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Khalsa Aid, established in 1999, is an international non-profit aid and relief organization founded on the Sikh principles of Nishkam (selfless) service and universal love. Khalsa Aid is a UK Registered Charity (#1080374) with the UK Charities Commission and also has volunteers in North America & Asia. Khalsa Aid has provided relief assistance to victims of disasters, wars, and other tragic events around the world.

Charity work undertaken by Khalsa Aid:

  • Haiti - Relief Programme January 2010
  • Pakistan - Providing Rehabilitation & Assistance
  • Indonesia - Art Therapy Sessions for Young Children
  • Turkey - Earthquake Response Relief Aid
  • Orissa (India) - Rehabilitating the School System After a Devastating Cyclone
  • Kosovo - Providing Assistance to Displaced Victims of Civil War & Genocide
  • Punjab India - Flood Relief - 2008
  • Bangladesh - December 2007
  • Somalia - 2003 during intense civil war
Ravi Singh handing a sweet to a frightened boy

The work of this charity is possible due to the generous donation by individuals and Gurdwaras. It is an important part of Sikhi to undertake global sewa for the poor and underprivileged or those subject to natural disasters. The organisation wished to thank all the people who have donated so generously to make the relief programs possible; a special thanks does to Wolverhampton Sikh community through Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, Sedgly Street for their wonderful and continuous support.

Relief Operations in Pakistan

Today, Oct 15th (2005) we set out to visit the effected areas of the North West Frontier Province in Pakistan. Our first stop was Abbotabad where the earthquake damage to the buildings started to be visible. We drove on towards the town of Mansehra where we met the local NGOs who have been very active in providing relief to the victims immediately after the earthquake. They were very generous and kind towards us, as were all the other people we met on our journey.

Something wonderful and unexpected happened on our visit, I was greeting the many volunteers when an old man came up to me and told me my mothers address in England. I was surprised and when i asked him how he knew he held my hand and said he was a neighbour of my mother and has seen me there on my visits. This was in a place 140 KM from Islamabad, middle of nowhere and here was a man in his seventies who knew my mother in England. It was a miracle, he was a very respected man in the organisation and he made sure they all knew we were to be treated as special guests. Waheguru..

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How did it start?

I was a committee member of Singh Sabba Gurudwara Slough Executive committee from 1998-1999 (never been in any Gurdwara committee since but strongly recommend everyone should be in a committee at least once in their life).

The forthcoming tri-centenary of the Khalsa was the main discussion point in most meetings. There were many opinions as to what was the best way to mark the 300th birth of the Khalsa. I was very adamant within myself that something good should rise to mark this historical occasion which not only got the Sangat (Sikh Community) involved but the whole world should be aware of this momentous occasion in the Sikh history.

At the time of the celebrations across the UK (also the world) there was a very bloody war in Kosovo and every news bulletin carried the terrible pictures of the refugees struggling to cross the cold and mountainous border to reach a safer and peaceful Albania. The tide of refugees was a never ending tale of suffering and hardship.

So I thought to myself that there was so much food at the Khalsa celebrations yet only 1700 miles away there were people fighting for a loaf of bread! I was reading a national newspaper when I read about a small group who were organising an aid convoy to Albania. The inspiration from Bhai Ghaniya Ji and SARBAT THE BHALLA (well being of all) came rushing into my mind and at that moment Khalsa Aid was born.

I spoke to my friend Jatinder Singh about it and he promptly got on to his computer to publicise Khalsa Aid and by the next day I had phoned the group from the newspaper to join them to deliver aid to the needy in Albania from the Sikh community.

The Sangat was extremely generous in donating food, money etc and within 2 weeks we were on our way with 2 trucks and a van load of aid to Albania. The rest is history!! Since 1999 Khalsa Aid has provided relief to many people suffering from earthquakes, Tsunami etc. The unpaid volunteers have helped to make Khalsa Aid a global relief agency and from the whole committee we thank them for their input and dedication.

We still have a very long way to go and through your generous support I am sure we can continue to offer assistance to the needy around the world.

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