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Thats Great Written Lucky Salute to you ======= user:paapi

Copyright problem here, I think! I remember seeing that Mormon list of self-control masturbation techniques almost seven years ago. I'm surprised that it's still in circulation. I think that a note needs to be added to state that this was taken from a certain Mormon pamphlet, if only to comply with the Wiki principles on using published material. Epa101 16:55, 3 June 2007 (EDT)

Well you can change copyright content but cant delete it thorougly

Classical job done by Both

  • Let us punch more....
    • Let us look for Scientific angle on the Net
    • Let Us Make a condensed summary & blend in / update the content.
    • Let us Talk to a Medical Specilist on the ISSUEs.
    • At times information in media may even be misleading & publicised by the vested interests.
    • seeko sikhaoo aur Sudharo Sikhoo ! eysy da Nau TRUE Sikhi Hyy. NAAM JAAN, NAAM DAAN, NAAM ISHNAAN. We must go not by the litteral meanings of SatGurBani but must get the spirit of ...myra SatGur pooraa...
  • Mind if I butt-in for further contribution to the article?? do let me know..

User:Mutia 13 Jul 07