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"the bride longs to meet the Lord to whom all bow in humility." (p134)

Jeth/Jayth is a third month in the Sikh Calendar, the Nanakshahi calendar. This month coincides with May/June of the Western/Georgian/Julian Calendar and is the month after the harvest festival in Punjab. This year the first day of this month falls on the 15 May. The month is 31 days long; it starts on May 15 and ends on June 14.

Next month on June 15, begins the fourth month in the Sikh Calendar called Harh. During this month, in Punjab, the land of the Sikh Gurus, the season is the beginning of summer and the climate is beginning to get hot. Most tourist wills want to begin to leave this area towards the end of the month as it starts becoming quite hot.

The Guru tells us that in the month of Jeth (May/June): ".... the bride longs to meet with the Lord. All bow in humility before Him. One who has grasped the hem of the robe of the Lord, the True Friend - no one can keep him in bondage. God's Name is the Jewel, the Pearl. It cannot be stolen or taken away. In the Lord are all pleasures which please the mind. As the Lord wishes, so He acts, and so His creatures act. They alone are called blessed, whom God has made His Own. If people could meet the Lord by their own efforts, why would they be crying out in the pain of separation? Meeting Him in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, O Nanak, celestial bliss is enjoyed. In the month of Jayt'h, the playful Husband Lord meets her, upon whose forehead such good destiny is recorded. ||4||" (SGGS page 134) .....More