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Ghotra or Kotdaa is a prominent labana gotra or clan of the state of Punjab, Haryana, Himanchal Pardesh in India. Firstly, Ghotras mainly found in Kangra region. These are also called Ajrawat. These are also called Saundlas and Lakhmans. This is superior caste/clan/surname in labanas.


Ajrawats or Ghotras are descendent of Aja (jasrat), who was son of luv (son of Ramchandra). The number and names of Lava’s children his two sons , Atitha and Aja. So from Aja, Ajrawat word forms. In Sialkot Ajrawat are also called Saundlas where in kangra and other area its familiar with ghotra clan. Ajrawat look down upon khasaryas and also looks gujar section inferior to them. Ajrawat are found in Hoshiarpur and other areas. Ghotras also worship baba duleep singh shaheed who fight with muslim Gujars and martyered there. These are direct descendents of Lava the son of Rama. These were Lohanas of Loh Kote. These are Kshatriyas. These migrated from west-Pakistan after partition. Many of them were already in Panjab before partition, mostly until the river Beas called Jaddis.

Some Famous Personalities

1. Randhir Singh Ghotra - Golf champion.
2. Dr. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat - Member of the Council of Khalistan, Author & Inventor of "The Autonomic Healing Of Self: Dr. Ajrawat's Air-Pulse Autonomic Meditation Therapy®" & Famous Pain Specialist
3. Nicci Ghotra: Nicci Ghotra is a fashion Editor and has worked with various Television companies including the world famous LiveTV as a presenter.
4. Balvinder Ghotra - Author - English Studies in India : Past, Present and Future.
5. Harpreet Ghotra - Carrom Champ of Punjab
6. Parvinder Ghotra - Effectiveness of Partition of Variation Methodology
7. Happy Ghotra - Punjabi Singer & Artist
8. Dr. Rattan Singh Ajnala former M.P. from Tarantaran

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