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Duplication of Articles

WJKF. There are two main articles on Guru Nanak Dev ji - one is Guru Nanak and the other is Guru Nanak Dev. The name needs to be 'standardised' so that all links go to one article - I'd suggest keeping the Guru Nanak heading. The content on the two needs to be amalgamted however. This probably also applies to Guru Angad, Guru Arjan etc I'll start on it sometime soon, but if you want to have a go, go for it. WJKF --Navroop Singh 02:35, 20 Apr 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Sysop Privledges

Hari Singh, You have been a very active user on SikhiWiki so I have assigned you as a "sysop" (System Operator) on SikhiWiki. This will allow you to edit "protected" pages (like the home page) and also do other administrative things as needed. It is great to have your involvement in this great project!

--WikiSysop 09:58, 21 Apr 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)


WKJF. Good to meet a fellow East Londoner! I myself am based in Leyton, go to the local Leyton Gurdwara there, though have been many times to all the Gurdwaras in London 'specially down your Ilford/Seven Kings/East Ham way. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I've added a Wiki References template to make it easy to cite references in the correct format. If you look at the source code for the reference below you'll be able to copy and paste that (with changes) for any references you use! Is also sets up the ISBN link so readers who are further interested can purchase books for themselves. WJKF.

  • Macauliffe, M.A (1909). The Sikh Religion: Its Gurus Sacred Writings and Authors. Low Price Publications. ISBN 8175361328.

--Navroop Singh 06:37, 23 Apr 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Mool Mantar

WJKF, of course I don't mind the article being added to! The more the merrier! The Mool Mantar is the most difficult composition to translate since it is a condensation of, in essence, the entire SGGS. Jap Ji Sahib is said to be an extrapolation of the Mool Mantar; Sukhmani Sahib a further extrapolation of Jap Ji Sahib and the rest of the SGGS is a further extrapolation on these. As a result, I can quite easily forsee separate articles for each term; a literal translation really doesn't do justice. The article is far from complete - the basic commentry there is by Dr.Santokh Singh, though I've added a point or two by Dr.Gopal Singh. I want to hopefully put up the sanskrit origins of the word and give a further commentry on each, plus put up any varying translations: Dr.Gopal Singh suggests that GurPrasad is one word and to be translated as just 'the Enlightener'. Plus there's also an article ik onkar whose contents need to be included here. WJKF --Navroop Singh 01:48, 26 Apr 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)


WJKF Hari Singh ji, I've seen what you've done with the Raag list, looks good! Instead of ranking Raags in order of appearence, would stating page ranges of the sections be better/also useful?--Navroop Singh 09:57, 27 Apr 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

WJKF, do you know why the Raags are in the order they're in? Is to do with the traditional Raag timings? Is it to do with Mood? Is it to do with scale? --Navroop Singh 13:04, 27 Apr 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Good Work!

You are doing a really great job on Sikhiwiki Hari Singh! I just wanted to let you know and thank you for being a big part of the SikhiWiki project. We have been watching every day as you and Navroop Singh add new content, re-organize and make things much better.

A few days ago we started featuring the "sikhiwiki featured article" on the homepage and since then over 1,200 people have been coming to the site every day, which is great. We will continue to feature new articles on SikhNet as you add them. It would be great if one of you could update the featured article on the Sikhiwiki home page every week. Also email me and Joginder Singh when you do so that we can also update the home page feature.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa

ps. If you know of others who might be interesting in helping with SikhiWiki please try to get them involved. The more people the more we can do.

--gmustuk 10:50, 6 May 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Do you review changes made by other people?

I wanted to know if you look at the changes that others make to articles? Another thing that would be helpfull is to have more people reviewing the changes that are made by people to prevent "trouble makers" (deleting content or accidentally erasing info that should be there) and also to ensure the quality of content.

I do look from time to time...but I'm not on the site as much as you because of my other duties at SikhNet --gmustuk 15:13, 6 May 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Article of the Week

WJKF, I've finished the Mool Mantar article, please have a look when you can (I've just got one more picture to add which I'll do this evening). I'd like to put it forward for the 'article of the week' feature - let me know if that's ok, or if you have another article in mind. --Navroop Singh 01:47, 9 May 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)


WJKF, Hari Singh ji, I see you're setting up a Sakhis cateogry - would it be possible to change '1st Guru Nanak' to 'Guru Nanak Sakhis' ? I think it's a more appropriate title - or even 'Guru Nanak Stories' --Navroop Singh 08:51, 9 May 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Ah, I've just realised that I've left my mobile at home - I'll try and return the call this evening.--Navroop Singh 09:12, 9 May 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Apologies I couldn't return your call yesterday, I got back quite late. Emal me your contact number, and I can give you a ring later on this evening.--Navroop Singh 02:37, 10 May 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Regarding Controversial Topics

Regarding your questions relating to controvresial topics (namdhari, etc)... I think the best approach is really to be as neutral as possible. Like a reporter which allows both sides to have their say so that it is unbiased. Making judgements is what causes trouble because there is always someone on the other side who doesn't agree or might take offense.

The key part of our guidelines is:

  • Avoid bias. Articles should be written from a neutral point of view, representing differing views on a subject fairly and sympathetically.

Even if you don't agree with the person/information it is important to avoid bias. I know this first hand because I have grown up as a Sikh who also practices Yoga and Meditation. Many Sikhs who don't know much about the practice would be quick to make judgements. Who is right and who is wrong? It's all a matter of perspective and what the person knows.

Luckily we haven't had much controversy on SikhiWiki...but it is good to get really clear with our intention to be neutral and just provide information.

--gmustuk 19:33, 10 May 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Controversial Topics - reply

That is totally fine. There are many situations where it is good to get a few people's thoughts to make a balanced decision. I'm totally fine with you emailing me if you have questions or want input. If we had more active users...that would probably be what we would discuss in the "discussion" tab of the article. --gmustuk 05:49, 11 May 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Bhagat Paintings

Hari Singh ji, for the Bhagat Paintings you've been adding, can we also include in the descriptions the relevant artists? This will in future help to build the Arts and Artists Cateogry. WJKF --Navroop Singh 04:59, 13 May 2005 (Central Daylight Time)


WJKF Hari Singh ji, have you been to Shepherd's Bush Gurdwara? Reason I ask is that I've been told/read somewhere that they have a very good and large Sikh Library - do you any anything about this?--Navroop Singh 09:14, 17 May 2005 (Central Daylight Time)


If you are looking for particular pictures for articles you can use has a resource. If there are some images you want to use on Sikhiwiki just send me the photo caption names and I'll upload them.


New Wiki Features

New Image Gallery

Image Gallery Tag

--WikiSysop 23:00, 17 May 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Guru Nanak in Baghdad

no problem. The article is just a basic article, I've got to re-write a lot of it, and add some more of the actual history and evidence. If you look at tourist info for Baghdad, you'll nearly always find mention of Guru Nanak's shrine! Also, unfortunately, it appears that some of the shrine has been damaged due to the Iraq war. If I can get the article finsihed then may consider putting it as article of the week, otherwise, as you suggested the SGGS may be a good one. For the following week we need to get the Akal Takhat article finished and put up! WJKF --Navroop Singh 17:13, 20 May 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Article of the Week

WJKF Hari Singh ji, What do you think should be article of the week? We can have the SGGS article, or the Guru Nanak in Baghdad; next week will be the Akal Takht article. --Navroop Singh 03:43, 23 May 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

New Article of the Week

After a few minutes, I've decided to put the Guru Nanak in Baghdad article up - I think fewer people have heard of the existence of the stone slab and shrine etc and I think younger people will be more intrigued by it? Hopefully it'll get a good response. --Navroop Singh 04:35, 23 May 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Pages in different "Namespace"

Any help or any pages that are not really the SikhWiki educational articles should go under a different namespace. For example..

The help documents should go under the "help" namespace.

You can see the pages and what namespace they are in at:

There are some older ones like copyright and other things like that which I did not setup in the right namespace and are just general articles. We can move those to a page in the right namespace.

--Gmustuk 12:19, 2 Jun 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Akal Takhat : Article of the Week?

WJKF, Hari Singh ji, should I put up the Akal Takhat article as 'article of the week'? I've changed the spellings of Takht to Takhat to keep it consistent. I think the article's pretty much finished - I didn't want to go into detail on topics such as Guru Arjan Dev ji's Martyrdom or Guru Hargobind ji's life, because they will have their own detailed articles. I think maybe a bit more can be written on the modern day role of the Akal Takhat, but apart from that I think it's ok. --Navroop Singh 08:20, 6 Jun 2005 (Central Daylight Time)


WJKF Hari Singh ji, I need some help! I'm trying to do some HTML formatting - what I want it to have the (english) gurbani quotes stand out in the context of an article. So far my meagre attempts have produced this : Guru Nanak and the Sacred Thread and it's not very impressive. I want subtle colouring of background and text, with a simple border; for a bit more fancy look I wanted to include a pair of quotation marks graphic which would go in the corners around the box which would contain the text...does that make sense?--Navroop Singh 03:28, 8 Jun 2005 (Central Daylight Time)


Thanks Hari Singh! Most appreciated. I've been experimenting with the colours, not sure if I've got it right..Is it possible to have a top row in the box where the reference can be put in - i.e Raag Gujari, Mahala X, p.XXX SGGS - that type of info?--Navroop Singh 03:42, 9 Jun 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Quotation Boxes

WJKF, Hari Singh ji, I've had a quick look at your experiments and they look very good. I think we'll need to keep two boxes: One will be the main box which shows the reference, and the other is the same but without reference - this is in caseshabad with commentary te an article intersperses portions of one continuing xt. Many thanks!--Navroop Singh 05:07, 13 Jun 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

13 June 2005 - Article of the Week

It's that time of the week again(!) Akal Takhat article hasn't notched up as many hits as the Guru Nanak in Baghdad article; I think this is basically because Urdu on a Sikh website is a more intriguing link! I think the Guru Nanak in Tibet article can be put up as article of the week - I've rejigged the article a bit, and added some pictures, I should hopefully be getting some more pictures later on to add (hopefully of Gurdwara Pattar Sahib and scenic pics of Guru Longmar Lake). Is this an OK choice? or do you have any other article in mind--Navroop Singh 05:07, 13 Jun 2005 (Central Daylight Time)


Looks like we made a same-time posting there! I've been a bit slack on the Dasam Granth article - I've still got some more bits to add to the 'Controversy' section + I'm still trying to get permission for use of some pics of old Dasam Granth Birs, but I'm not getting any response! SGGS article is looking good, but I think we should give the Guru Nanak in Tibet article a go. I was going to say something about the Japji Sahib articles, but I've forgotten - shall post later --Navroop Singh 05:22, 13 Jun 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

New Pic added

I've just added a pic of the boulder @ Pattar Sahib to the Guru Nanak in Tibet article - should I use this as the main pic on the front page? Or is it ok as is? i.e is it better than the footprint pic? --Navroop Singh 08:00, 13 Jun 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Japji Sahib Article

WJKF, Hari Singh ji, I think what you're doing with the Japji Sahib article is great, if we can get it finished for next week, it's more than worthy for article of the week. Being able to access individual pauris is very very useful, plus allows for dicussion on the transaltion of each pauri.

I have an excellent summary of Japji Sahib by Harbans Singh Doabia which I think should replace the full translation on the current article - the full translation will be under the individual pauri articles. I think that'll make the article more tidy, but also split into two levels for people who want general knowledge about Japji Sahib and people who want a more detailed understanding.

Are you planning to also split the audio track so that there'll be individual audio tracks for each pauri? I think that'll also be very useful for a form of Santhia learning.

Another thing which I would suggest is that on each of the pauri pages, to have the original Gurmukhi, along with the pronounciation and the english translation. Putting up the Gurmukhi will take time - another problem may be that it gets too 'crowded', may want to look at possibly having a column layout with one for Gurmukhi, one for pronounciation and one for translation.

Summary : Excellent work! This'll be a template for the standard of all the 'Bani articles'!--Navroop Singh 05:02, 14 Jun 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Japji Sahib Pauris contd...

The work by Harbans Singh is a summary and not a translation (though he has done a translation as well) i.e it gives the message of each pauri or groups of pauris rather than line by line translation. Unfortunately I don't have it with me and don't have it electronically. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if you already have it or find someone who has it - it's a gurmukhi-english Gutka called 'Sacred Nitem' and just before he starts Japji Sahib he gives a summary.

I'll get back to you on Pauri 24.

I haven't got much time at the moment so I'll get back to you later on the other points of layout etc...--Navroop Singh 06:27, 14 Jun 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

New Article

The Sikhnet frontpage has changed - I think Ash Singh changed it on recieving my email regarding the Guru Nanak in Nepal article, so I've changed the SIkhiWiki page as a result; the Sikhnet office will be closed for a week or so, so it's next week's article a little bit early--Navroop Singh 07:44, 17 Jun 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Thank You

Thank for your comments and your words of welcome.

I am more of a trivia buff and informal student of history than an expert. But I will see what I can do.

I know the history of the Mughals is complicated--and often problematic, especially in the terms of relations with the Sikh community and especially during Aurangzeb's time. But it is often difficult to separate the facts from what people believe happened. I hope we can all keep trying to find the truth.

Rab Rakha,

IFaqeer 15:56, 6 Jul 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Congratulations !

Maan Yog Hari Singh ji WGJKK WGJKF! You are the most active user on SikhiWiki. Please accept my heartiest congratulations for your having been assigned with the honour of "sysop" on SikhiWiki. I consider myself to be privileged of being associated with you all Gursikhs who are working for TRUTH & humanity sharing Shabad GURU with lowliest of the low like us .Congrats once again ! Nanak Ghar ka Gola -rsba Amita Singh 14 Aug 05 11:07 pm IST

gurdwara in sikkim story

thanks for your ecouragement reg SGGS links. I have added a picture of gurdwara in sikkim .I have other pictures of kund and tree in stick form there taken by my son Jaspreet singh with me.Guglani 01:32, 24 Aug 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Gurudwara Bhai Bahilon Sahib

Hon'ble Hari Singh ji, .......................WJKK WJKF!

Thank you for your help & encouragement when I really needed it .Beg pardon if messed it up.I have no software skill/experience but feel real nice being associated with pros of your standing dedicated to nothing but 'TRUTH'. Thank you once again & promise to do better (my clumsy hit & trial mannerism not withstanding).

.......................Guru Fateh !

Nanak Ghar ka GOLA-- Amita Indian Standard Time16:48, 6 Sep 2005 an

Bhai Kanhaya Article

WJKK WJKF Hari Singh ji, I just finished reading the article on Bhai Kanhaya, and wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic model article - layout, content, everything brilliant - keep it up! WJKK WJKF --Navroop Singh 08:12, 11 Sep 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

9 Points, a Sikh is Expected to Follow as a Daily Standing Routine

Maan Yog Hari Singh Ji! WJKK WJKF !

Seeing the Graphic Model of Sikhism was wonderful.

You may consider co relating it with 9 points expected out of a sikh as envisioned by Guru Raam Das ji DEFINATIONS.The text there in is the thematic & not vey formal translation of Shabad "gur siqgur kw jo isKu AKwey su Blky auiT hir nwmu iDAwvY.... " on pg 305 of SGGS.First point '4th Quarter' has been taken from Bhai Gurdas as supplement to guru's words.

Guru Fateh ! Nanak Ghar Ka Gola Amita Singh12 Sep 05 10:45 pm (Indian Standard Time)

MS ACCESS Data Base file(Named SACH.mdb)

Maan Yog Hari Singh Ji! WJKK WJKF !

I am sure my these two communications in a row show up that I somehow gathered my bearing on net.Thanks for all the guidance and encoragement.I need further help.

I have, over a period of time, coverted the GurbaniCD text into an MS ACCESS file. It can extract all individual Tuks/Pads carrying a particular word. All 'Manmukh' tuks (follow this link to DEFINATIONS) from SGGS pulled out by me have been simply pasted by me to curse a manmukh in relation to other few definations below.Personally for me it is real flexible & versetile tool.Any objective & tabulated query(including arithmatical summaries)can be extracted.

But I do not Know how to integrate the extracted tabulated information with sikhiWiki editor ?.

Make shift method, learnt by me so far, is pasting the table as text in SikhiWiki editor and then formatting it(sorry for the Manmukh.I gave up formatting or refining him, Hope He mends his ways).Quite a Job, Will it be worth it ?

Can a web page as returned by MS ACCESS(or even by Microsoft WORD) apear in SikhiWiki ?.

I am in the process of learning Front Page & Outlook Express.I know MS Office Well.

Seeing 'Dharam' and 'Daya' Pages today gave me some food for thought (Thanks for making me feel hungry)

Guru Fateh !

Nanak Ghar Ka Gola Amita Singh12 Sep 05 7:05 am (Indian Standard Time)

Nine points for SIKH as Daily Standing Routine

Maan Yog Hari Singh Ji! WJKK WJKF !

I am pasting below relevant Vaar from Bhai Gurdas(Source- GurbaniCD).Every Line carries a reference.I do not know How to Write Gumukhi fonts.First Two lines in Bold read:-

"Kurbani tin Gursikhan, pichhal raat(all over Gurbani Pichhal Raat refers to 4th Quarter )Uthh bhandy.

Kurbani tin Gursikhan, Amrit vaala sir navandy"

kurbwxI iqnW gurisKW ipCl rwqIN auT bhMdy] (12-2-1)

kurbwxI iqnW gurisKW AMimRq vwlw sr n´wvMdy] (12-2-2)

kurbwxI iqnW gurisKwN iek mn hoie gur jwp jpMdy] (12-2-3)
kurbwxI iqnW gurisKW swD sMgiq cl jwie juVMdy] (12-2-4)
kurbwxI iqnW gurisKW gurbwxIinq gwie suxMdy] (12-2-5)
kurbwxI iqnW gurisKW mn mylI kr mYl imlµdy] (12-2-6)
kurbwxI iqnW gurisKWBwie Bgiq gurpurb krMdy] (12-2-7)
gur syvw Pl suPl Plµdy ]ò] (12-2-8)

This much for now. I shall submit more inputs earliest, tomorrow. Guru Fateh !

Nanak Ghar Ka Gola Amita Singh 0230 pm 13 sep 05


Hari Singh ji WJKK WJKF

This is VAARAAN BHAI GURDAAS pasted as a set I am looking for formal tranlation, will stay with you. Guru Fateh !

Nanak Ghar Ka Gola Amita Singh 6:01 pm 13 sep 05


Hari Singh ji WJKK WJKF

This is the sample,hope it will make some sense .I have just pasted the text as provided by ACCESS without using any of the SikhiWiki editor's controles. Access can covert it's own reports/Forms etc ito Web Pages.

I am working on it.More soon.TRUTH willing, transfer of web pages shold not pose problems.

will stay with you. Regards for Navroop Singh ji! Guru Fateh !

Nanak Ghar Ka Gola Amita Singh8:49 pm 18 sep 05



Maan Yog Hari Singh ji

WJKK WJKF ! How about This.This is in HTML provided by ACCESS.An extract from SGGS giving Tuks Carrying 'vahguru'/wahiguru'.The above mess in

Waheguru to Hari singh ji
vwihgurU vwihgurU vwihgurU vwih jIau ] Waahay Guru, Waahay Guru, Waahay Guru, Waahay Jee-o. 1402 ]1]6] 59386
siq swcu sRI invwsu Awid purKu sdw quhI vwihgurU vwihgurU vwihgurU vwih jIau ]1]6] You are forever True, the Home of Excellence, the Primal Supreme Being. Waahay Guru, Waahay Guru, Waahay Guru, Waahay Jee-o. ||1||6|| 1402 ]1]6] 59390
siq swcu sRI invwsu Awid purKu sdw quhI vwihgurU vwihgurU vwihgurU vwih jIau ]2]7] You are forever True, the Home of Excellence, the Primal Supreme Being. Waahay Guru, Waahay Guru, Waahay Guru, Waahay Jee-o. ||2||7|| 1402 ]2]7] 59394
siq swcu sRI invwsu Awid purKu sdw quhI vwihgurU vwihgurU vwihgurU vwih jIau ]3]8] You are forever True, the Home of Excellence, the Primal Supreme Being. Waahay Guru, Waahay Guru, Waahay Guru, Waahay Jee-o. ||3||8|| 1403 ]3]8] 59398
syvk kY BrpUr jugu jugu vwhgurU qyrw sBu sdkw ] Your servants are totally fulfilled, throughout the ages; O Waahay Guru, it is all You, forever. 1403 ]1]11] 59409
syvk kY BrpUr jugu jugu vwhgurU qyrw sBu sdkw ]1]11] Your servants are totally fulfilled, throughout the ages; O Waahay Guru, it is all You, forever. ||1||11|| 1403 ]1]11] 59413
kIAw Kylu bf mylu qmwsw vwihgurU qyrI sB rcnw ] You have formed and created this play, this great game. O Waahay Guru, this is all You, forever. 1403 ]3]13]42] 59419
kIAw Kylu bf mylu qmwsw vwhgurU qyrI sB rcnw ]3]13]42] You have formed and created this play, this great game. O Waahay Guru, this is all Your making. ||3||13||42|| 1404 ]3]13]42] 59423



-User:Mutia Amita Singh

rsba to Mutia

Maanyog Hari Singh Ji,


(My ‘TRUE IDEA’ (Satgur): If you wish to swim across the water, then consult those who know how to swim.--SGGS pg 1410)

Looks like you had been busy .Missed you!

If dedication to the cause of spreading Nanak’s Mission in this ocean of falsehood is to be learnt, I am with the right person. Hari Sing Ji knows swimming. I have to get on with my part of getting the feel of the ocean. Each word you pen is a gem.

Sir, permit me to briefly summarize the bits of issues so far.

Your E Mail

Hearty Thanks for the sweetest mail.

My User Name

New Account, under user name ‘Mutia’ opened. Old user ‘rsba’ may be buried / cremated. Through cut & paste, I could transfer info from ’user: rsba’ & ‘Amita Singh: Talk’ to ‘Mutia’. Kindly help restoring other related tabs (history Watch list etc to ‘Mutia’)

Article 3HO



Kindly guide me further .I am sure you must have seen the sample table ‘Waheguru’ I some how struggled and pasted it using HTML from Front Page. I have cleaned up the garbage of first experimental text file pasted earlier.

SACH.mdb for SikhiWiki

Will it be OK if I inject brief tables carrying relevant ‘Pads’ from SGGS wherever a reference to ‘Gurbani’ appears in text of the articles or the context demands it? e g master piece ‘Daan’ by you is a typical candidate case. Subject to your approval, and to begin with as a trial, I plan supplementing the article ‘Daan’ with tabulated bits. If it works out fine, all other or selected similar articles can be formatted. Do share your thoughts. If there is some other scheme of formatting entire spectrum of SikhiWiky info content, I would love & relish working in the overall frame of it.


I am really good at it & true to my new found user name ‘Mutia’. It needs to be ‘Definitions’ not ‘Definations’.

Hold it! One more stands out loud & clear. Article ‘Commpendium of True Ideas’ need to be titled as ‘Compendium of True Ideas

Sir, I do not think I can correct these through edit provision of SikhiWiki. Please help! It will be difficult for me to promise that I won’t be a typo again but I am duty bound to promise that I shall climb upwards on the learning curve & need to pay due regard to work right up to the last full stop.

Mutia’s Bearing on Net

I think I am getting it. Need to find a better compass. As on now I am after it. --Mutia

WKKK WJKF! Amita Singh 24 Sep 05 08 05 pm

Me Again

Remember me? I am also the founder of WikiPakistan ( I just added some text to . Please take a look--and feel free to add/edit/correct/etc.

iFaqeer (Talk to me!) 01:57, 5 Oct 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Prof. Sahib singh

Sir, This is what I could lay my Hands on, E Mail follows. Amita Singh

Thanks from an Obedient Student



I have no words to thank you for all the support & guidance.I can only wish that SikhiWiki had more Hari Singhjis. My wish however may not be approved by 'TRUTH' since the TRUTH is that 'TRUTH' bestows Intellect, creativity & maturity only on one amongst millions.

I joined SikhiWiki as a novice and had it not been for your gracious & positive approach, I would not have been able to whole heartedly enjoy my assocition with & time dedicated to 'TRUE IDEAS'.

The demonstrative samples on your user page are indeed admirable.Sir Thanks for all this & more that I have have not able to express!


-Amita Singh 6:03 PM 28 Oct 05(Indian Standard Time)

Unicode Gurmukhi

Hi Hari,

You've recently been changing some of the Unicode text so that vowel signs appear (to you) to be in the right order. Unfortunately the reason you see them as being in the wrong order is because you have NOT enabled support for Indic scripts properly. Unicode follows a complex scheme whereby text is entered in a logical order and then the computer rearranges it.

For example, say we have "ki" which is visually shown as ਿ + ਕ. But when typing it in Unicode, you enter ਕ + ਿ and then the computer automatically repositions the vowel to the left. If you are running Windows XP or newer then you can use either Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera to edit Indic text. If you are running any older version of Windows, only Internet Explorer supports Gurmukhi.

For further help, please read: [1] and [2].

Sukh 12:23, 5 November 2005 (Central Standard Time)

From Mutia on 08 NOV 05

Hari Singh Ji, WKWF! how are things ?


  • 1. A good news. TRUE ?, can't really say as on now. I gathered from a local Parcharak Sdr Kashmira Singhji, that out of total 10 volumes of Darpan, 2 have already been translated into english. 'Net' does not seem to be knowing it. Al least it decided to hide Darpan from me. No No !, Mutia did not work hard enough. Will dig further. Will share further with you as more info crawls in.
  • 2. Sir, May I share with you that Darpan provides grammaticaly correct best & TRUTHfull thematic depth of Shabad Guru as against others which tend to become litteral.
  • 3. May LORD TRUTH give me the strength to submit that 'other translations' need to be derivatives of 'Darpan'.
  • 4. I have my crib against English Scholars who have not given its due to Darpan & at times have tried to reinvent the wheel. Darpan must reach english speaking humanity.
  • 5. I am doing a bit of comparitive strudy of known translations. Will stay with you.

More Hari Singh Jis

  • 6. Plan recruiting at least one more Wikimedian. A college Student. Sikhs must learn to write.

SikhiWiki Editor

  • 7. It is now really comfortable working with it. Can it help further by offering

(If mutia is still a lost case on Web, How to go about it?):-

Undo ?

  • 8. Can't do as on now.

Single Letter Selection ?

  • 9. Try swaping '<z>' & ,'<xx>' parts of text string '<z><xx>'.

Nindo Loko Moko Nindo

  • 11. Not very many active Sikhimedians to curse/join in the mess I create.
  • 10. Sir, am I on the right track or making life miserable for SikhiWiki System Managers ?
Beg leave now. More on next meeting. Satgur Fateh!

Your Student(Sikh).... -Amita Singh

Mool Mantar


How about transfering 'SCIENTIFIC & MODERN DAY PERCEPTION' portion to 'Compendium of True Ideas' ? Kindly guide, is it worth thinking that way ? User: Mutia12 Dec 05

Happy New Year!

WJKK WJKF Hari Singh Ji,

Wish you all the best for the coming new year, and an even more fruitful year for SikhiWiki! --Navroop Singh 08:13, 2 January 2006 (Central Standard Time)