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Guys Performing Luddi

This is also a male dance of Punjab. It is danced to celebrate a victory in any field. Its costumes are simple. Only a loose shirt (kurta) and a loincloth are used. Some tie a turban, other the Patka which is somewhat like a scarf tied across the forehead, while still others join in bareheaded. This is also a dance of gay abandon. The performers place one hand at the back and the other before the face copying the movement of a snake's head. This is also danced with the drummer in the center but sometimes the dancers dance before a throng of people and keep moving forward also. This dance is more popular across the Sutlej and in Pakistan it is almost as popular as the Bhangra. This dance has an historical background and pertains to that moment in history when Punjabi Sardars had begun to rescue Indian women that used to be forcibly taken in the direction of Basra in Middle East.

This dance is also the dance of slow movements and some teachers by integrating it into Bhangra have finished its individual identity.

Dances of Punjab and beyond

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