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O Penpal^^^^^ Cr. AbhaiSinghPal GurKhalsa Steadfast SelfRealized! Through the grace of Gurbani please pen your profile.....

Your Profile

Born Tuthful, Truthful so far, are Truthful here and now at this moment; O Penpal^^^^^! You will be known for your Truthfullness for times to come....Please commence writing Truthfully......

1. Dwowning into the ocean of jumbled up thoughts leads us no where. Staying depressed, cacooned up and cut off from others is neither pragmatic not possible. Corrupt rulers have to be bribed for sustenance; keep bribing them? Will they ever feel satisfied and stop demanding more and more? Digest all the knowledge of the universe and become an inteltactual? Try it! Not even a single soul will stand by you.

Then how to go about living a Truthful life? How to break through the might of these parasitic rulers and their ill cultured subjects who are no better than zoombies?

Demonstrate Obedience of the Laws of Nature

2. Creations all around us follow laws of nature. These Laws cannot be explained in words, neithe can they be taught in a class room. They have to be intutively obeyed and understood. Anyone trying to understand these laws with the aim of then putting them in practice will realise nothing but disappointment. We got to get dictated Obey these laws to understand them and not the other way round.

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Dear Abhai ji

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