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Teeyan (Punjabi: ਤੀਆਂ) is the women's dance festival of the Punjab region. Giddha can be seen at its best during the celebrations. Celebrated in the month of Sawan when the days of summer have grown longer and hotter, the dancing usually takes place on the bank of some river or pond under big shady trees. Swings are thrown over the branches and the singing, swinging and dancing starts to the melodies that fill the air.

On this day when the married daughters come to their parent's house their brothers repair the families old swings or hang new ones for them. As they swing they share their anxieties with each other through songs. Dressed in their best and decked by ornaments, girls gather during these festivals and frolic like the 'fairies'.

These dancers look a medley of color and beauty. The festival continues till the 3rd Lunar day in the month to full moon and there is a gala function on the concluding day.

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