10th Hikayat

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In the Tenth Hikayat, Roshan Dimagh, the daughter of a Wazir, leads an army in battle against the Raja of Mayindra. After she captures him, she takes over his kingdom.

Based on a Translation by PP Bindra

Mr. Bindra's Copyrighted translation, is the only one available. It may contain personal views (or personal grudges). (We?) are not responsible for any error in translation.

Hikayat Ten (Tale Ten)

Glory to God
You are the benevolent, pardoner of sins, and destroyer,
Whatever is there in the universe, is all your creation.(1)
Neither you favour sons, nor brothers,
Neither son-in-laws, nor enemies, nor friends,(2)
Listen to the tale of the King of Mayindra,
Who was knowledgeable and was renown all over the world.(3)
He had a very intelligent person as his minister.
Who was very shrewd and impressive.(4)
He (the Minister?) was blessed with a son, whose thinking was logical too,
Not only handsome, (his son) possessed brilliant qualities.(5)
He was known as a person with courageous heart,
Through his manliness, he had blown up the enemies.(6)
(Another) one of the King's ministers was very shrewd,
Who inspired the subject but perpetrated the enemies.(7)
That minister had a daughter, who was as illuminated as light,
And her name was named 'Roshan Dimaagh' (lit. Enlightened Intellect).(8)
The King admitted two of his children,
Who had been sauntering too long, in school.(9)
They were admitted with a wise Maulana (religious priest) of Rome,
Who had been endowed with wealth and land.(10)
Other children were present there too,
Who used to read their lessons from the books.(11)
They all would bring their books tucked under their arms,
Often there were discussions on Tohra and Anjeel.(12)
For the teaching of seven languages, two schools were established.
One for the males; the other for the females.(13)
The boys were taught by a Maulana, (A male Islamic scholar),
A knowledgeable lady instructed the girls.(14)
A wall was built between the two sections,
The boys were kept on the one side and girls on the other.(15)
Both sides were endeavouring hard,
To learn and excel over the other side,(16)
Everyone read all the books,
Which were written both in Persian and Arabic.(17)
They discussed education among themselves,

Irrespective of the fact whether they were intelligent or irrational.(18)

They raised the flags to acquire education for the swordsmanship,

As soon as they reached the ages of maturity.(19)

As the spring season approached,

In both the factions, the China syndrome sprung up.(20)

Like the King of kings of China, their desires rose,

Particularly, the ladies achieved the beauteous treats.(21)

All of them blossomed like garden,

And all the friends indulged in merriment.(22)

Inside that wall, a mouse used to live,

Which had caused holes to appear in the wall.(23)

Through them two (people) used to observe each other,

One was the light of the universe and the other sun of the Yamanee Skies.(24)

Thus those two were trapped in the love affair,

And they neglected their education and the worldly awareness.(25)

Their entanglement in the love was so intense,

That both of them lost the senses of managing the stirrups of their horses.(26)

They both asked each other, ‘Oh the cherished one, you are like the sun,

‘And you, the Enlightener of the universe, and taking after the moon, how are you?’(27)

When both of them were passing through such a state,

Both, the male and female teachers, asked,(28)

‘O, you the lamp of the skies and the Enlightener of the universe,

‘Why do you seem to be languishing?(29)

‘Tell us, our loved ones, what has distressed you?

Facially you look so weak?(30)

‘Tell us about your afflictions so that we can suggest you remedies.

‘We may be able to prescribe some medicine.’(31)

Both listened but did not try to respond,

And hung their heads under the stress of love.(32)

When two, three or four days had lapsed,

Both the bodies became conspicuous in love.(33)

The innocent childhood emotions were decimated,

And the new sun came out with fresh inception.(34)

She (the girl) was the daughter of a very genius,

And she was extremely pretty and intelligent.(35)

He (the boy) had recognised her from her apparent condition,

He took her in seclusion and cordially said,(36)

‘O you, the one as tall as cypress tree, moon-faced and silvery body,

‘You the light of the skies and sun of Yaman,(37)

‘I cannot live without you, even for a moment.

‘May be we seem to be two bodies but we are one.(38)

‘You tell me, how are you savouring?

‘My mind and body are always yearning for you.(39)

‘To hide the fact from friends is erroneous.

‘To reveal the truth will be congenial for you and me.(40)

‘If you reveal the truth to me, I will never betray,

‘And I swear this on my life.(41)

‘To hide the fact from the friends is a sin,

‘Like the minister keeping secret from the king.(42)

‘It is always beneficial to reveal and tell the fact.

‘Speaking the truth is the norm of a truthful mind.’(43)

He asked repeatedly but there was no reply,

Although she had expressed to seek truth.(44)

Then he arranged a social gathering with so much music, and a drinking spree,

In which every one present in the assembly got drunk.(45)

They all were getting so much intoxicated,

That what ever there was in their hearts, they were blabbing out.(46)

Their tongues were constantly reiterating,

And except their lovers’ names, they were uttering nothing.(47)

Then the daughter of Maulana, arranged another social,

Which was just for the colourful young and handsome.(48)

All of them became tipsy and inebriated,

And passed over the limits if intellectuals.(49)

Any one who wanted to talk to them about education,

They, being drunk, kept on repeating their lovers’ names.(50)

As the intellect and the presence of mind flew away,

They kept on reciting each other’s names only.(51)

Every one who had some old friend,

Would keep on repeating friends name again and again.(52)

As with such an action one was acknowledged as the lover,

Who could speak cordially and looked handsome and happy.(53)

Those, who were imbued in love and smelled liquor,

Could not remain hidden and, in due course, were revealed.(54)

The news spread in the city like a wild fire,

That the son of the king and the daughter of the minister are openly in love.(55)

When the King heard this news, he asked for two boats.

He put them both in separate ferries.(56)

He let loose both of them in the deep river,

But through the waves both the vessels joined together.(57)

By the grace of God, both were reunited,

And both, like the sun and the moon, were amalgamated.(58)

Look at the creation of Allah, the God Almighty,

Through His order He merges the two bodies into one.(59)

United into one from two boats were two bodies,

Of which one was light of Arabia and the other the moon of Yaman.(60)

The boats had floated and entered into the deep waters.

And in the water they came floating like the spring leaves.(61)

There, sat a huge snake,

Which pounced forward to eat them.(62)

From the other end appeared a ghost,

Who raised her hands, which looked like headless pillars.(63)

The boat slipped through under the protection of the hands,

And they both escaped the hidden intention of the snake,(64)

Which (the snake) had intended to catch them to suck (them).

But the All Benevolent saved their blood.(65)

A war between snake and ghost was imminent,

But, by God’s grace, it did not occur.(66)

High waves sprung from the great river,

And this secret, except God, no body could acquiesce.(67)

The rowing boat was struck with the high waves,

And the incumbents prayed for escape.(68)

At the end with the will of God, the Almighty,

The boat reached the safety of the bank.(69)

Both of them came out of the boat,

And sat down on the banks of the river.(71)

Suddenly an alligator jumped out,

To eat them both as if it was God’s will.(72)

Suddenly a lion appeared and it jumped ahead,

It lunged over the water of the stream.(73)

They turned their heads, lion’s attack was deflected,

And its futile bravery put (lion) in other’s (alligator’s) mouth.(74)

The alligator caught half of lion with its paw,

And dragged him into the deep water.(75)

Look at the creations of the Creator of the Universe,

(He) endowed them life and annihilated the lion.(76)

Both embarked to act according the will of God,

One was King’s son and the other Minister’s daughter.(77)

They both occupied a derelict place to relax,

So that they could not be noticed by any body,(78)

They both had reached a congenial and amicable country,

And one was the son of the king and other the daughter of the minister.(79)

Then they reached the place where a king was seated,

The king was as dark as night, and that black-ruler had a golden cap on.(80)

He saw them and called them nearer him,

And said, ‘Oh my lion hearted ones and the ones of independent will,(81)

‘What country you belong to and what is your name?

‘And who are you trying to find in this part of the world?’(82)

‘If you don’t tell me the truth,

‘Then, God witness, your death is certain.’(83)

‘I am the son of the ruler of the country of Mayindra,

‘And she is the daughter of the Minister.’(84)

He narrated all what had happened previously,

And explained all the afflictions they had passed through.(85)

He (King) was overwhelmed with their affection,

And said, ‘Consider my house as your own.’(86)

‘I hand over to you my ministerial affairs,

‘Along with that I will put several countries under your jurisdiction.’(87)

With this pronouncement he was appointed the Minister,

And given the title of Roshan Zameer, the enlightened consciousness.(88)

(After taking over,) Whenever he encountered an enemy,

With God’s benevolence, he raided the adversary.(89)

He would not hesitate to spill his own blood,

And would do the same at any other rebellious place.(90)

Whenever he would shoot an arrow from his quiver,

He would annihilate the enemy there and then.(91)

When a period of one year and four months had lapsed,

He became as famous in the country as the moon in the sky,(92)

After stringing them through arrows he had nettled the enemies,

And reminisced on the old days.(93)

One day the daughter of the minister said to him,

‘Oh, you the king of kings and the enlightened one,(94)

‘Instantly you have forgotten your own country,

‘And being adorned with success, you have forgotten your own- self.(95)

‘Remember your own country, ‘Where lies your paternal city.

You must go and rehabilitate it.’(96)

He had always been keeping vigil on this army,

And had been distributing the wealth (among them).(97)

One of the contingent, he decorated like the spring season.

He provided (them) thousands of daggers, and laced them with armours,(98)

Along with coat-of-mails, he gave them Hindustani swords,

which were very heavy and expensive.(99)

Also (he gave them) the Guns from the country of Mashad,

Including chain-mails of Rome and scimitars of Hindustan.(100)

They were provided with Arabian horses, (which were) outfitted with steel hooves.

Along with all the stimulated elephants, which were as black as the night.(101)

All the fighters were very brave,

They, the lion hearted ones, could decimate lines after lines (of the enemies).(102)

Although he was capable of killing an elephant,

In the court he prevailed with very sweet tongue and wit.(103)

His spear was captivating,

And the swords were tempered with the poison.(104)

A pyramid of the army was established, which was,

Constituted of very handsome young-men,(105)

The daughter of the Minister put the turban on,

And took a quiver full of arrows.(106)

Leading the frontal detachments,

She led the army like the flowing river.(107)

Like a black cloud, when one contingent was despatched,

The earth shook and the moon trembled.(108)

When the border was butted by the army,

Which was equipped with arrows, swords and many other arms,(109)

And also provided were the weapons,

Known as daggers, maces and slingshots,(110)

Then was plundered the country of Akleem,

And one ruler took away the flying-horses and other outfits.(111)

The worn-torn country was left like,

The trees, which are made barren during the fall.(112)

The defeat of the enemy opened all the annuls to march forward,

And the opponents were left behind humiliated.(113)

Her fairy-like features depicted the lion’s courage,

And she drew her dagger out of scabbard with great gusto.(114)

Who so ever she raided, she annihilated,

And captured the place and claimed it as her own.(115)

When the ruler of Mayindra heard,

He marched towards that place.(116)

He aligned his forces like the crops of spring,

In opposition to the ones who were standing there fully armed.(117)

Like a wave from deep sea marched them,

Who were shielded by the steel armour from head to feet.(118)

The uproars from guns, pistols and cannons overpowered,

And earth became reddish like crimson flowers.(119)

She, herself, came into the fighting fields,

With a Chinese bow in one hand and the arrows in the other.(120)

Whenever she hurtled them through her hands,

The arrows pierced through the ribs of men and the elephants.(121)

The way the waves of the river struck the stones,

The swords of the warriors were striking sparklingly.(122)

The brilliance of the shining (swords) was prevailing all over,

And in the shine, the blood and the soil were indistinguishable.(123)

The swords of Hindustan glittered,

And roared like thronging clouds over the river in flood.(124)

Chinese bows radiated,

And the Hindustani swords glittered.(125)

The noises, which were overwhelming for many miles,

Made the rivers desperate and severed the mountains.(126)

But when the swords of Yaman kindled,

Both the sky and the earth kindled too.(127)

When a bamboo spear appeared coming fast,

And the delicate lady flew in rage.(128)

The people raised a hue and cry,

And the earth shook with the roar of guns.(129)

The bows and the slingshots came into action fiercely,

And the Hindustani swords, shining like the mercury, commenced to penetrate.(130)

The blood sucking daggers appeared,

And the lances, as sharp as snakes’ tongues, came into action.(131)

The shinning arms were gleaming,

And earth was getting darker like the sulphur.(132)

Guns and the bows roared, and roared again,

And the soldiers as huge as the crocodiles started to cry.(133)

The spontaneous sprinkle of showers from bows,

Seemed as if the dooms day had come.(134)

Neither the foot soldiers had a place on earth,

Nor the birds could find their ways through the air.(135)

The swords showed their feats in such intensity,

That the dead bodies formed the mountains.(136)

The heaps of heads and feet were all over,

And the whole field looked like golf course with heads rolling as balls.(137)

The intensity of the arrows was so great;

That the armours and the hardtops were shattered.(138)

The swords were becoming as hot as the sun,

And the trees were getting thirsty and river-water was drying.(139)

The showers of the arrows were so great,

That only the necks of the elephants were visible.(140)

Instantly a Minister entered the field,

And he drew the sword of Mayindra.(141)

From the other side the daughter came.

She was holding a naked sword of Hindustan.(142)

The lightening swords became even swifter,

And they tore off the enemy-hearts into pieces.(143)

She hit the enemy head with such vitality,

That he was raised to ground like a crumbling mountain.(144)

The second one was cut with sword into two,

And he fell flat like a wrecked mansion.(145)

Another intrepid person flew in like a hawk,

But he was, too, exterminated.(146)

As soon this task was finished,

And the relief was felt, third discordant surfaced,(147)

Another devil-like, drenched in blood, appeared,

As if it had come straight from the hell.(148)

But he was cut into two as well and slaughtered,

Like a lion slays an old antelope.(149)

The fourth valiant person entered the fight,

Like a lion pounces upon a stag.(150)

It was hit with such a force,

That it fell flat like a rider from the horse.(151)

When the fifth devil came,

She begged for the God’s blessings,(152)

And hit him with such great intensity,

That his head was trodden under the hooves of the horse.(153)

Revelling like a stupefied demon, the sixth devil came,

As fast as an arrow shot out of the bow,(154)

But it was hit so rapidly that he was cut into two,

And that caused the others to dread.(155)

This way about seventy such braves were annihilated,

And hung over the tips of the swords,(156)

None other could dare to think of fight,

Even the prominent warriors did not dare to come out.(157)

When the king, Mayindra, himself came into the fight,

All the fighters rolled into wrath.(158)

And when the combatants jumped around,

Both the earth and the heavens swayed.(159)

The lightening captured the universe,

Like lustre of the swords of Yaman.(160)

The bows and slingshots were brought in action,

And the ones beaten with maces raised hue and cries.(161)

Arrows and the gunshots prevailed,

And the earth turned into red-flowery colour all around.(162)

When the blood-sucking daggers struck out,

The shrieks flowed from the war-zones.(163)

When two of the steadfast warriors on the horsebacks entered the fighting,

There was lighting all around.(164)

The way a Sraphil Angel appears and it becomes boisterous all over,

(Same way) the enemy was confused and disrupted.(165)

When it was raucous all around,

The soldiers’ arms flickered in anger.(166)

The shinning ground turned and looked as if painted in red,

The floor of a school with children reading sitting on top.(167)

Such a great number were killed,

That they could not be enumerated.(168)

The king of Mayindra ran away,

As most of his army was decimated.(169)

The Minister’s daughter pursued him,

Caught him, tied him and made him prisoner.(170)

She brought the King (Mayindra) to the ruler,

And said, ‘Oh, you the king of kings,(171)

‘He is the King of Mayindra,

‘Whom I have brought to you tied up.(172)

‘If you order, I would kill him,

‘Or I would imprison him under lock and key.’(173)

He was despatched to the big prison,

And his canopy of the authority of ruling was snatched away.(174)

With the benevolence of the Provider, she attained the monarchy,

After tearing off so many other sovereigns.(175)

Whosoever performs the deeds with such zeal,

He is bestowed with His beneficence.(176)

The princess became the consort of the ruler,

As she attained the kingdom with godly compassion.(177)

(The Poet says),

‘Oh, Saki, give me the cup full of green liquid,

‘So that I may keep the secret enshroud.(178)

‘Oh Saki! Give me the greenish wine of Europe,

‘Which I may need on the day of war.(179)(10)

Tale Ten – Completed