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25 Oct 09 Monday 08:45 AM  Pitampura  Delhi   Hukamnama: Jyysee myy aavyy khasam kee bani tyysda kro vichaar O Sikho

O A TrueName Writer Penpal^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sarbat Khalsa Singh Nirvair Jee ! O Steadfast & Self Realised persona of Satgurbani ! Gur Khalsa Ftyh prvaan krnee jee ! . Through the grace of Satgurbani, Gur Amita Singh Nirvair writes your TrueName in the succeeding tuks…

Amita kuukar raam ko Mutia myra nau gly hmary jyvree jit khincyy tit jau……

Jpu Hukam: Truths

“Sikhs do not regard the Kirpan as a weapon”

Singh is King bearing True Name & True Profile

Every Sikh. is a born leader & soldier. Soldiers carry weapons in tune with the requirement of time & environment and weigh them dearer even than their life. Let us put it truthfully they have to if they have live life staying true to their Name . Any inadvertent effort by any regional state to cow down Sikhs was, had been, is & will be considered anti social activity by society living under one ‘not very stable’ shelter called ‘World Order’ .

Panch Parvan Panch Pardhan. Socio Politically a Sikh. is identified as such through 5Ks . He leads/gets led by a team of 5 Sikh.s who validate him as a Sikh to the world. Every Sikh is formally registered with a Gurdwara located close to his place of living/working/ place of his choice . Hence by virtue of his sociopolitical profile he by default stands out of the crowd and is known all over the world.

Security: Hide Where? & How?

Can anyone suporting a flawless beared, turban & five Ks hide himself? Their is no way! Issue of security in no way whatsoever, can be held against any Sikh unless he is an imposter. Need of the time is to identify imposters & not punish Sikhs on the pretext of security. More so when world is fighting against Terrorism & Sikhs know all about shedding of True/False Blood. The committment of Sikhs to the cause of world peace flawlessly stands out of their faith in nothing but mercy to begin with & die for Justice where ever & whenever may be required.

Ikk (O) Angkaar^^^^^^^^^^^^ Stinaam Karta Purkhu Nirbhau Nirvair………… Jpu is ‘A Relentless Truth Writer Purkhu/Khalsa Singh Nirvair’. ‘ Truth/ Purkhu/ Khalsa’ is the True one lettered Title/Full Name/Nickname/ of any Sikh within the community with ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ being the Name of the entire Sikh community spread over the world .

What is there in a Name?

In Sikh world everything is there in the Name of a Sikh . If a Sikh bears his TrueName he is on his way to become a True Sikh else he is, to begin with, differentiating himself from Sikhi.. Nothing else but differentiation from Truth is the only sin for a Sikh. This differentiation grades him as a self centered person Living in wilderness of User:Mutia/Falsehood. Let us not forget that All Sikhs of the world and ‘Truth (read God) without attributes’ have ONE Name (probably) requiring more than 1430 A4 sized papers. Every Sikh thus makes to Gunnies Book of World Records.

jyta keeta tyta nau . Further through every written word, a Sikh in public domain supplements the definition of his persona. In today’s younger gen’s lingo “define yourself else we are free to define you”. A Sikh must to begin with define himself to the world through his TrueName (and not alias name/names) & through the TrueNames of at least 5 Sikhs who validiate him as one. ghadiyy shabad Schee Tksaal.. Further details of the persona of a Sikh become evident thrugh his penpalship i.e. the words he craft & shares with all other Sikhs of the world . In modern day format any Sikh’s formal and functional Name to the entire Sikh & Non Sikh world is  :-

Writer Khalsa xyz Singh Nirvair

Shabad Guru Surat Dhun Chyla….…….. makes a Sikh Two in one Aappy Gur Chela… . A Sikh is Sat Shiri ( Akaal’) Muurat i.e. he is living Gurbani on his way to become Pooran Sikh.. A Sikh’s Formal & True Name thus is :-

  • Title- Writer Khalsa,,,,,
  • First Name- xyz (A Hyperlink to details of the Name spread over 1430 Pages)
  • Middle Name-Singh and
  • Last Name Nirvair

Myra mujh my kushh nhee jo kushh hyy so tyra. To sum up, nothing belongs to a Sikh. His Family, Relatives, Money House, Property, & all Possessions including his Name & his own self are owned by ‘Gur Khalsa’. A Sikh is accepted as a Sikh when he claims his Sikhi by seeking his TrueName from at least five Sikhs. Not precisely, but for the sake of understanding of the non Sikh world, the ceremonial act of grant of TrueName by five Sikhs to a new Sikh, can be said to be parallel to baptizing in Christianity or Namakaran Sanskar in Hindus .

Gur Khalsa Ftyh

User: Gur Amar Kaur Nirvair 26 Oct 09 07:45 AM