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Bir Khalsa Group Beginning

In a TV Show called India Got Talent - Series 2, Judge Sajid Khan, a Bollywood director said that Sikhs should not give sword to their kids as it sets wrong example for kids who are watching them. Bir Khalsa Dal, a Gatka Group of Tarn Taran performed Martial Art - Gatka on Colors Channel, with great enthusiasm, youths including a kid too who also know to play with sword, but Sajid Khan commented it's wrong to bring children in such way on a TV show and show violence like this.

Kawaljit Singh, the lead of the Jatha said that their theme is to show battle and perform gatka and kid has learnt it for self defense. Second Judge Kirron Kher cleared Sajid by telling that he is learning his martial art and this art is for defense not to attack anyone. After this comment bir Khalsa dal say sikh slogan.

Even Participants too conveyed this that this skill is for Self Defence and they will continue teaching this to their kids as this was command of guru to remain ready(Tyar Bar Tyar) for any kind of situation, including this too. Kirron Kher and Sonali Bendre(Judge) agreed for their next performance and say "Yes" for level II, but Sajid khan does not. Though two votes make participant reach to next level, they also kept this condition not to bring child in next level to which Group admits, but not aplogized and said in loud voice that they will play like this only.

Sajid Khan fights with Kirron Kher on this and walks out of India got Talent.

There were other discussions too, which was not shown by TV.

Topnews.in in their website said But the actor-director Sajid doesn't like the dangerous performances of small children with harmful weapons like swords in their hands. He expressed his sensitivity towards a martial arts group from Punjab, which used swords and exhibited their fighting skills. As the performance was liked by Kiron Kher, thus, a minor argument started between the two and Sajid left the set.

Sources also said Sajid's comment ticked Kirron off. She, not being the one to take it lying down, gave him a good dose. The argument went so overboard that Sajid left the jury podium and walked out of the sets!

Online Forums Responses:
People were stunned and one can find this on online forums where they are commenting that Sajid is unknown to Sikh culture and Tradition, thats why he showed this behavior. Before this performance belly dance was going on in which girls were shaking their hips and bellies does that set anything to indian culture?

In many forums, People commented that bollywood show thousand of rape scenes, fights, nude scenes, Does it sets any example for kids?

Some persons also said that Bir Khalsa Group Should not continue in such show which ridicule someone's culture or tradition on any conditions. Sajid himself do adult comedy on shows, he show Sardar jokes in his movies.

Some people commented that it's just for TRP nothing else.

Sajid Reaction while Kid was with Sword