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Unspoken TRUTHs

# Nanak Speaks the unspoken --SatGur

  • Only TRUTH (with no attributes)is Thy TRUE Name.
  • Best way of Writing TRUTH is to just write 1.
  • Only 1 is thy TRUE Name
  • Only KHALSA(TRUTHfull being with TRUE Human attributes.In his writings Nanak uses the Term Sachiara for KHALSA both meaning 1(TRUTH alias Ram alias God alias Khuda alias xxxxxxxxxx)) is Thy TRUE Name.
  • Only Satgurbani ( Human attributes of TRUTH(Without attributes), defining the profile of KHALSA written in SACH KHAND (Mind) of TRUTHfull Humans beings) is Thy TRUE Name
  • All Other names are artificial/duplicates/replicas' crafted by humans for reasons best known to 1.
  • In this world fashion & Falsehood the most popular & fashionable Name of 1 is GOD
  • TRUE Sikhs Have nothing but 1 written on their Heart.
  • Any object is identified by one or more of its attributes
  • TRUE Sikh is identified by his TRUE Name (stinaam) Which is 'KHALSA'('Mr TRUTH' in English)

Following attributes of 'Ms(Mr/Mrs) TRUTH' identify hir(him or her) as such

    • An Eternal TRUTH Crafter (TRUTH Writer)
    • Creative Superhuman.
    • Fearless Friend of Even Foes.
    • Idol of 1 (TRUTH).
    • An Idol which never Changes its 1 (TRUE) Physical profile of 5 Ks & 1(TRUE) mental profile Where in nothing but 1 (TRUTH) stays written under all circumstances.
    • Creats hir above profile hirself.

1 (Satgurbani) written in hir mind by the will of 1 (with no attributes) is the only 1 (TRUE) option of hir being able to aquire such a profile & earn fame of Singh being the King of kings

The Process of Writing thy TRUE Name on a Sikh's heart by the Sikh himself is called Naam Simran. The process is in 38 Steps as under

Step 1. Commit That You will Obey 1's Orders (Satgurbani).

Step 2 through 37 .....

38. Craft(Write Satgurbani(TRUTHs) 1s (TRUTHS(TRUE IDEAs)) in your mind, put them on paper & publish them free of cost for All Humans to Share.

A TRUE Sikh who has nothing but GOD(TRUTHS(for the comfort of fashionable readers TRUE Sikhs may please permit me to use the artificial name of TRUTH ie GOD )) written in his mind shares all his 1s (TRUTHs(TRUE IDEAs)) with 1 (KHALSA)

Nothing else but any thing other than 1 (TRUTH), termed as 'Bhau Dua' (Second Thought/ Indeciciveness/ Extending & Sharing only Half TRUTHs/ misinterpreting/ misguiding / hyping / hiding/avoiding/bypasing/delaying/evading etce of any socialissue ) by Satgur, is the ony sin in Sikhism. In Simple terms Sikhism is 1ism. any faith which does not offer the whole idea (gurbani term satgur poora) as One, is nothing but bhau dua.

  • All Granths Other than 1(Satgurbani i.e. writings of first Five Nanaks (panch prvaan ....)compiled by 10th Nanak & sealed by him with 9th Nanak's Signatures (Shalokas covering the end of Human life & that of 1(Satgur poora) as well), are 'bhau dua'
  • aakhn aukha sacha nau .......It is very very difficult to translate 1( Gurbani) in any other language. like any language Gurbani language it self has to be learned by repeatedly listening to, speaking, Singing & writing 1s(TRUE IDEAs) tosolve the problems & Share Themwith Humanity

--One 18:44, 22 August 2008 (UTC)

Dasam Granth??

  • # Nothing else but TRUTHfull speach is Strengthof Sikhs --SatGur

"In Sikhism, Simran ( ਸਿਮਰਨ ) refers to the repetition or recital of the God Names: Nĝm or of the Holy Text from the Two Granths of the Sikhs: the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and...

...the Dasam Granth...."(???}

..."The word is derived from Sanskrit word Smaran meaning Remembrance. Also translates to ‘Meditation’ – The verb Simar, which is derived from Simran means meditating."

As per Gurmat Term 'Naam' can only mean 'GurBani' or 'TRUTH' ie Truth god's TRUE Name. Mechanical repeation / recitation / meditation (whatever it this term may mean!) of TRUE / artificial names of TRUTH is FALSEHOOD.

Only & Only ONE way of Meditation in 'KHALSA (GurMat) Culture' is this Eternal Path shown to all us Sikhs by SatGur.

Sikhism is a philosophy of ONE TRUTH ETERNAL that It is a Philosophy of all Philosophies. It has only ONE Scripture & that is SatGur. all other related litratue (& for that matter, any other litratue whatsoever it may be, can be used to amplify & understand GurBani & NOT the other way around )

Any attempt in any quarters to Use gurbani to support ManMukhi Idologies against KHALSA Culture is not approved by KHALSA

User:Mutia 01 Jan 07