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Gurdwara: literally Guru's portal/ abode / House or Door. In the early period of Sikhism, before the advent of the word "Gurdwara", the word "Dharamsala" was used to refer to Sikh places of worship and service (Sewa). The word can be split into two: "Gur" or "Guru" referring to their Guru, Guru Granth Sahib i.e. Gurbani / Waheguru / the word Shabad and "duwara" meaning "Door" of the "House"

Although most Sikhs spell "Gurdwara" and refer it as the House of the Guru, that may not be the accurate spelling and meaning. If we look at the word "Gurdwara" closely in Gurmukhi, and compare it to each time it has been mentioned in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib or Bhai Gurdas ji's Vaars, there is no "vava" or "w" sound in it. The word is actually spelt "Gur-duara." The word Dwara means place or home, but Duara means 'through' or 'by means of'. So the accurate definition of a "Gurduara" would be through or by means of our Guru. For a Sikh, every thing is achieved by means or by grace of the Guru.

Sikhism, has no room for symbolism or ritualism; Sikhs have neither idols nor altars in their Gurdwara. They have no sacraments and no priestly order. .....More