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Singh Sabha Southall was established to challenge the very serious decline in Sikhism among the Sikhs in England, who had emigrated to the UK in the fifties and early sixties.

By the 1950's, a significant number of Sikhs were living in Britain, and the main Congregational (sangat) gathering was at Shepherd's Bush Gurdwara in West London. To accommodate the Southall Sikhs, the Southall Sikh Cultural Society was established in 1960.

The principal aims of the Society were:

  • To propagate the true Sikh religion and restore it’s pristine glory.
  • To edit, publish and circulate historical and religious books.
  • To propagate Punjabi as the medium through writings in books, magazines and newspapers.
  • To encourage reform in those who had drifted away and help them return to the Sikh Panth
  • To work with the authorities to ensure their support and association with the education policies of the Sabha. .....More