Punjab Cricket Association

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PCA Stadium, Mohali, Under Punjab Cricket Association

The Punjab Cricket Association is the governing body for the development and organisation of the game of cricket in the State of Punjab and Union Territory of Chandigarh.

PCA has a long history because the state of Punjab had undergone political and geographical changes during the last 60 year most of the area of Punjab having gone to Pakistan.

The PCA controls the territory of present day of Punjab and Union Territory of Chandigarh.

Earlier the association used to operate mainly from the residence of the Office Bearers but after 1992 it has built the World Class cricket Stadium at Mohali having all the cricket facilities of International level and has located its Headquarter in the Stadium. The cricketing activities of PCA is well spread in the total area of Punjab and Union Territory. PCA is instrumental in running the coaching and other activities in all major districts like Amritsar, Jalandhar, patiala, Ludhiana and Chandigarh and other districts like Kapurthala, Hoshiarpur, Bathinda, Faridkot, Ferozepur.

The PCA Cricket Stadium, besides having the first rate cricket facilities, also run the regular club house for its members providing State of Art entertainment facilities like Health Club, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, fully equiped library and very comfortable restaurant and bar for the members.

It also has its own well furnished rooms for the use of its teams and members.

Oficial Bearers

Office Bearers: Term 2004-2008

I.S Bindra, The president

1. Mr. I.S. Bindra President 2. Mr. M.P. Pandove Hony. Secretary 3. Mr. D.P.Reddy Hony. Jt. Secretary 4. Mr. G.S.Walia Hony. Treasurer 5. Mr. Lalit Modi Vice-President 6. Mr. Ashwani Kumar Vice-President 7. Mr. Sanjit K Sinha Vice-President 8. Dr. B.C.Gupta Vice-President 9. Mr. Sudhir Mital Vice-President

Executive Committee: Term 2005-2006 1. Mr. J.P. Shoor 2. Mr. Surjit Rai 3. Mr. Vinod Chitkara 4. Mr. R.P.Pandove 5. Mr. Mohinder Singh 6. Mr. O.D.Sharma 7. Dr. A.G.S.Bawa 8. Mr. krishan Lal 9. Mr. Rakesh Rathore 10. Mr. Rajeev Bali 11. Mr. R.P.Singla 12. Mr. Parminder Singh 13. Mr. Rajiv Mittal 14. Mr. Viswajeet Khanna 15. Justice S.S.Sodhi

PUDA Representative 1. Mr. A.S.Chatwal Chief Administrator, PUDA

Sub-Committees: Term 2005-2006.

Selection Committe (Sr.)

1. Sh. Chaman lal Malhotra (Chairman) 2. Sh. Navjot Singh Sidhu 3. Sh. D.P. Azad 4. Sh.Bhupinder Singh Sr. 5. Sh. Intikhab Alam (Advisor) 6. Hony. Secretary (Convener)

Selection Committee (Jr.) Under 19/22

1. Sh. R.P. Singla (Chairman) 2. Sh. Sameer Mehra 3. Sh. Balbir Singh 4. Sh. Joginder Singh 5. Sh. Pawan Kumar 6. Hony. Secretary (Convener)

Selection Committee (Jr.) Under 15/17

1. Sh. Umesh Kumar (Chairman) 2. Sh. Ajit Singh 3. Sh. Monish Aggarwal 4. Sh. Kamal Thakur 5. Sh.Naresh Kumar 6. Hony. Secretary (Convener)

Tournament and Fixture Committee(SR. DISTT.)

1. Sh. S.K. Kakkar (Chairman) 2. Sh. J.P. Shoor Principal 3. Sh. Vinod Chitkara 4. Sh. Surjit Rai 5. Sh. R.P. Pandove 6. Sh. Mohinder Singh 7. Sh. Daljit Singh 8. Sh. H.S. Sekhon 9. Sh. G.S. Walia 10. Hony. Secretary (Convener)

Minor District Committee

1. Sh. B.K. Mehta (Chairman) 2. Sh. Ajay Tyagi (Co-chairman) 3. O.D. Sharma 4. Sh. J.B. Behal 5. Dr. A.G.S. Bawa 6. Sh. Yog Raj Singh 7. Sh. Sandeep Budhiraja 8. Sh. Krishan Lal 9. Hony. Secretary (Convener)

Technical Cum Rules Committee 1. Sh. Ashwani Kumar (Chariman ) 2. Sh. Daljit Singh Co-Chairman 3. Sh. D.P. Azad Co-Chairman 4. Sh. H.S. Sekhon 5. Sh. Chaman Lal Malhotra 6. Sh. R.P. Singla 7. Hony. Secretary (Convener)

Finance Committee 1. Sh. Rajan Kashyap Chairman 2. Sh. Lalit Modi 3. Sh. Rajiv Mittal 4. Sh. Kapil Khanna 5. Sh. G.S. Walia Convener

Marketing Committee 1. Sh. Y.S. Ratra Chairman 2. Sh. Viswajit Khanna Co-Chairman 3. Sh. Lalit Modi 4. Sh. Rajiv Bali 5. Sh. Surjit Rai 6. Sh. Vinod Chitkara 7. Sh. M.P. Pandove 8. Sh. G.S. Walia Convener

Library and Museum Committee 1. Sh. S. K. Sinha Chairman 2. Sh. Rajan Kashyap 3. Sh. Sachin Bajaj 4. Sh. Daljit Singh Convener

Media Committee 1. Sh. Prabhu Chawla Chairman 2. Sh. Ashwani Kumar Minna 3. Sh. Pushpinder Singh 4. Sh. G.S. Walia Convener

Adminstrative Committee 1. Sh. I.S. Bindra President 2. Dr. B.C. Gupta Vice President 3. Sh. Sudhir Mital Vice President 4. Sh. D.P. Reddy Hony. Jt. Secretary 5. Sh. G.S. Walia Hony. Treasurer 6. Hony. Secretary Convenor

Infrastructure Committe

1. Dr. B.C. Gupta Chairman 2. Sh. Hakam Singh 3. Sh. V.K. Mahaja 4. Sh. D.P. Reddy Convener

Legal and Disciplinary Committe

1. Justice (Retd.) S.S. Sodhi Chairman 2. Dr. B.C. Gupta Co-Chairman 3. Sh. B.K. Mehta 4. Sh. D.P. Reddy 5. Hony. Secretary Convener

Cricket Committe (Core Group)

1. Sh. Chaman Lal Malhotra Chairman 2. Sh. Navjot Singh Sidhu 3. Sh. D.P. Azad 4. Sh. Bhupinder Singh Sr. 5. Sh. Daljit Singh 6. Sh. Intikhab Alam Spl. Invitee 7. Hony. Secretary Convener

Official Websites

http://www.pcamohali.com/ http://cricketpunjab.com