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Some comments by Sikh girls?

  • Misuse of equality? See, this is what frustrates me also. As a Sikh girl in the UK, I'm still in school and im at the stage where I question everything....

If Sikh men...can drink...why cant Sikh women? Sikhs are the most notorious drinkers!! its a fact!! If a man drinks so can his wife. If the man doesn't want his wife to drink he should stop also.

  • and a girl can do what a guy can do! Sikh girls are the daughters of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, they too have the spirit of a lion within them. people should not forget that! I hate being told that i cant do something when the implication of the reasoning is that im a girl, and if i was a boy i would be allowed to!
  • the day sikh boys learn to treat women with more respect, and show some admiration towards girls who conduct themselves with dignity is the day sikh girls wont feel the need to expose themselves.

It works both ways!

Comment by saroja

I am a canadian woman from British Columbia. My father is Sikh, my mom Jewish, my grandparents Janist and hindu in one set, and Russian Orthadox and Jew in the other. My family has a fair bit of religious diversity from wiccans and catholics to atheists. Many years ago I did study sociology and psychology. I was raised neither Sikh nor Jewish in the typical north american style of go to church for people getting married or funerals which often they had at christian churches despite their views because at the time there weren't always temples or churches for their own beliefs around.

I admit I am new to Sikhism as I didn't get much exposure as a child. But by what I have read if they believe in equality what is the problem? Men go topless sometimes or showing their chest. I have no intention of doing that though a woman in a city I used to live in challenged it and won the right in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. I see nothing wrong with us wearing gender neutral cloths. I have seen some women with turbans though it is not so common here. I have seen men wear kilts and other things North American's would call "dresses" which are historical mens traditional clothing. Most of us I think are aware of how we dress. If I wear a sari it doesn't mean I'm being a seductress, etc. To me I am just wearing a sari and I like the way it looks. Its others jumping to conclusions perhaps because they aren't used to the style of dress. Is wearing a two piece bathing suit making you a person asking for trouble? I don't think so some men wear speedo's. Frankly I find those vulgar as they leave nothing tot he imagination and just don't look so great. But that is my personal opinion and I'm not going to be mean to a man for it. As for me I wear a one peice or a tank ini which is a tank that covers your mid section and a skirt like bottom. Its what I like and I know I don't look good in a bikini. When we came into this world we were nude with no regard for clothing unless we felt cold. Because it is cold out we are likely to leave this world clothed. Children are a clean slate without judgment which they form with life experience and mentoring. It isn't until we stigmatize the human body and sexualize it that it takes on that form. If we view it simply as a body that comes in all shapes and sizes, that allows us to reproduce, create, survive, etc then we do not see it as evil. It is man passing judgement that gives us conclusions that it is bad to be naked. Most of us don't walk around naked because it is too cold for it and impracticable. You can get hurt if your exposed so we cover ourselves for practical reasons. Greek statues are a homage to the state we enter into this world. Innocent and unassuming until we apply our own prejudices to it. For example do you view a doctor as lewd for asking you to expose your body so they can assess a problem? No they are not sexualizing you they are being matter of fact. So next time you look at man or woman and come to your conclusions ask if you are being objective and rational.

As we all know some sikh's cut their hair and some don't. Oh wait that is wrong. Lets be honest you all do even those that wear turbans and long braids. You trim your hair. My aunt grew her hair to about 2 inches above her ankle and her daughter let it go all the way to her bottom. It is indeed long but you do cut it. You say it needs to be trim or kept in a state where it wont become dirty by hitting the floor, etc. So before any of you get nasty on the hair issue remember that. Also the prohibition specifically said cutting hair. From what I have read it doesn't translate as anything besides cutting. This means waxing, electrolosis, and threading is no problem because it pulls hair. Now if you say it comments we should not kill hair. Hair is already dead so pulling it is not killing it. Hair is dead skin cells so is it alive or dead? Since this site wont let me enter the link. Search on Google for "Is hair dead skin" then look at the answers. I had originally pasted a link to Yahoo Answers which does clearly state hair is dead skin cells.

Aggressive stance? I have seen nothing that indicates that women aren't supposed to carry a dagger, and protect family. I don't think men or women are aggressive normally unless provoked or giving the illusion of it by playing around, joking, or acting. If you stand up to someone it isn't aggressive. You might call it that but it doesn't make it true. Doesn't it say we are to defend ourselves and our families?

Now for drinking and drugs. I thought in general it says we should do neither. So if men are drinking as someone mentions they are already violating the rules. As someone points out on one spot I read. Sikh's do not have sin only betterment. So perhaps they should try dealcholized products. I've tried fake wine and cider it is quite good but no alcohol. I don't smoke but I do have incense that I use occasionally(still makes smoke that is inhaled).

I agree that it says we are equal so why can't someone do something based on ability not on gender? Of course men can not carry and have babies in the same sense. But there is no reason why a man can not be a stay at home dad or have babies through adoption or fostercare. There is no reason a woman can't do a construction job or any of the old stereotyped male jobs. I think "you can't do that because your a girl" is a statement that should be a thing of the past. So is the comment that "boys don't do that you must be gay or something" is also out of line and just rude. We are not a sexual orientation or a gender. We are people. Some of us have a gift to offer in some area to our fellow man or nature. Telling them they can't do that due to gender or orientation is a very sad thing. What doe we all loose because of peoples discouragement?

As for respect it goes both ways. One of my half sisters and my mom are pretty awful in how they treat men. They view them as weak and as items to be used. I'm ashamed of them and their behavior. I have a half brother who is a misogynistic jerk. I similarly am ashamed of his attitude problem. - Saroja

Sayth Nanak!! --1499AD

'nanak bh.dyy bahra yyko saachaa soy.....'....But for 'TRUTH god' She encompasses & is the source of all Males (mc...s)'.

Dear 'mc..'s! Please do not push them there

Want them closer;...

  • go close to them as Karta Purukhs.
  • Do not brainwash them to mingle with you as boys ( In that case you for sure do not deserve the association of a lady. Join a Men's secreat club instead)

Westener may please intospect....

  • chunk of of brain washed american feminin beauties, whome Nanak considers an iota bit below TRUTH (and above 'mc....s' are struggling hard to become males' for realising Males' favours. They sacrifice their faminin character, grace & Nanak's favour. For 'mc...s' sake They shed & gift their hair as well as money to 'mc...s'.
  • As mismerised mummies moulded by 'mc..s dirty ways, they sit before the butchers to kill their esteem, self, spirit, faminity, living 'TRUTH god' given inseprable living organs. TRUE Sikh look alikes 'mc..s' are evolving as their bussiness parteners to earn Fast & easy money...
    • by providing Sevices of Barbars (barbarian Services) to the ladies to convert them into males so that they can become members of the Secreat Male' domain.
    • realise mony by selling the choped off lump of hair to fashion industry.
    • Fashion Industry, with an 'mc...s' as proprieters, churns out fashon products & sells them to the same mismerised ladies to realise more money from their very purses (made up of their own hair)
    • Fasion Changes; left over Male hair on faminine 'round looking objects' have to be bathed, combed & maintained. Fashion Industry is ready to launch...
    • New Shampoos
    • New Hair creams.
    • New hair removing creams
    • New Combs
    • New hair drying machines
    • New Scents
    • New Hair dyes
    • New...
    • New...

SIMCOS & Hair Fixers for 'Mod Karta Purukhs who quoat SatGurBani to Support their being Creative bussinessmen ('mc...s'..sic!!!)Senior Sikhnies (Sikh look alike ladies) do social sevice & in the background run barbarian bussiness. All these are Shady deals. Suchajee look alikes creat Kuchajees thus sayth SatGurBani... in Suchajee & Kuchajee

I personally am irritated by the shampoo and hair product indusries. Oh I on rare occasion use hair spray but I have curly hair. I am part african, jewish, east indian, and white. I am an albino so I have pale pink skin and red-blond hair. I would like to find "original" in shampoos. I don't like bee's going after the scent and I have allergies. Because of curly hair issues I do use smoothing shampoos. But my curly hair is also why growing it very long is a problem. I have tried to grow it down and it became an utter mess.

As for haircuts. Even if you grow your hair long and wear a turban(women can wear them too). You still trim your hair for health and cleanliness. My aunt grew her hair to just above her ankle and my cousin to her bottom. They trimmed their hair so it wouldn't drag and so it wouldn't have bad health from split ends, etc. Men with long hair and turbans did admit to me they trim their hair for the same reason. If a man can grow his hair long and so can a woman. Why demonize those with short to medium hair? Why accuse a woman of trying to look like a man if indeed a man with a turban often has the same long hair which his wife helps him wrap in the morning? Again as I've said women are aloud to wear turbans and they aren't doing it to be like a man. Women in history have had traditionally longer hair so is the man with longer hair trying to look like a woman? Outside of the requirement to not "cut hair" which all clearly do or it would eventually surpass them in length/height or cause undo burden to their necks weight wise. We are told to respect equality and not to disrespect women. As a fact somewhere here it quotes the exact justification for why you shouldn't disrespect a woman. Yet some of your comments clearly are disrespecting and not objective but judgemental based on your own personal bias. You obviously like long hair and have a role in your head you feel women play. Now compare it to the teachings and the core beliefs on respect and equality.

We are not brainwashed to mingle with boys. Where I live in British Columbia Canada we are not separated/segregated or treated with inequity. They used to separate gym classes and then stopped. Boys take sewing class and cooking class along with girls. Girls can take wood/metal shop class and mechanics along side boys. We take gym class and other classes together. We are not graded by gender, religion, or race we are graded on performance. Perhaps you should go reread a few things and confront your own internal bigotry or talk to a council. Because I don't know where you are getting these views that sanction inequality and segregation.

Now as to the mesmorized ladies. I was a professional writer and designed a whole bunch of things. I was around people and their bling as a child and "industry" people. I and my family don't cake on the makeup, we don't wonder around in pasties and g-strings or overly exposing clothing, we don't flaunt wealth or appearance of it, etc. I often and so do most of my cousins rarely wear makeup. I wear mostly comfortable practicle clothing unless I need to dress up for something special and when I do dress up I wear something appropriate to the situation. While I like to dance I am not a club bunny. I don't over expose myself, drink, smoke, or throw myself at people using intoxication as a justification(and I don't throw myself at them even without intoxication). Your comments are probably offensive to many people and stereotyping. I have seen indian males wearing makeup and wearing cloths that give them some exposure and I have some some of them throwing themselves at girls. Most don't. Most women don't act that way either.

Killing Hair