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Beant Singh (Punjabi: ਬੇਅੰਤ ਸਿੰਘ; January 6, 1959 - October 31, 1984), born in Jaitu in the Faridkot district of Punjab (India) and Satwant Singh Bhaker (1962–1989) were the two Sikh bodyguard to the Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi, who on October 31, 1984 assassinated Indira Gandhi at her residence in revenge for her order to command the India Army into the sacred precinct of the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

The assassination of Indira Gandhi was motivated by Operation Blue Star, an attack by the Indian Army on the holy Golden Temple complex in Amritsar, India. Satwant Singh and Beant Singh fired thirty three bullets into Indira Gandhi's chest and abdomen.

Initially Beant Singh drew a .38 revolver and fired three shots into Indira Gandhi's abdomen. As she fell to the ground, Satwant Singh fired all 30 rounds from his Sten automatic weapon into her body as Beant Singh was killed by gunfire soon after the assassination after he and Satwant had surrendered.

Satwant Singh was arrested and later sentenced to death along with conspirator Kehar Singh. The sentence was carried out on January 6, 1989. Satwant Singh was the last man to be hanged in Tihar Jail in Delhi.

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