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Damdami Taksaal


The Damdami Taksaal is the travelling Sikh university, which was founded by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru in about 1705 to impart knowledge of Gurmat onto all the people of the world.

It has had an unbroken lineage of Jathedars (leaders) who have led the Taksal throughout Sikh history from the time of the tenth Patshah (king).

The first and foremost function of the Taksal is to educate Sikhs, to teach them the correct pronunciations of Gurbani, to do Katha and Kirtan. This is done by getting students to undergo rigorous studies, Simran (meditation) and seva (selfless service), thus a wholesome Sikh lifestyle is developed and maintained.

The Taksal has always been a key strategic player in the activities of the Sikh Nation, with Baba Deep Singh & Baba Gurbaksh Singh (respectively 1st & 2nd Jathedars) both being martyred defending the sanctity of Sri Harimander Sahib, Amritsar, they were both beheaded yet still fought on until the Mughals had to run in fear.

The sixth Jatheder, Giani Bhai Sant Singh was the Head Granthi of Sri Harimander Sahib and a close aid of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The famous Sikh Historian Bhai Santokh Singh (author of Suraj Parkash) was also a student of the Giani Bhai Sant Singh Jee. .....More