72 Miracles By Baba Ram Rai

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72 Miracles By Baba Ram Rai is about miracles and tricks performed by Baba Ram Rai. He attained Sidhis in very early age with the grace of god and birth in house of so Powerful Gurus. He was also very knowledgable and intellectcual too. But he performed miracles and was getting proudy. In proud he even changed guru nanak's word due to which he was thrown out of community.

When Guru Har Rai Ji was called to Delhi by Aurangjeb, Guru Sahib send Baba Ram Rai to delhi. He lived with Aurangzeb in Delhi. Aurangzeb tried to kill Baba Ram Rai various times but Baba Ji perform miracle to get safe. But Baba Ram Rai ji in proud showed miracles to Aurangzeb like some Magician without any aim or without need. If we check history of sikh gurus gurus only performed some miracle when there was great need of that. If they have to save someone, if they have to bring someone to right path. But Baba Ram Rai ji showed miracles and moreover he Changed Gurbani. Baba Atal Rai, younger son of Har Gobind ji, once performed miracle(making dead alive) and when he saw his sad face of father on performing so he left his heavnly abode. Aurangzeb and Baba Ram Rai became good friends but was rejected by gurus due to his wrong actions. He then went to dehradoon. Historians told various miracles performed by Baba Ram Rai and counting comes to 72 those 72 are here under:

72 miracles by Baba Ram Rai are as follows:

  1. First day Aurangzeb send his Murshad Peer and Shahi Qazi to test Baba Ram Rai. He send a Mutton with them. Ram rai gave the fourth part of Mutton to both. Next day, In morning Aurangzeb again sent mutton and said that "Prince was willing to eat the same mutton. Keep this mutton and give that one". Ram rai understands the situation and send the all three parts of mutton to aurangzeb's court. People amazed . Badshah asked "where is fourth part". He got he reply from Bhai Tara that The fourth part had taken away by Peer and Qazi saab, yesterday. Peer and Qazi ashamed a lot as they have eaten the fourth part. So Aurangzeb got that its impossible to break the values of Guru Nanak house.
  2. Aurangzeb called Ram Rai for meeting. He made a thin floor on a well so that when baba Ram Rai sat on it he would fall in, but when baba Ram Rai sat on that floor nothing happened to him. He sat there till conversation ended.
  3. Qazis, Ram Rai was given poisoned clothes to wear but nothing happened to him.
  4. Ram Rai described the birthmarks and features of the body of Aurangzeb's lovely queen, when he asked. Nothing is said of whether this matched. As it is recorded as a miracle someone must have thought so, presumably only Aurangzeb would know.
  5. On demand of Aurangzeb, Ram Rai showed him a Padmani (A Kind of Jewel).
  6. Ram Rai, after demand of Aurangzeb, showed 2 moons in a night, one from east and other from west.
  7. Ram Rai also told the Badshah of the fraud done by the relatives of Badshahi Qazi who had felt bad about eating a forth of a mutton and covered this fact up.
  8. The Badshah asked Ram Rai what a specific pregnant mare will give birth to. Baba Ram Rai replied she will give birth to a horse and this happened. Even though mares always have horses they considered this a miracle.
  9. The Moghul Wazir Azad Khan had many daughters, he wanted a son to carry his name and hunt with. ect, Ram Rai told him his next child would be a son, it was! We do not know if this was during Ram Rai's stay or later, the same or another of his wifes.
  10. Aurangzeb send a palki (palanquin) without Kaharan (palki carriers) and asked Ram Rai to come to court by using it. Ram Rai rode the Palki into Aurangzeb's Darbar as if on a flying carpet. All were understandably stunned.
  11. Ram Rai described all of Aurangzeb's treasure, including each and every coin and the date it was stamped. When the value of all the coins was checked--the sum was the same as Ram Rai's calculation. Must have been in the crores!
  12. One day as Aurangzeb was about to go out on a hunt he asked Ram Rai what animal/s he might bag that day, Ram Rai repilied, "A lion and he will first kill, one or two, of your soldiers." And it happened in exactly that way--a fierce lion, attacked and killed one or two of the beaters (who would drive the beasts toward the Emperor, high on his elephant), Aurangzeb killed the beast and he was so pleased that Ram Rai's prediction came true that he quit hunting refusing to shoot any other animal, which would have course ruined the prediction.
  13. Aurangzeb asked about the previous birth of his baaz (Eagle). Ram Rai replied he was the wazeer of Shah Jahan and bring flesh for him and one day he got killed and the desire of serving flesh remains, so now he became an Eagle and brings flesh for you.
  14. Aurangzeb asked about his previous birth, Ram Rai replied you were a panther in your last birth and you troubled and killed people. You were killed near a saint's aashram so now you became a King due to the saint's darshan but you still cause trouble and kill people.
  15. Aurangzeb asked for fruit of Bahaishat (Type of fruit). Ram Rai with long hand brings that fruit and when Aurangzeb tried to eat fruit disappeared from his hand.
  16. King and many rich people were given patkas and when the patkas were rubbed on their beards it became Royal Black (whether the beard or the Patkas is not noted) and remained black for many days.
  17. One day while walking on the bank of the Yamuna Aurangzeb commanded Ram Rai thus, "cross without a boat, lets go for hunting fast". Ram Rai waded into the water the river was only as deep as their ankles and both crossed. The hunt is not mentioned.
  18. One day Ram Rai cused hailstones to fall, on request of Aurangzeb, all the hailstones fell in a pond and fields and the army was not pelted.
  19. Aurangzeb said " In the hindus granths, Ram Ravan and kaurav Pandav fight, Stones from sky, agni, Raining, bringing mani babar bahan sher from pataal. Many false matters are there. Baba Ram Rai created a rain of fire and stones that fell in the Yamuna river.
  20. Baba ji went tunneled into the earth unseen and brought back a mani (jewel) and used it to light up the night (such was its brilliance). Unlike the Koh-i-noor the majical jewel did not need the sun's light to reflect. Apparently the stone was not among the Moghul treasures captured by Nadir Shah from the Mughal Padishah. It has never been found, maybe still in someone's private treasure.
  21. Send a Jeopardial Elephant for Ram Rai to come by sitting on it and that elephant shows goat's nature.
  22. In court, a Badshahi Maulavi said ill about Guru Nanak. Ram Rai in anger said that you will become dumb with holes in your tounge. His words became true. From that day no one has said anything wrong about Guru Nanak.
  23. One day in the month of Katak a group of Tidd (Locust/Cricket/Termite) comes out of nowhere. Frightened the people are sure their feilds will be covered by the swarm and their crops will eaten up by the insects. Hearing of this Aurangzeb requested Ram Rai to change direction of the tidds towards the Himalyas and the fields of Jammu & Jashmir and Ladakh. If this happened is not here recorded.
  24. One day Narunga's son came down with a severe fever. Even the royal hakeems failed to stem the child's ragging fever, then Ram Rai bound a 'Satnam thread' around the boy's neck and the fever went away.
  25. One morning he made the stars in the sky shine in the light of the day to the Moghul Court. All were stunned. (This actually happens when you stand in the center of the eye of a hurricane or typoon during the daytime, quite remarkable--the winds reverse and the monsoon starts again.)
  26. Aurangzeb called champ players of chonpadh. Ram Rai played 12 bazi and win 12 thousand gold coins.
  27. When disease (Chicken Pox) spread in city thousands of people began to die and Ram Rai give thread of satnam and all who wore were cured.
  28. One day while hunting, Aurangzeb demanded shade as he was bothered by the heat of the of suns light; Ram Rai caused clouds to spread in the sky.
  29. When Begam's reproductive system (Aula Band Ho Jana) failed, Ram Rai sent her satnam water to drink. Bahadur shah was born later, it is said thats why he never turned against the guru's house in his entire life.
  30. During Wrestling, son of Sher Afghan Sher Auzbeig was a Champ and was awarded as Rustmey Hind, gurus server Sehzae Baerarh who was weak like a sparrow in front of auzbeig lion, defeated him.
  31. Alaudin Umra who was known for bragging about his bravery was bested by a jatt, whom Ram Rai sent to fight with him. The Jatt snatched his sword and dhall (shield) and put Alaudin Umra to his knees. Is this a miracle or is this Jatt a farmer who knew nothing about swords?
  32. A khoja(Khwajah) was playing daughter of Aurangzeb in his kuchad. Ram rai watched and asked whose son he is? When Khoja directed his finger towards king with in that time daughter turned in to a male. Everybody was Stunned.
  33. When Aurangzeb asked the Baba to tell what he (Aurangzeb) did last night, Ram Rai told all and also told that in his dreams Aurangzeb was killing fish. Aurangzeb confirmed his accuracy. Everybody was Stunned.
  34. One day Aurangzeb and Ram Rai were in a boat in the Yamuna suddenly the boat started to sink, Aurangzeb requested Ram Rai to save his life. Ram Rai majically caused the water to splash out of the boat and in the mean time the boat grounded itself on the bank of the river. The two must have been out fishing alone for no mention of anyones alarm at seeing their Badishah sink is mentioned in the telling of this miracle.
  35. One day while sitting in Aurangzeb's court, Ram Rai became invisible and watching all but nobody could see him. Since no one was aware of this the miracle must have been recorded by Ram Rai.
  36. Peer Gauss Muhommad who had been once in deep meditation came came before Aurangzeb one day and said that he controlled death and said, "I will die in thirty months. Ram Rai looked at the Peer and told him he (Gauss Muhommad) would die day after tomorrow and--he did! Word of this news spread over the whole city.
  37. One day Aurangzeb asked that How Baba Nanak with his freinds had travelled so far. Ram rai asked the Emperor where he would like to go, Aurangzeb replied, he wanted a glimpse of Mecca. Ram Rai asked him to close his eyes, and both were shifted to mecca, with a change of dress. When aurangzeb opened eyes he was stunned and read namaz. Then he went over to the Kabbah and, here he closed his eyes again and opened them again back in delhi. He told the Hazis about mecca and they confirmed his descriptions. It isn't related whether the Hazis saw the 2 men dissapear or if it was only a dream the Guru's son had caused the Emperor to envision.
  38. One day Aurangzeb and Ram Rai visited all forts invisible.
  39. Put Lokanjan in badshah eyes. He take all jeweleries from Queens rooms and viewed all the activities of palace workers. Nobuddy can see him.
  40. One day Ram Rai and Aurangzeb were wandering and a lady were weaping loudly. After asking she told that her son died and send to buried. Ram Rai said he is not dead he is alive. When son was going to bury, he opened his eyes and came home safely.
  41. One Cow was died his calf due to hunger shouting, so taras aaya and gau alive.
  42. Qazis said in court that Guru nanak ask "Ketey Ind chand soor". Shown sun before them and they all were hairaan.
  43. Aurangzeb lost his 2 precious Jewel(Moti). They caught many people for this theft. Baba Ram Rai told its in the trunk(sandookhri) of younger queen and aurangzeb found it in.
  44. One day the dinner done by aurangzeb in night tolda ll by baba ram rai that what he had eaten last night.
  45. One day Aurangzeb demanded for Black Grapes of Kabul and fresh mewas. Baba jee open his box(Baksaa) and the demanded things were in between.
  46. A peepal tree on the door of the fort under which many people sit and get shayyaa, one day peepal tree become dry and baba ram rai just put small amount of water(sheetae) and peepal again becomes green.
  47. One day aurangzeb demanded to see a swan(Hans). Ram rai jee on friday near mosque on bank of a pond throw two jewels(Motee) and two swans came flying take away both jewels
  48. One Angrej saudagar sold the pair of Gajj pearl(Jewel, Motee) of rs 2 and half laakh. second day ram rai said that pearls are fake, when they find out ram rai was true and saudagar have to give orignal pearl
  49. One day guys were talking about Yoga vidyaa. Baba Ram Rai dunno know about it then also he fall deep in meditation for 11 days.
  50. One day aurangzeb on his horse went deep in river actually orse went mad. Aurangzeb shouted keep me baba jee(Save me - Rakh Lao), baba jee chutki and horse jumped out.
  51. ram rai jee nu badshah dae paas chonki soojni wali miliyaa kardee see. ik din kazian nae soojni heth sri guru granth sahib jee dae patrae rakh dittae. ram rai jee nae matha tek kae patrey chuk litey tae soojni utey aa baithey.
  52. One day Qazian nae aurangzeb nu sikha kae chonki chuka ditti. Khali soojni farash uttey rehan ditti. Eh gai tan soojni aapae chonki ton vee utey ho gai. Ram rai g us utey aa baithey. Lok were haqas baqas.
  53. One day on demand of aurangjeb, ram rai jee brings Hippoptaumas
  54. One day back bitters i.e qazi told aurangzeb that the pearl neclace which you gave to ram rai, he forwarded it to a fakeer and dhikkara your gift. When ram rai jee was called pearl necklace was in his neck.
  55. Aurangzeb said that Krishan who lift up govardhan mountain is a lie, ram rai jee went outside and lift the shahi mousque on his little finger.
  56. Aurangzeb got a news that one kehar(animal) come across Ganga. when aurangzeb went to hunt it, he found Baba Ram Rai sitting on it. King went back.
  57. Qazi said that revolving Mecca by Guru Nanak is a myth. Ram Rai took little water and start spraying round and round and all were stunned as Kingish(Shahi) mosque was also moving around the spray.
  58. Aurangzeb said to put baba ram rai in prison, when aurangzeb came out of palace he found baba on his horse, then he went to prison back he was sitting over there. he send two mans to the place where baba resides he was also there.
  59. One day ram rai was called to eat food, when ram rai came, and sat and the delecious cuisines came forward , chawal keerae tae botiyan daddan ho kae tar paye.
  60. Aurangzeb's daughter zublnasa nu vehaal ho gaya, ram rai spray holy water and she was cured then.
  61. one day a lion arrives during hunting watching baba ram rai lion comes and fall in baba's feet aurangzeb asks what is this who is this. he told that he was guru's sikh but end time his mind was in meat and he became a lion because of his desires but he likes guru's house very much.
  62. Aurangzeb's daughter roshanara was a baanjh but fali fuli with kirpaa of ram rai baba.
  63. One day auranage kept the surahi of wine in guru's langar when in morning aurangzeb asks what's in surahi, ram rai said it's milk and when he pour it was milk
  64. One day Baba Ram Rai came to the fort, there was a lock of 1.25 Man(Weihing unit) on the entrance gate. He picked a stick and hit on the lock. The Lock broke and fall down.
  65. One day in month of maghar he went to aurang's garden. aurang demanded for Mangoes. In non season he start plucking mangoe like father did with bhai kuram
  66. Aurangzeb head was bald with no here baba just put holy water and hair grew up again.
  67. Aurangzeb demanded rain as its needy at that season and it becoming dry he falls in feet of ram rai and 8 days heavy rainfall occurs again he fall and rainfall stops.
  68. Aurangzeb put snake in a utensil and send to ram rai and when baba ram rai open changes to jeweleries of queens.
  69. Qazi demanded for those jewelaries he given back to qazi, when qazi open utensil at home he find snake and that snake killed qazi n qazi's son.
  70. One day King Aurangzeb was eating flesh of grilled sparrows and said that noone can make them alive. Baba Ram Rai said, Maare maar jewaley soiee(He is one, on whose command one gets killed and get alive) and Baba ram Rai ji sprinkled holy water on those dead sparrows due to which a miracle happened those sparrows again come back to live and flew away. Aurangzeb Shocked.
  71. One day aurangzeb while hunting due to sunshine resides under the shadow of kaidoon tree(A bitter fruit). Aurangzeb said Guru nanak made bitter fruits of soapnut(Reethey) sweet is a lie. Ram Rai just shake tree and khaidoon changes to black grapes of Kabul. This stunned everybuddy(soldeirs and other rich peoples) and every buddy filled the baskets of that grapes for there home.
  72. One day Vizier(Wazir) was saying about famous Indian cuisines i.e Pedey(Peda is a north Indian sweet, shaped like a thick cookie.) of Mathura, Jhinjhwadey of Sunam, Rebrhi of Rohtak, Kachori of Patna, Kadah of Amritsar, Ganeri of Saharanpur, Mangoes of Malwa, Paan of Nagpur are all delecious things to eat and famous one. Baba Ram Rai just took of the chadar(A cloth used as a head covering and veil and shawl by Muslim and Hindu women) aside him and all the cuisines were under it.

Ram rai showed many more miracles but these are famous ones.

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