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My Articles

A PenPal~~/: True to ALMIGHT's TrueName

Mr. Master Schedule

Creator Gentle Fearless Friend

Evergreen KHALIS Scheduler Abhai, the Animal Scientist

  • Title: A PenPal~~~~~/
  • Job Title: Animal Scientist
  • First Name: Gentle Abhai
  • Middle Name: Singh Friend
  • Family Name: Khalis
  • Suffix: SelfMade Schedule Graced

My 5 BelovedOnes

MOM Amita

1. Merciful Father PenPal,,,,/ Jagpreet, the Khalis Scheduler,,,,,/

2. Truthful Grand Father PenPal,,,,/ Bhupinder, the Khalis Scheduler,,,,,/

3. Courageous Nanuu PenPal,,,,,/ Rajender, the Khalis

4. Pioneer Great Grand Father PenPal,,,,,/ Late Teja Singh Nirlep Nirbhau Nirvair Evergreen Panth Muurt Steadfast SelfMade PanthGraced, the Scheduler,,,,,/

5. Commander Abhai Khalis, the Scheduler,,,,,/

--Abhai (talk) 11:06, 29 July 2014 (CDT)

My self

Born Khalsa, stayed Khalsa and I am Khalsa here and now at this moment. O my dear self! resolve and woe that you will remain Khalis for ever.

My Plan to Stay True to My Name

Through the grace of Gurbani, I now pen .... my Public resolve to :--

1. Demonstrate Obedience of 38 Commandments of Gurbani againsy all odds.

2. Never Ever Argue with any one or harbor ill will even against my enemies.

3. Motivate and Team Up with others without caring as to what others think and say about us.

4. Rise Early and Study for two hrs before sun rise as a team.

5. Listen to, Speak Out, Sing, Promote and Never Ever Forget to publicly Demonstrate action on True Ideas.

6. Shed Worthless Rituals and Religious Celebrations, dress ups and styles. Stay focused on honing my academic, communication and creative skills.

7. Stay indifferent to Peer Pressure, Social Rejection and critisizm of my Khalsiat.

My Pen""""""""


Khalsa-Panth ->


1-सति २-सति नामु ३-सति गुरु ->

४. सति नेमु

५. सति घरु

६. सति संगत

७. सति बाणी

८. सति सील


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