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Please add translations as perhaps the most meaningful part of this story is just so much 'babble' for people who cannot read it. thanks Allenwalla 06:39, 22 August 2009 (UTC)

Mahaan mahapurush = mahaan = great; maha=very purush=wise being

Chaar padarath je ko maange|| Saadh Janaa ki sevaa laage|| = see please Shabad here -

went into a samadhi = deep meditative state

noorani chamak = noor=aura noorani="aura-nic" chamak=shine or glow

daani = person who generously donates

Sant Mahatma = sant=saint; mahatma=holy/ revered leader

Satguru hoye dayaal ta sardha pooriye|| Satguru hoye dayaal naa kabhoon jhooriye|| = see

"Udraa mah aaye kiya niwas || Mata ke man bahut bigaas|| = please see shabad here

Dasi Maasi hukam baalak janam liyaa|| Mitiya sog mahaa anand thiya|| = as above a few lines down

nazar lag jaana = _____________________is this like the so called evil eye? yes

"Sat Kartar", "Sat Kartar" Sat=true; kartar=creator

bani da rasiyaa = bani=gurbani; da=of/from; rasiyaa=lover ---from ras=taste

Gurmukh Mahatma =____________________Gurmukh with a great soul? or mukk=face; Gurmukh=one who faces the Guru ie one who follows the words of the Guru

Kaka Karam Singh - Kaka = word used to refer to a boy or son

"Kot paradh humaare khandeh, anik bidhi samjhaweh||" = see

Gurmukh parivaar = family

seva = voluntary selfless service to others

"Ghat ghat ke anter ki jaanat, Bhale bure ki pir pachanat ||" = see

"Tere bhagat tere bhagat salaahan tudh Ji," "Har anik anek ananta||" = see

It has taken me a couple of hours to get to this point on the article and arranging the above, if someone who is more knowledgeable than me can please fill in the above, I will gladly add them to the page.

I assure you this will make a grate difference in many thousands of readers who will be able to hear the meaning of the bani and other words. All of us who do not understand panjabi, will be taken out of the darkness that we are in without the translations.

Make no mistake once such pages are understood, they will spread to hundreds of other sites and inform God only knows how many others of the currently meaningless words.

More and more on every search I do I am finding Sikhiwiki's pages as the first results in google and other search engines. People are hungry for clearly understandable pages and truly meaningful info and a path to follow. thanks for any help, Allenwalla 06:39, 22 August 2009 (UTC)

bhai sahib I hope the above helps. I agree with what you say about the fact that if this article is better understood, it will make a difference. Many thanks for the great help with all the work that you do continuously. regards, Hari Singhtalk 01:44, 23 August 2009 (UTC)