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Why chaur saab is made of yak hairs>??????? Why we use it on guru granth sahib??? MUUTIA, SARABJEET, USTAAD, PAAPI, HARI, Aulakh andyone answer?????

TRUTH(GOD)'s Language

Sayth SatGur

  • Akhan Jor Chuly Nahin Jore......
  • Speak the unspoken .......
  • Neechan Ander Neech Jaat Neechi hoon at neech...
  • Nanak Hukmy jy Bujhy......

"Do not keep quiet, Speak up (nothing but TRUTH) to be blessed with Strength against FALSEHOOD")

Personality Glorification

With due regard to the sentiments & constraints of working of the associated SikhiWiki System Managers, may this humble Mutia be permitted to share Sikh Sentiments with other Sikh & non Sikh brothers.

  • 1. Any personality glorification in any manner what so ever, does not fall in the domain of Lord TRUTH, Sikh Society, TRUTH full humble living / disposition & GurMat. Personality glorification geminates from false ego.
  • 2. Sikhism permits glorification of nothing but Lord TRUTH (Sat Naam) & TRUE IDEA (vahi GUR)

Web Sites

Main page is more expressive about Human beings then their GurSeva & contribution to the Sikh Society in objective & rational terms, on the lines of the flawless Service rendered by Gurus & Saints. TRUE IDEAs crafted by Them??

  • 3. Look forward to more views to help me set my thinking straight, as Lord TRUTH may be willing.

Mutia 02 Mar 06

Sikh views on circumcision

The Sikh "position" on circumcision is being debated in the English Wikipedia at Sikh Sentence. I am adding "Sikhism avoids modification of the body (eg no haircuts) (Sandeep Singh Brar, 1998) and "condemns blind rituals". Accessible sources include circumcision in this prohibition (references)".

Obviously, it would be better if a Sikh were to contribute and confirm (or deny!) what I've written. It would also be better if my references were more current and more notable - perhaps people here could help? PalestineRemembered 04:52, 12 May 2007 (EDT)

Sikh views on circumcision

  • Where have the Hindus and Muslims come from? Who put them on their different paths?
  • Think of this, and contemplate it within your mind, O men of evil intentions. Who will go to heaven and hell? ||1||
  • O Qazi, which book have you read?
  • Such scholars and students have all died, and none of them have discovered the inner meaning. ||1||Pause||
  • Because of the love of woman, circumcision is done; I don't believe in it, O Siblings of Destiny.
  • If God wished me to be a Muslim, it would be cut off by itself. ||2||
  • If circumcision makes one a Muslim, then what about a woman?
  • She,the better half of Male persona has claim over him & will never leave him.(Rather than getting in a social muddle) , one might as well remain the way GOD wills. It is of no cosequence if one thus get branded as a Hindu. ||3||
  • Give up your holy books, and remember the Lord, you fool, and stop oppressing others so badly.
  • Kabeer has grasped hold of the Lord's Support, and the Muslims have utterly failed. ||4||8||

Guru Granth Sahib page 477-18 --User:Mutia 06:14, 12 May 2007 (EDT)

May I go to the English Wikipedia and state that "Guru Granth Sahib in his book XXXXXXXXX, ISBN XXXXXXXXX, page 477-18, states that "If God wished me to be a Muslim, it would be cut off by itself"? Is this book available on Amazon, or can it be found in certain Sikh libraries? PalestineRemembered 12:09, 12 May 2007 (EDT)

Line No 17 on Page No 477 of Holy Scripture of Sikhs

SikhToTheMAX   Hukamnama May 11 & April 24, 2007   SriGranth
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from SGGS Page 477    SriGuruGranth    Link

In Sikhism there is no best source then Guru Granth Sahib

The best source for solid information is the Guru Granth Sahib or SGGS for short. This is like the "Bible" for the Sikh - It is the ultimate authority for the Sikhs. Online versions of this holy script are available - See Gurbani Online for several links.
  • The "Sikh Bible" is available at Amazon - It is the version translated into English by Dr Gopal Singh. Also, I have three different translation of this Granth, if you need photos, etc to verify the information. Every Sikh temple called a Gurdwara has several original copies of the SGGS in Gurmukhi script. All the original Gurmukhi text on the online version of SGGS is exactly the same as the "book" version. No one is allowed to change this original script. It has remained the same since it was written from about 1500 onwards. Several different English translations of the original script are available in book form and one version is freely available online. I hope this helps – if you need any further info, please do not hesitate to contact again. Thanks. Hari Singh 22:43, 12 May 2007 (EDT)

Remove Photo of Snatam Kaur

Please remove the photo of Snatam Kaur, as she only look like a Sikh but recently found doing many anti-sikh activities.

Please see reply to your request here

Who is a Sikh?

Any one who has the following human virtues is a Sikh :--

A Writer^^^^^

  • Gainfully Employed
  • Fearless Friend of Even Foes

Idol of Lord TRUTH

  • Dependable
  • Independent

with public Image of being known as .....

Mr Jpuji Sahib

A Sikh like any other non Sikh is....

  • Born in a Truthful Environment.
  • Grows up as a Truthful Child.
  • Will be found to be Truthful Now, whwere ever he may be living.
  • Will live a Truthful life as a member of the Rtuthful family KHALSA.


  1. Demonstrates Obediance with the one and only one aim of understanding the laws of Nature.
  2. Motivates others to live life Truthfully, all this while staying indifferent as to what others may expect him to behave like.