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Introduction to SikhiWiki

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Sat Sri Akal

The SikhiWIKI encyclomedia is our brand new experiment - A web based encyclopaedia of the Sikh Way of Life written collaboratively by many of its readers. It is a great place to learn about Sikhi and the message of the 11 Gurus. Lots of people are constantly improving SikhiWiki, by continuously making changes and adding to its content, all of which is recorded on the page history and the "Recent Changes" page.

Please feel free to just surf the site and learn about this great religion or take a dive and start adding to this huge database. If you wish to contribute, take a look at the Tutorial, play in the sandbox, get comfortable and start contributing to our SikhiWIKI! Kindly note that nonsense and vandalism are quickly removed and will be reported to the authorities.

The whole point of SikhiWIKI is that you don't have to be a scholar, a pundit or a gyani to contribute. We all have the experience of what it means to live as a Sikh. Now's the time to share our wisdom, insights and experiences with each other and this is the place to do that.

The basis of a WIKI is trust and respect for each other. The beauty of a good WIKI is that it is self-regulating and self-cleansing. You can post anything of value that you wish to contribute, but all contributions will need to be in good taste. If you want to stand on a soapbox and lecture, preach, advocate your personal or political view - this isn't the place to do that. If your stuff gets erased, that's probably why.

Those who want to use SikhiWIKI to advance their personal agenda will not be allowed to participate.

Let's build something new and beautiful that is of use to everyone to understand the Sikh Way of Life and what it means in today's world.

See the "edit this page" tab at the top of each article? On SikhiWiki you can edit pages whenever you want, logged in or not.

Keep in chardikala and have fun!

What is SikhiWIKI?

SikhiWIKI is an encyclopedia of the Sikh Way of Life written collaboratively by many of its readers. Lots of people are constantly improving SikhiWIKI, by constantly making changes, all of which are recorded on the page history and the Recent Changes page. Nonsense and vandalism are usually removed quickly.

Why a Wiki?

We are all familiar with traditional websites and most of us are familiar with Blogs (online journals). Wiki is a new concept originally developed by Ward Cunningham. It's a set of web pages which can be edited by anyone without any special tools. All you need is a web browser. The word "wiki" comes from the Hawaiial word "wiki", which means "really quick." This technology has given rise to Wiki communities on the internet, the most well known of which is the Wikipedia. With most websites you come to read and perhaps listen or download. With a Wiki you can jump right in and change anything that is on the page. We feel that this is a marvelous opportunity for Sikhs everywhere, young and old alike, to share their knowledge, experience, thoughts, and poetry, and to generally inspire each other with an ongoing, ever-growing narrative. You think of it, its here !!!!

What do we mean by Encyclomedia?

Well, SikhiWiki is really not an encyclopedia. An encyclopedia is compiled by scholars to serve as a fixed reference. So how does it differ? We know that everyone has expertise. Some people are smart about some things and some people are smart about others. Everybody is smart about something. You don't have to be a scholar, pundit or gyani to help us create SikhiWiki. We want Sikhi Wiki to include not simply reference material but all kinds of contributions. Text, audio, graphics and whatever the participants would like to include. So we coined a new word, Encyclomedia. We are still discovering what it means, and you'll help us define it by your contributions.

Our vision for the future

As with any web community, it takes a while for a new endeavor to take form, and gather momentum. The key principles of Sikhi Wiki are:

  • No fear, jump in and contribute. You can write, edit, review, delete. . . whatever makes sense to you.
  • Trust - We build trust by honoring each others' work. Trust the process. You may not think that what you have to say has value, let the group decide that.
  • Next, be graceful. SikhiWiki is the place for ideas, insights, reflections, realizations and inspirations. It's not the place for personal agendas, politics, diatribes, or attacks on anyone.
  • Stay happy and loving. Gratefulness is a great point to make.

The wiki culture is new and it is defined by the fact that what is of value stays and what isn't relevent will be deleted or changed by the community. Gradually the Wiki takes form and its value increases daily. So our vision is simple, if you can type, logon and contribute. If you can't type, go get someone who can, have them logon and make your contribution anyway!

How can I help?

Don't be afraid or nervous to edit pages on the SikhiWIKI - anyone can edit, and we encourage users to be bold! Find something that can be improved, either in content, grammar or formatting, then fix it. Worried about breaking SikhiWIKI? Don't be: it can always be fixed or improved later. So go ahead, edit an article and help make SikhiWIKI the best source for information about Sikhs on the Internet! So relax and enjoy the facilities of SikhiWiki!

Editing is very easy:

  1. Click edit this page (the link is at the top of the page), or edit if you want to edit just this section. You can test your first edit right here on this page.
  2. Type a message.
  3. Click save page to save your writing ... or "show preview" to test your changes.

When you're finished testing, find out more about editing or Watch the Sikhiwiki Tutorials

Do You SikhiWiki? If not, Get Involved Today!

We would like to encourage you to come participate and be a part of SikhiWiki. There are many ways that you can contribute. Here are a few:

  • Collect/write articles which can be posted online (and get written permission if necessary) - This can be articles from the current time (not necessarily from the Guru's time). History is happening now and every day!
  • Add individual articles to website - If you already have articles you can add them to SikhiWiki.
  • Cross link related articles - Most of the articles will have words that relate to other articles. We want to create cross links so that when reading you can read related information. (See the article on Harmandir Sahib as an example. )
  • Add pictures to articles - Do you have a collection of pictures? You could go through and add pictures that relate to existing articles.
  • Add sound and other media to articles - You can upload Gurbani mp3 clips, lectures or other related multi media.
  • Categorizing all articles for easy browsing and organization - Every article should be assigned a category so that they can be organized. You can help categorize them.
  • Beautify/Format the articles - You can help make the pages look beautiful, by formatting the articles.

Contact The SikhWiki Staff

The SikhiWiki website is maintained by, however most of those involved in the SikhiWiki project are volunteers. If you have questions or need help feel free to Email us or call us at: 505-753-3117