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Dharm Khand


Naming Ceremony



GwiAY $b2 sce tksal

sqigurbaxe ke syva sfl hY jy ko kry ciq laEi

First Step: Commit in this Commitment Register

  1. I, Kha Col Rajender Singh, a sYhjDare Sikh. commit my self on sqigurbaxe ke syva on this page. My responsibilities will be as under:-
  1. Update this page regularly.
  2. Stay informed about updates by in coming Khalsa.s.
  3. Stay focused.
  4. Develop a page to monitor & account fot the inputs.

Second Step:Resolve

Third Step: Motivate

  • [Sikh.|Sikhs]] b may please stand motivated to log your individual Khalsa commitments here on this Page. Appropriated pages may be created/Linked/Formated/organised. This Page is planned to be evolved through a joint & organised effort of p^j piAaras of sqigurbaxe. Vacancies are as under....

Commander Conroller & Regulating Kha sqigurbaxe

1 Sahib Kha xyz Singh

2 Mohkme Kha xyz Singh

3 Himmqe Kha xyz Singh

4 Drme Kha xyz Singh

5 DiAalu Kha xyz Singh

Those who call themselves Sikh.s are being called upon by Satgur for panthic service on this page please. Considering your persona vis-a-viz expectation of the appointment, just write your Middle name in place of xyz in one of the five positions above.

Ras Leela



Last Step: Document Facts