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The new month of Phagun starts on the February 12 each year. This is the twelfth and final month in the Nanakshahi calendar, which governs activity within Sikhism.

In Punjab where Guru Nanak resided, this month marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. This month coincides with February - March of the Western/Georgian/Julian Calendar and is 30 days long except in leap years when its 31 days long.

This is what the Guru Granth Sahib says about this month:

In the month of Phalgun, bliss comes to those, unto whom the Lord, the Friend, has been revealed. The Saints, the Lord’s helpers, in their mercy, have united me with Him. My bed is beautiful, and I have all the comforts. I feel no sadness at all. My desires have been fulfilled - by great good fortune, I have obtained the Sovereign Lord as my Husband. Join with me, my sisters, and sing the songs of rejoicing and the Hymns of the Lord of the Universe. There is no other like the Lord - there is no equal to Him. He embellishes this world and the world hereafter, and He gives us our permanent home there. He rescues us from the world-ocean; never again do we have to run the cycle of reincarnation. I have only one tongue, but Your Glorious Virtues are beyond counting. Nanak is saved, falling at Your Feet. In Phalgun, praise Him continually; He has not even an iota of greed. ((13))
SGGS page 136