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why report so called miracles of ram rai, if his father forbid seeing or having anything to do with him why report that which got him banished. read through six.

horses generally have horses.

and some one with several daughters is most likely to have a son.

who recorded these. who were the witnesses?

when has telling on someone's fraud in eating a portion of mutton, been a miracle?

made some grammatical corrections

Question: many i cannot understand, the game played and point of no. one and where did these 'miracles' get recorded?Allenwalla 22:11, 17 March 2008 (MDT)and by whom?

Reply 1: The problem with you all is you question when you need not and don't dialogue when you need too.T h i n k and L e a r n. 72 miracles hmmm... maybe your, Guru is playing games with you all or... maybe the one he is trying to make you see the unseeable one. Now your ego not you, is talking... how can the unseeable one be seeable. What is this guy on about? Top tip Ram Rai is part of the game, we are just having fun. Though he is part of the Gang does not mean you can meet or hang with him. LOL.If you are still confused you are a non believer / Hypocrite. Or just send me an e-Mail I will help you go deeper.--Raidcmdr 23:59, 4 November 2009 (UTC)

Reply 2: It was recorded by Santokh Singh of gur partap suraj granth. May be any early granths must be there which support all this. But maximum miracles are supported by various historians. and it is said that 72 is count of those miracles baba ji performed various other miracles too.

Actually Baba Ram Rai ji performed many miracles which were not required. He was sent to Delhi by Guru Har Rai to give Gurmat Updesh. He started with Gurmat updesh, he performed initial miracles to show them way. But Aurangzeb started giving him luxirious life, and befriended with him. They both became friends. So Baba Ram Rai ji performed miracles which were not even needed, if you will read article you would get to know. Aurangzeb gave him much land in Dehradoon and as he thought him to next guru, and it would be easy if he would convert him and followers too and for that motive he asked about line "Mitti musalmann ki", and baba ram rai ji changed it and Aurangzeb was happy with it. But as we know when Guru har rai ji rejected him and made Guru Har Krishen, the guru.

Aurangzeb's dreams broke. Then, He requested Guru Har Krishan to come, Guru Ji went delhi for Diwan who came to call him, not for Aurangzeb. He did not face Aurangzeb.

Lucky 16:15, 5 November 2009 (UTC)