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One evening, we had just finished doing kirtan at Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Slough. A Singh phoned and said he had booked kirtan in Hounslow, and we should come straight away. Bhai sahib said, "Lets go quickly, we should always be on time".

As Bhai Jeevan Singh sahib, his singhni (wife), myself and another youth walked downstairs into the joorian (shoes) section. A mona (man with hair cut) was walking in to the Gurdwara. Accidentally, he bumped into Bhai sahib. He said "sorry," and looked in to Bhai sahib's face. Those who know Bhai sahib know how enigmatic his smile is, and how his face always shone.

Bhai sahib said to him, "I came here especially to see you, I have something for you." Bhai sahib then took off his dastaar (turban) and handed it to the youth. The mona youth could not believe his eyes; Bhai sahib said these words to him with so much honesty, pyaar (lovingness) and humility. From that day on, that once "mona" Sikh kept his kesh and came into Sikhi.....

When Professor Manjit Singh was the Jathedar {leader) of the Akal Takhat Sahib. He called a World Sikh Smagam (gathering, conference), which is basically a gathering of "Sarbat khalsa". Every Gurdwara, Sikh group and jatha from around the world were invited and many days were spent discussing Panthik (concerning the Sikh path or Panth) issues at the Siri Akal Takht Sahib. All Panthik matters were discussed. Thousands of Sikhs gathered, including all the luminaries of the Panth. .....More