to A. Mutia, B. Mutia & R. Mutia.


Gurbani Page

Bahuta nahin bolna..... Maan yog Hari Singh Ji, WaKaFa!

  • Sir, I am not able to reach History of the this Page.
  • Kindly help!!

SatGurBani Fateh!!!

--Mutia 00:14, 4 September 2007 (EDT)

Kachi bani

In reply to my prvious u wrote Bhagta kee hyy Chaal Niralee & the real is Bhagta kee Chaal Niralee. hyy is not there say sorry to god Caur jee.........MUTIA

Good Amita Caur

Great Going u have deeply studied the bani. That is because your home have envoirenment of bani. Well my home also have envoirenment of bani but a Paapi like me Eat Eggs, Chicken's, Kaam, Krodh, Lobh etc is there. My mom want Prakash of Guru Granth Sahib here but she is in vein as due to us. I & father (Eater & Drinker) so Mom nit do paath and dadi ji is now at taya ji's house as u know she is suffering from cancer.

Amita Dee Dee find a gurmukh girl for me who will change my life. in 5 - 6 years i will get marry with her(Shy). Kiddin! but labh zaroor lena.

Hor kee kardey jae Uncle kaim nae(Dangerous Species Of Earth), aunty kimey maujan ch. Enjoy gurmat life.....user:hpt_lucky


Amita ji,


Thanks for helping me in trying to remove the misinfomation at Wikipedia by adding a request on the talk page of magnetic hill.U were the first who guided me on this Sikhiwiki when i entered here. U r a treasure of Gurbani but i request u that the words of Gurbani should not be inserted in every article. Articles should be in simple english so that persons like me having less knowledge should be able to understand. There may be special Articles for explaining Gurbani and its teachings. I have also tried ur email but could not find ur reply. May Waheguru give u more and more Power of Gurbani.

Guru Fateh.

Er. Sarbjeet Singh,


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