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Amita Singh

You Can Edit SikhiWiki So Long As You Agree With Hari Singh

This site is a disgrace. It is run by people who belive in Cults like 3HO and Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jathaa. Both are Cults. Hari Sing the editor is a poodle to these cults and only allows his own distorted Hindu Vaishnav beliefs here.

Honourable Incredible Sir,

# Kood Raja Kood Praja Kood Sab Sansar --SatGur

# Koodi Kudy Thees ---SatGur

# Asankh Chor Haram Khor --SatGur

# Nothing is Strength except speach of TRUTH --SatGur

# jaisy mai awy Khasam ki bani taisa karo vichar o Sikho --SatGur Thanks for your comments on 3HO. I support you whole heartedly in Khalsa's fight against FALSEHOOD & look forward to guidance from Sikh Scholars of Your & Hari Sighji's Level as to how to go about fighting Brahananism which is hell bent on plundering whatever has any thing to to with GurBani & Sikhi.

6th Nanak had all the time to be with Mata Kalan & FALSEHOOD(sic)
Ragmala is the index of SatGur (sic)
Dasam Granth is Sikh Scripture(Sic)
Atma & Parmatma concept need amlification(sic)
5 Ks are religious Symbols Like that of Janeu and Tilk(sic)
Vegiterianism needs moral support (sic)
Spiritualism is in fashion. (sic)

Gurdwaras in, at least Delhi I know of, take pride in organising Kaar Seva (not GurSeva) & katha of Panth Prakash (not SatGur). Computer in a Gurdwara is not required. SatGur defines Sikh. Who cares for Sa.. SatGur beg Your Pardon. I am your Mutia after all. Please Pardon me. I thought I was Humble. Let me be. Honourable 3HO headquarters teaches Kundlini Yoga.

'Gur' does not mean SatGur but 'Shiri(Mr) Guru(with attributes of a book which need to be worshiped & not even seen ( put all available Rumalas on it & have an organisation called Panth to regulate Shiri(Mr) Guru Granth Sahib's(Holy Book's Darshan). punjab is the right place to begin with. Gora Land receieves the culture well if it eminates from heart of Sikh homeland.

  1. A Sikh begs Padon from State for what ever happened with Sikhs in 84(sic)
  1. Ladies can't be part of Sukhasan (sic)
  1. GurMat Scholars have no 'MAT', know no 'Gur' & are not Sikhs, dump them .(sic)

  • IDOL of TRUTH Kala Afgana ji
  • IDOL of TRUTH Ghagga ji
  • IDOL of TRUTH Joginder Singh ji
  • IDOL of TRUTH Khushwant Singh ji (he is a malicious man best kept away from Sikhi. Does he know that speaking TRUTH is malicious. If I am seeking justice from TRUTH , I am mad, That is what they sey & need to seek refuge with Satgur # Mere baba main Baura }
  1. They Mean What [[FALSEHOOD}} wants( # oh Dekhy Ona nadar na awy )(sic)(sic)(sic)(sic)

# Eh Bhi Daat Teri Datar --SatGur

Maan Yog Guru Roop Sadh Sangat Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh !

Permit this 'Neechan Andar Neech Jaat barking Mutia of 'TRUTH god' to seek your approval for including the following GURBANI text in the 'SikhiWiki Introduction page'

Let self-control against wordly temptations be our Goldsmith’s Shop, & our patience the goldsmith.

Let our intellect be the anvil, & wisdom the Hammer.

Let Thy Fear be our air blowing bellows, & hard work the Furnace.

Let in our crucible of Love be molten, raw Gold ingots of Thy Name.

Let us Sikhs thus craft & Mint Coins of UNIVERSALLY SHAREABLE ‘TRUE IDEAS’ (Satgur) / words / with the grace of Waheguru.

SatGur Fateh User:Mutia 06 Dec 06 ________________________________________________________________________________________________

When somebody is writing vulgar words for respected Sardar Hari singh ji who is doing such a great service to sikh panth as Sikhiwiki site,it is disgrace to that person only and shows poor mental state of person who has used such disgraceful words.This is no point for debate.Editors of sikhiwiki should scuttle such vulgarity.only constructive critiicism should be allowed to be further discussed.this vulgarity is totally disapproved--Guglani 03:35, 9 December 2006 (MST)