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Who I am

Incredible is more than one person. It is a agroup of Sikh Intellectuals who contribute to various Sikh sites on the net. The main site of interest for us is

Our Aim's

To ensure issue's such as Casteism, Vegetarianism, Alcoholism, Drug Taking, Sexism's, Homophobia, Racism, do not start creeping into Sikhism, and thus start to dilute the glorius message of our great Sikh ancestors.


WaKaFa !

So are Mutia's Aims

Shiri Guru Granth Sahib

1. Any idea as to when & how did the term 'Shiri' instead of befitting 'Sachy'(True)( Mutia's individual perception ) got integtated with SGGS. Won't it be more approprite & Truthful if SGGS be socially understood to be 'Sachy Gur (or Guran de) Granth Sahib'

2. Look forward to Incredible views from all Sikhs please. User:Mutia10 Oct 06

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