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How to Set up Gurdwaras ?

Hi Johnny

Looks like a great facility!! But, I have tried to setup a Gurdwara on the Gurdwara Locator page without success - Does this page allow you to setup Gurdwaras? --Hari Singh 13:29, 20 January 2006 (Central Standard Time)

A TRUE IDEA..('Satgur', Lord TRUTH(GOD)) himself

Honourable Johnny Sir,

  • 1. Permit me to express my childish thrill & joy of meeting GOD on SikhiWiki. More so when I call my self a Sikh.

'OH! Bale Bale...te....Behja Behja Ho Gai......Jo Boleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... So Nihal !!!'

(beg your pardon Sir! I being a native from Punjab just can't find english words for expressing my joy of relishing the bliss of your contribution dedicated to HUMANITY).Let me talk sense..Permit me to offer you, on meeting through this communication, nothing but Nanak's...

(Meeting a Sikh of the Guru, I humbly bow and fall at his feet
countless times..).
  • 2. Sir, I am back.

Please please.. guide us as to how to go about putting all the Gurdwaras of the universe on SikhiWiki.

  • 3. Wish you best of all TRUE IDEAS through the grace of Lord TRUTH.

Warm Regards !

Amita Singh21 Jan 06

Technology Limitations ?

sir, WaKhaFa !

  • 1. Learnt from the New Article: 'Newest Article' that Gurdwara Locator as on date may nor cover the globe. However I could some how struggle my way to crudely set up Gurdwara Shish Ganj of Delhi.
  • 2. The clumsy inputs from me did mark Shish Ganj but at the wrong place. Now I do not know How to go about editing the mistakes & replace the existing inputs with more precise details about the Gurdwara.
  • 3. Is it possible for me to correct it? If 'Yes' May I seek guidance please. If I fail, will some one else, (Sir, may I request you) to correct it.
  • 5. In case it is not possible to correct it due to technology limitation, could you please let us know about any thing further in the near future to come by.
  • 6. Does the idea of 'we all users meeting on one map & knowing each other better' (may not work out straight away, however I plan to keep a tag )' make any sense & is worth to hold on to, or other better things can be thought instead. Your views will surely help Mutia.

WaKhaFa !

User:Mutia23 Jan 06


I am so happy to know that you all like the idea of this Locater that I have integrated. I fully understand that this isnt very user friendly yet. Do give me a little bit more time to get all the functions working. I will also try to improve on the "Quick Help" so that everyone can understand how this really work.

Thanks Johnny

Gurdwara Locator

I have set up several locations on the map. Unfortunately, I need to edit a few of the entries and this does not appear to work. Please, when you get a few spare hours!!!! perhaps you can have a look at this. This is a great facility and will prove very useful. Keep up the good work! --Hari Singh 16:30, 24 January 2006 (Central Standard Time)

We are Through

Satgur Sevan Apna Se Virle Sansar........ --SGGS
(Those who pursue their own TRUE IDEAs are very Rare ..) 

Honorable Johnny ji & Hari Singh ji !

  • 1. Hearty Thanks ! May lord TRUTH bless both of you with best of the TRUE IDEAs for times to come. Look forward to sharing more.
  • 2. Mutia is an eye sore among the Gurdwaras, can he be Kicked out ?
  • 3. Sir, Pardon my seeking more than I may be capable of handling! Now that you are through to Lord TRUTH, is HE planning to pass on yet another TRUE IDEA(page) carrying SikhiWiki Logos representing SikhiWiki Users ?

User:Mutia28 Jan 06

Gurdwara Map

  • 2. Otherwise we will not be able to see the map for the nishan sahibs!!!!!!!!!!! --Hari Singh 07:49, 13 February 2006 (Central Standard Time)

I agree...>

  • 3. >...with Hari Singh Ji whole heartedly. -- Amita Singh 10:07 pm 14 feb 06