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Development of Sikhiwiki


1 Need to set up a kids full sub-page

2 need more kids related material

3 More Sakhis need to be added

4 Require a kids section on mainpage

Not to Do

1. 2. ...

Users' Recommendations

1. Let 'KHALSA, the TRUTH god incarnate'... ...define SACH KHAND(read SIKHI('wiki' implied)) in uviverse,...The abode of following Permanent Residents:-

  • 1. Those who authored SATGUR(GRANTH SAHIB) as Sikhs' ONLY role Models.
  • 2. ONE 'Nirgun TRUTH guru ETERNAL', ..SATGUR ! (GRANTH SAHIB')Sikhs' air to stay alive on.
  • 3. ONE Nirgun TRUTH god ETERNAL',......SATNAM Sikhs' life sustaining water.
  • 4. 'ONE Nirgun & Sagun 'KHALSA, the TRUTH god' incarnate in Universe. IDOLs made of nothing but Daya, Dharam,Himmat, Mohkam Sahib...
  • 5 Let GURMAT be the Judicial Law extending justice to HUMANITY

Babanian Kahania pooton Spoot ...---Satgur

  • 6. Let existing Sakhies (& those comming in) be for kids of KHALSA-User: Mutia


Inter User Communications


Definition of Sakhi ?

  • Sakhi Bhai Kabir & 2 Shabads in Gurbani
  • Re Look at other Kathas - Translate and setup


Definition of Katha ?

  • Bhai Balvinder Singh's Katha:Katha


Budha Dal

  • History:* Time line ?
  • Celebrations & Festivals
  • Add turban tying ceremony.
  • On line GurMat Competetions.

Tarun Dal

Baal Dal

Bibi Dal

Bani & Scriptures

  • Need to setup written translations and audio/video links
  • Setup Learning system for Anand Sahib
  • Set up Translation of Punjabi Hukamnanas
  • Setup other banis
  • Translation Vaar Bhai Gurdas (Vaar 22 onwards)
  • Months of the year:* Get pictures from Raju for months of the year
  • List of Gurdwara:* Sort out Gurdwara Layout of Pages (gabbled)
  • Upload pictures of Gurdwaras in Glasgow


Summary giving Head counts of KHALSA in universe:

Sahaj Dharies

Candidates seeking access to SACH KHAND


Gurmukh Nadang Gurmukh vedaang.... Sahaj Dharies haveing Love and regard for GURMAT & get registered as such.


(Those who claim to be Gur SATGUR ke Sikh.... & get registered as such) Sikh Names - Add more names, meanings & Punjabi text Done


Worship worthy IDOLs of TRUTH god. .....Wah!....SATGUR ka KHALSA...

||||Note: SATGUR (meaning CommandmentS of ONE TRUTH god ETERNAL or in plain english, 'TRUE IDEAs') is the TRUE NAME of 'Shiri Guru Granth Sahib'.

Some how, over a period of time the title 'Shri xyz' from Hindi language, parallel to 'Mr xyx' in English, appear to have replaced the term 'SAT' meaning 'TRUE'.

The term (SAT)'GUR' is used for 'GurBani' in holy book SATGUR (GRANTH SAHIB).

In GurMat culture, only one SATGUR(GurBani i.e. set of Commandments from 'ONE TRUTH god ETERNAL' without attributes, Gurbani the Absolute TRUTH) contained in the Book is woshiped.

The holy Book(GurBani) is without attributes & is 'ONE TRUTH god ETERNAL' himself.

This term 'GUR' also seems to have got replaced with Hindi (and Punjabi) term 'Guru'.

The term 'Guru' in non-sikh societies in INDIA, without fail, refers to a Human Spritual guide. Some thing like 'Shiri Guru xyz'|||||


Sarabhloh Conflict

It is now solved.

Critisicm & Rumours

Sikhiwiki not run by 3HO

By (Hpt Lucky) :
"Sikhiwiki is run by 3HO and they only allow edits to be done by their people"

Reply (Hari Singh :
This is completely untrue as you know. All the active users on SikhiWiki are not part of 3HO and we have been editing and adding to SikhiWiki for a long time and in my case for many years. The statement is a lie!. So please stop these rumours and tell everyone that this is an independent site which is here to spread the true message of the Gurus. We accepts and we will help all other Sikhi sites and organisations so that the name of Sikhi can be spread far and wide.

Reply Richard:

Sardar ji, tell the girl who made that comment that she does not have the truth behind her words, I have done quite a bit of 'editing' on sikhiwiki and i do not belong to the organization and am not a Sikh. no one has ever stopped my contributions and i have on the contrary often been thanked.

i never expected any reward for my efforts on Sikhiwiki yet after you, i was given a barnstar, as well. So tell her she doesn't know of what she speaks. sikhiwiki may be an effort started by people of the organization you speak of, but if so, no one is pushing anything other than supporting Shiki and the messages and teachings of the 11 Gurus, in my opinion.

Thanks for your bursts of photography for only through your efforts, obviously supported by the people hosting this site have i been able to see many of the places you can see with your own eyes. regards richard