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Gur Satgur Ka jo SIKH akhaey......aap Jape Avry naam japave-SIKH..???
(One who calls himself a Sikh dedicates his life to Lord TRUTH ................. 
motivates his ownself & Motivates Others.)

Maan Yog Rajbathusa Ji !

  • 1.... Daas ( Sikhs' social protocol for addressing his own self when he in in public domain. Used for English word 'I'. Literally means 'Slave of -->ONE ETERNAL LORD TRUTH (the creator)) is Amita Singh. It was heartening to meet on SikhiWiki for the first time. Look forward to sharing thoughts / ideas / effort / views comments & concerns, all dedicated to HUMANITY. Thanks to -->SikhiWiki:Administrators
  • 2.... Feel free to communicate through daas's user page Amita Singh or direct e mail on '[email protected]'. Let us all spread Gurus's Message of UNIVERSAL UNITY of ONE to the universe & beyond. Let us all talk about nothing but ONE(TRUTH)
  • 3....Further look forward to knowing more about you through your user Page ( click this link to reach your user page--> User:Rajbathusa.

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