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"Without God, how can I find peace?"(p135)
(photo:Prabhu Singh)

Assu is the seventh month in the Nanakshahi calendar, which governs the Sikh tradition. The first day of the month falls on September 15. The month of Assu coincides with September/October of the Western/Georgian/Julian Calendar and is 30 days long. While the preceding months of Sawan (July/August) and Bhadon (August/September) are hot and rainy in Punjab, in the month of Assu both the temperature and rain subside and the season is very pleasant.

The Guru tells us that in the month of Assu (September/October): "... my love for the Lord overwhelms me. How can I go and meet the Lord?
My mind and body are so thirsty for the Blessed Vision of His Darshan. Won't someone please come and lead me to him, O my mother. The Saints are the helpers of the Lord's lovers; I fall and touch their feet. Without God, how can I find peace? There is nowhere else to go. Those who have tasted the sublime essence of His Love, remain satisfied and fulfilled. They renounce their selfishness and conceit, and they pray, "God, please attach me to the hem of Your robe". Those whom the Husband Lord has united with Himself, shall not be separated from Him again. Without God, there is no other at all. Nanak has entered the Sanctuary of the Lord. In Assu, the Lord, the Sovereign King, has granted His Mercy, and they dwell in peace. ((8)) "
(SGGS page 134-5) .....More