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He was born in Perowshah, but educated in his village school at Tanda? How did he get to Tanda? Was this his Grandfather's or Father's ancestral village? confused as to the differences. Lucky ji, I'm hoping you are linked to this page.

Also did his elder brother see any action in WWII, was he ever shipped to Europe, if so where? Where did his father serve in WWI? (France, Belgium, Germany, ect.)

It would be good to get these questions answered while the Captain is still with us. Allenwalla 11:21, 2 August 2009 (UTC)

What is the 10, in 10/8th punjab regiment?

10/8th vs 2/8th Punjab

Lucky ji, what is the difference between the 10/8th and 2/8th? What does the first number indicate? Regiments in the Army of India (oft called the British Indian Army) had about 400 men in WWI and II. Confused as to how 34 Sikhs make 25% or are we separating Labanas from other Sikhs in the regiment who weren't Labanas?

Did he join the Army of India, take his oath and get assigned to the 10/8th? or could you join an individual regiment?

also - was posted after taking oath with 33 more labana sikhs in 2/8 punjab regiment - leaves it unclear if:

  • he took the oath with 33 fellow Sikhs - or
  • took the oath and was then posted to the 2/8th Punjab where there were another 33 Sikhs in the regiment already.

Since a Sikh made news last year being the first Sikh (or first Sikh officer) - also unclear, I assume that when Partition occurred and the 8th Punjab was assigned to the Pakistani army - that all the Sikhs were assigned somewhere else?

The Japanese army had made pacca bunkers to make pucca defense.?? also wondering about - under ghera of japanese/ ghera reads almost like the italian word for war - what is its meaning





Allenwalla 05:19, 4 August 2009 (UTC)

hello sir

  • Pacca= strong, pucca= strong, Ghera= beseize
  • he took the oath with 33 fellow Sikhs
  • What is the 10, in 10/8th punjab regiment? i would ask from captain saab in next visit
  • Tanda is near to Perowshah
  • Don't know much abt his brother
  • i have written some corrected info as i met personally before few days. wait i would go to my cousins house to collect it.

(Lucky 18:12, 4 August 2009 (UTC))