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You will have heard about the earthquake that hit my native Pakistan the hardest. The time since then has been spent working on creating what has become a growing sub-site on the quake within a WikiCity I am associated with. Here's a backgrounder:

and a note on the genesis of the site:

Please come by, even if just to browse (I am counting on Wiki folk to be too tempted to only be spectators ;)):

Thank you for reading this off-topic message.

NOTE: I might not check in here too often. Please use the "E-mail this user" option at left to grab my attention if you need to.

I have read your page on Wikipedia and I must say it look very impressive - I also noticed your contribution of the Aurangzeb page - Is the Mughal dynasty something that you have an expertise in? Some help on our pages for follower of this site may be helpful! Keep safe & Allah be with you, --Hari 20:02, 27 May 2005 (Central Daylight Time)