Old Photos of Darbar Sahib

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Old and rare photos of Darbar Sahib Amritsar, taken between 1849-1947, during the British Colonial rule in the Punjab. During this period the Managers of Darbar Sahib were Sardar Jodh Singh Maan, from 1849-1862, Sardar Mangal Singh Ramgarhia, from 1862-1879, Sardar Bahadur Arjan Singh Chahal, from 1890-1896, and Sardar Jathedar Arur Singh Shergill, from 1907-1920, until the reformist Akali Sikhs, in 1920, took the management of Darbar Sahib in their hands.

And please not that the Clock tower built between 1862-1874, at that time Sardar Mangal Singh Ramgarhia (1800-1879), was the manager of Darbar Sahib, Although there have been some suggestions that the clock tower was really built by the British as a church, photographic evidence indicates that it only had a weather vane at its pinnacle and not a cross. Also the interior chamber was a relatively small room of approximately 20ft by 20ft, not a very large or practical space for congregations or church services. The Sikhs would not have allowed this to happen, It was just a Gothic, tower, just to add bit of a European Architecture to the space opposite the Darbar Sahib, later it was demolished in the 1920s.

Gallery of Old pictures