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Sewadar doing Seva of sangat's shoes

This sakhi (orally narrated true historical account) is told in Sikh families from the time of Guru Arjan Dev (1563 - 1606), the fifth Sikh Guru.

Once a large dedicated sangat (a group of devotees) was coming from Kabul (capital of Afghanistan) to Amritsar for the darshan (audience, blessings) of the Guru.

They had heard many great things about the Guru and were very eager to see him, check out this wonderful personality and to be blessed by such a holy person of God.

It was a long journey of over 600 kms (375 miles) and they had been on their journey by road for many days. As they were near Lahore on their way to Amritsar, they were met by a Sikh and his wife. The kind Sikh and his wife were very helpful and did a lot of sewa (service) for the sangat; the members of the sangat were very pleased for the assistance given by these two volunteers.

The volunteers had massaged the tried legs of some of the elderly members of the party; waved fans over them as they rested; brought water and food for them; and helped them with whatever they requested. .....More